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Ugh! Those dirty disgusting people of Narwich
at 20:31 11 Sep 2018

suffer a high rate of STIs
Winter is coming
at 16:36 11 Sep 2018

Saw my first flock of Fieldfares of the season today.
Loanee question
at 10:51 8 Sep 2018

With the boredom of the international break doing strange things to my mind, if find my head becoming spontaneously filled with strange questions.
Here's one that I just can't find the answer to.

Who were our first loanees, both in and out, in the professional era?

Given that post war, loans and guest appearances were knocked on the head until 1966, and looking back through the team lists in The Men Who Made Town, I can't identify any post 66 as loanees, I reckon it must have been deep in to the 80's or maybe in the 90's before we got involved in the loan market.

So, does anyone have any idea who the first ones were?
Who would make it into an all-time ginger XI?
at 14:18 6 Sep 2018

Dunno why this question sprung to mind, I think Jon Nolan's performance against the budgies was ticking over in my mind and this question followed.

Forget strawberry blondes, I am talking proper full on flame-haired beauties, who would make an all-time ginger XI?

The midfield has some obvious candidates, Paul Scholes, Alan Ball and Billy Bremner spring to mind, but who else should make the cut?
Just realised that I'll miss the next two home games due to being in Foreignland
at 10:21 5 Sep 2018

That will mean a whole month without going to FPR.

I will be a gibbering wreck of a man by the beginning of October, craving my next fix of football.
Ipswich Estate Agent and letting agency Jonathan Waters has gone out of business
at 14:30 3 Sep 2018


Wifey tried calling them a little while ago and was told that they had gone into liquidation or administration on Friday.

Sign that the housing market is slowing down maybe?
If you relied on the Skysports highlights
at 08:36 3 Sep 2018

You would think it was almost all one way traffic.

Have they got a budgie in the production department or something?
Gav still hasn't fixed the Klug bug
at 20:14 2 Sep 2018
Jon Walters (I think) kicking Leitner's boot away
at 15:20 2 Sep 2018

at 15:04 2 Sep 2018

They really were there for the taking. JW smashes one against a post towards the end of a pretty poor first half and battered them for the first twenty of the second half, but still can't get over the line against the yellow feckers.

First half both sides were honestly pretty shlt, but we were worse, it looked like a bunch of schoolkids playing at times, all standing on each others toes and chasing the ball. Much better in the seconf half, though it got a bit nervy after they scored.

If Jeremy Simpson had been reffing there would have been some sendings off.
I have my lucky blue pants on today
at 09:13 2 Sep 2018

Well, to be honest I am not entirely sure if they are lucky or not as, until today, I have never monitored luck on a per pants basis. Still I am going with the lucky pants narrative in order to feel less apprehensive about the game. I will have a better idea by 2 o'clock, if they are lucky or not.

They are, at least, clean.
Signs and warning, omens and portents
at 09:55 31 Aug 2018

I have upgraded from the Sir Alf to the Co-Op stand for the budgie game.

Last time I watched the derby from there was that game
Should Town introduce a little more theatrics into their game?
at 08:43 31 Aug 2018

Having been done by play acting two games in succession, should Town go for the Villa/Wednesday approach and, lets be generous here, make the most of challenges upon them?

I've never been a fan of play acting, it seems disrespectful to your fellow professionals to endeavour to get them booked or sent off, but since we are consistently victims of such gamesmanship I am coming round to the idea of doing the same ourselves.
The FA disciplinary page
at 11:45 30 Aug 2018

Says we don't have any players currently suspended.

I am not sure if that means that Nsiala's appeal has been won or if the suspension doesn't come in to force until the appeal has been decided.

Anyone know?

Edit: I take it back - he is still listed as suspended, but weirdly if you put the club name in it doesn't show up.
[Post edited 30 Aug 11:46]
Where did swallows perch before the advent of overhead cables
at 13:12 23 Aug 2018

You never see them in trees now. Did they used to gather in tree tops, or did they just not bother and flew around a lot before we made them lazy?
Tommy Smith gets to do a little jig
at 11:12 20 Aug 2018

Though you don't see much of it

Co-op stand - advice needed
at 08:09 20 Aug 2018

For the Norwich game I have decided to upgrade and instead of my normal seat in the Churchmans End, I will be in the Co-Op stand.

Anyway it is a while since I have been in that part of the ground, the last time was when we beat Inter-Milan, so my being there is a good omen, but I was wondering, what's the dress code in there these days?
That was the cheatiest opposition performance since Bournemouth
at 20:24 18 Aug 2018

And it was probaby even cheatier since they stuck in a few really tasty challenges that they got away with.

Particular hightlights included a couple of occasions when they went rolling around clutching various parts of their bodies having just stuck one in on one of our lads.

Not impressed with Villa, and especially with Grealish who was the worst of the lot.
Site feature suggestion
at 15:55 17 Aug 2018

Dear Mr G. TWTD,

May I humbly suggest the following feature be developed for TWTD


An option to automatically hide any threads that contain a particular word or phrase in the subject line.

I would use this to automatically hide any thread with the word 'Corbyn' in the title line, this would save plenty of tedium and effort.

With kind regards

Mr G. Sentence
Silly thing that has annoyed me today
at 09:16 17 Aug 2018

FourFourTwo magazine's prediction for us to get relegated. OK, it's a perfectly valid viewpoint and I understand that some might have us down as relegation candidates.

So that hasn't annoyed me.

What has annoyed me is their reason, "a team who have batted above their average for a while now"

Rot. Tish and fipsy. Balderdash.

We have been batting below our average for a while now. They seem to be suggesting that third tier, or at least fighting to avoid it is our 'batting average'. Don't these football experts know that we have not been there or thereabouts since the fifties?
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