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I cannot think of any technical reason
at 08:10 16 Aug 2019

why a UK government has to have a single individual as figurehead "Prime Minister". Especially a short-term government of national unity for a specific purpose.

There already exists a mechanism for the country to be governed by committee (the Cabinet, or, before that, the Council). It's pretty much how things were done before the 20-year Walpole-Whiggish domination of the Commons in the early 18th century. The chair of that committee could be held on a rotating basis by the heads of each party or faction parrticipating in the National Government, to keep everyone happy. Policy direction can be by democratic consensus (i.e. votes in Cabinet).

Solves the problem of the Corbyn-Swinson standoff, also allowing Conservative factions to take part without having to serve under a Labour leader.
Good interview on TMS at the moment
at 15:16 14 Aug 2019

Glenn McGrath and Andrew Strauss talking about losing their wives to cancer and the foundations they've set up. R5LSX.
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Hurrah, another financial crisis
at 13:30 14 Aug 2019

Well done, governments of the world!

We're all heading for a
'nother recession
No more money for a
Year or few
Things'll be grim in a
'nother recession
No nice things for me or you
Might lose our jobs too
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Some interesting thoughts and stats in this piece
at 08:07 13 Aug 2019

Through work, I meet a lot of people who express those kinds of feelings.
Proposal for a fairer system of parachute payments
at 08:25 5 Aug 2019

Parachute payments were intended as a safety net, to ease the financial shock of falling from the Premier League, with its generous provision of TV money, to the relatively poorer Championship. This with special reference to the high wages of retained players.

Rather than the current lump sum payments, which have mainly had the effect of distorting the transfer market in the Championship, I am proposing something with more finesse, tailored to that last specific issue.

First season after relegation
For each player who was in the matchday squad (starter or sub) on at least five occasions during the relegation season in the Prem, the club receives a subsidy of up to 60% on their wages. This would also apply to any player who missed 30 or more games in that season due to illness or injury (and did not make the five-match threshold), but only if nominated by the club. There should be an overall cap on the subsidies granted per club, set at something like £18m.

Second season after relegation
Conditions as above, but the subsidy is reduced to a maximum of 30%, with an overall cap of £9m.

Third season after relegation
Conditions remain the same, but the subsidy is reduced to 10%, with a cap of £3m.

Clubs would have to supply a list of qualifying players and their wages at the start of the season. If a player on that list is subsequently sold during the season, the club retains the payment (becomes too administratively complicated otherwise and it is fair to allow the money to subsidise the purchase of a replacement). The money counts towards the club's general income, for FFP and all other purposes. Payments would continue in the event of further relegation to League One or below.

This will save the Prem some money (which could, perhaps, be distributed otherwise in Solidarity Payments, or to grassroots projects), reduce inflationary pressure in football, would not leave relegated clubs so dominant in the transfer market for several seasons (rewarding failure), but still cushion the impact of dropping into the Championship and allow players more easily to stay with a club to fight for re-promotion.
Heard the start of PMQs on the radio
at 12:49 17 Jul 2019

A question was asked about the situation of Notts County (by a local MP). In her reply, Theresa May made a couple of extraordinary statements:

'Football is better funded than it ever has been'


'... clubs continue to live within their means ...'

Now I'm not expecting the PM to be an expert on football finances, but those represent quite a unique take on affairs.
Rather brutal proceedings going on at Deutsche Bank this morning
at 12:47 8 Jul 2019

Hope nobody on here is losing their job.
Was it this weekend you said you were away?
at 08:04 6 Jul 2019
That's much more like it
at 14:23 30 Jun 2019

as a competitive total. 337/7. What a difference Roy makes, setting a decent base in partnership with Bairstow.
How to defeat Nazis - buy beer
at 20:51 25 Jun 2019

(I believe this is not behind the paywall)
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