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Hmm. Not entirely good news
at 14:12 11 Dec 2019
On a topical (!) note
at 11:47 10 Dec 2019

Squires combines football and politics (better post this under "General"):
Licence Fee
at 14:41 9 Dec 2019

'How long can you justify a system whereby everybody who has a TV has to pay to fund a particular set of TV and radio channels?'

As long as is necessary to protect public service broadcasting, minority content and quality programming (especially radio). Also to defend it from commercial and political interference.
We had an earthquake earlier
at 01:04 6 Dec 2019

I'm staying down in Taunton, a few miles from the epicentre. Quite a noticeable shake of the house.
[Post edited 6 Dec 1:37]
Root 175 and still going
at 23:46 1 Dec 2019

Almost at parity with NZ. The weather may do for this Test Match, but England are making a decent fist of it.
[Post edited 1 Dec 23:47]
What is the best formation
at 09:53 27 Nov 2019

with the players we have available (allowing brief absentees, but not longer-term ones such as Lankester or Sears)?

I ask this because I doubt we'll actually get a widespread consensus. Our squad is not actually that well balanced in terms of positions, quality and form.

Edit: Specify which players go in which positions.
[Post edited 27 Nov 10:06]
Question for TWTD vegans - and lactose intolerants
at 21:08 25 Nov 2019

Or chefs, for that matter.

What do you use to take the place of cream and butter when making sauces? Also, are there any brands of margerine which do not contain buttermilk?

I've tried some of the the cream substitutes (e.g. Elmlea), but they just separate badly, resulting in a nasty mess.

Reason I'm asking is because I sometimes cook for lactose intolerant friends and want to expand my options.
[Post edited 25 Nov 21:09]
Look at it this way
at 12:13 11 Nov 2019

Perhaps the poorest period at Ipswich Town in recent decades will be book-ended by 1-1 home draws with Lincoln in the FA Cup, if we beat them in the replay, get promoted in May and push on from there.
Ought Liverpool be compelled
at 14:19 31 Oct 2019

to prioritise a domestic competition - the EFL Cup - over the FIFA Club World Cup (IMO a rather silly piece of marketing flummery) if there is an unresovleable fixture clash?
The biggest down-side to today
at 17:04 26 Oct 2019

Skuse and KVY going off injured, Downes getting a 5th yellow.
at 11:00 26 Oct 2019

19-7 win!
[Post edited 26 Oct 11:01]
Oddly-shaped balls
at 08:43 26 Oct 2019

Come on England!
Another Town record gone
at 21:53 25 Oct 2019

Soon we will have no history left ...
Catch 22
at 10:02 25 Oct 2019

Labour (and others) say they won't allow a General Election until they know the length of an Article 50 extension.

The French say they won't allow an extension until they know when an election will happen or there is a schedule for passing the Withdrawal Agreement.

Johnson says he'll pull the WA if he doesn't get his GE when he wants it.

Marvellous. And while they all play silly b*gger games, we are six days from a potential car crash.
December 12th
at 17:25 24 Oct 2019

Is when Johnson wants his election - if Labour will let him.
Still on track
at 10:34 24 Oct 2019

Before the season started, I reckoned we could afford to lose 6 and draw 12 games this season - plus 28 wins, totalling 96 points, from 46 games - to pretty much guarantee us automatic promotion (probably top spot). The highest points total for third place in the last 10 completed seasons is 90, in 2011-12.

Obviously, the number of matches is now only 44, but that will reduce the points required to win the division, too.

If Town maintain our current ratio of W8 D3 L2, we are on target to finish with (rounded to nearest*): W27 D10 L7, giving 91 points. As mentioned above, that would have placed us top two even in a 46-game division over the last 10 years.

We still have a game in hand on the two teams alongside us. Just need to make sure we lose no more than two out of the next dozen and keep draws down to nearly the same level.

* Resulted in losses rounded up, the other two down.
[Post edited 24 Oct 10:36]
The player we missed most yesterday
at 13:18 21 Oct 2019

was Flynn Downes in the midfield. Breaking up attacks, taking control of the ball and distributing.

Not to fault Skuse, who was excellent, but he was being asked to do too much on his own against a tough attack (especially with the defensively weaker Edwards out on the right). Dozzell is a fine passer, but certainly not one to put in strong challenges.
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