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World Championship egg chasing
at 11:37 13 Oct 2019

So the sweaties game is on, kick off shortly, going to be a fascinating game and I really don't know what to expect.

50% of the household is Scottish so I have to bcwiwf
60 Days In
at 09:41 13 Oct 2019

Just binge watched season one on Netflix, anybody seen it?

I found myself watching with horrified fascination, hardly able to contemplate how I'd react in the same circumstances.

For those not aware, it's secret cameras filming volunteer inmates in an American County Jail, nobody including the guards are aware that they're not just new inmates.

The men's section in particular came across as a horrific experience where you had to literally fight for your place in the pecking order, or at least be prepared to do so.
This article made me chuckle
at 18:17 5 Oct 2019

Short player = tall mascot
Leaving shortly to watch Smith get a duck
at 09:17 13 Sep 2019

Now it doesn't matter too much (though a drawn series is not a bad result) he's going to get that failure he's due.

I won't be too sad to miss out on watching him either, lots of great batsman you can sit and enjoy, even if they're destroying England's bowling attack but Smith's not really one to enjoy. Appreciate yes, enjoy no.
It's a shame to see Reading having an enjoyable evening
at 20:45 21 Aug 2019

Couldn't really give two hoots about how anybody else gets on, but that has made me smile.
Could be a McGrath moment?
at 12:22 18 Aug 2019

Smith out of the rest of this game, and could well miss the next Test, I think with the introduction of Archer the pendulum could have swung for England for the next test if Smith doesn't play?

He's been the difference so far, I think we're marginally better than them without him.
So 109 to avoid the follow on
at 18:24 15 Aug 2019

First one down.

Be nice to give them some grief this evening, I'm sure they'll end up with 400+ but would be nice to get the 3 or 4 down tonight.
I do enjoy it when big companies get it wrong
at 17:50 13 Aug 2019

Yahoo paid $1.1 Billion for Tumblr in 2013, set about sanitizing it and making it wholesome (not that there was anything illegal in much of what they purged, just some slightly 'different' communities) and are about to sell it for $3M.

Did someone say the dot com boom was over?
Hypothetically speaking (warning contains Brext references)
at 17:40 12 Aug 2019

If this remain union got it's sh1t together, there was a GE and they managed to usurp Corbyn with a Green party candidate, what would happen with regards to his leadership?

Is there a precedent for this, and does he have to be a sitting MP to remain as leader? If so, would he be parachuted into some one elses constituency?

I know it's an unlikely sequence of events, but wondered what may happen.
This new Brexit 42p coin
at 08:10 12 Aug 2019

I have to ask why?

What do we think it will actually be worth in a couple of years, surely the original £10 coin would have made more sense if we had to have something, at least there was a chance you could still buy something with it once it's been in circulation for a while?
Kayden Jackson
at 15:58 10 Aug 2019

Much maligned on here but could prove to be an important player for us this season, he and Norwood look like they could form a very effective partnership at this level.
Who was our last expensive 'punt'?
at 21:43 5 Aug 2019

JET maybe? I guess he shouldn't have been a punt really, and felt at the time a better manager would have got more out of him, but I think he went on to disprove that.

Who've we spent £1M+ on that was a bit fo a gamble?
Where's Lambert wanting to upgrade?
at 23:53 4 Aug 2019

My thoughts seeing his comments are that he says an area of the team that's currently sub par and we need to upgrade.

I think it could be argued, and I'm sure Evans would, that though we don't have huge numbers everywhere once the injuries start clearing up as a squad we are probably not far off in numbers.

If we bring in a forward for example I think it's more likely to be a squad filler than starter.

What does Lambert think we need that would be a starter? Full back would be my guess and where I think he'd like to spend? Could be a forward I guess but I think he'll be content to muddle through until Sears, Lankester et al return.
So centre halfs
at 00:13 2 Aug 2019

Lots of people seem to be bemoaning the fact we haven't gone out and spent money or attempted to sign someone to step into the first team.

Yes our defence was shocking last season, but I never really expected Lambert to look beyond Nsiala, Chambers and the Wolf for our first choices meaning anybody who came in was always likely to spend a fair chunk of the season on the bench.

If we had gone out and signed somebody who would you have expected to be dropped? The club captain, or the guy we spent good money on a year ago, or the promising youngster that lots on here are tipping for a big season?
Currently watching The Great Hack on Netflix
at 22:59 25 Jul 2019

Anybody watched it? Scary stuff, focussing on data collection and usage covering Trump, Brexit, Cambridge Analytica.

I wouldn't have considered myself naive with this stuff, but it does focus the mind.

In fact I might get a tinfoil suit to wear before I post on here again.
Someone's feeling the heat
at 13:22 25 Jul 2019

I feel for him

Don't ask why
at 23:47 23 Jul 2019

I'm not even sure I know how it happened but I watched that Bros documentary thing tonight.

Anybody see it when it was on?

It's the most surreal, hilarious and weird thing I've seen in ages, Spinal Tap dwarfs in comparison and when it finished I actually had to Google and double check it wasn't some kind of spoof.

Definitely worth a watch, yes the music is absolute cr4p but it's just jaw droppingly weird and also strangely uplifting in a way.
A Friday singer/songwriter thread?
at 16:20 12 Jul 2019

Your best loved game
at 14:01 12 Jul 2019

Following on from the thread about the guy saying the cricket was more exciting for him than seeing Town win promotion, what was the game for you that is the biggest in your memory?

I'm talking about games you attended.

I've seen the playoff final, FA Cup final, home leg of the EUFA Cup final, but for me the one that I think will always be THE one for me was the FA Cup semi final. The thought of going to see Town play at Wembley in probably the biggst domestic single game in the world was an incredible thing for a young lad.

I have to confess once more, I didn't see the Bolton play off semi but I imagine that might be up there for some people.

I feel very sorry for some of the younger fans.
Love this quote on the cricket
at 22:11 11 Jul 2019

from the BBC website

"On Monday Australia's players had taken their shoes and socks off and walked the outfield here. The idea was to feel the positive energy coming out of the earth. On Thursday England took their pants down for them too."
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