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TWTD calendar
at 20:22 21 Aug 2019

Mention of mesh boxers in another thread...

Who would make a TWTD calendar like the Women's Institute one?

* Strategically placed scarves and footballs covering the naughty bits.
Jackson and Norwood have to start
at 21:44 20 Aug 2019

Every game.

Along with Georgiou.
Possible Georgiou song...
at 03:15 20 Aug 2019

To the tune of D.I.S.C.O. by Ottawan

He's our Georgiou
He's our Georgiou
He is I, incredible
He is T, a Tractor boy
He has F, fancy footwork
He is C, a Cyprus legend
He is ooooh ohhhhhh ohhhh
Our Georgiou

[Post edited 20 Aug 3:18]
Over 3.5 goals in the game
at 14:28 3 Aug 2019

Is 13/5.

With our defence and with Norwood about...
Road trip car games
at 13:58 30 Jul 2019

Mrs SE1 and I are about to embark on road trip from Toronto to southern Florida. 23 hours behind the wheel. Does anyone know any good in car games to kill the time/keep us awake?

Heads Up and Cows On My Side won't cut it for three days.

We don't have kids to keep entertained either.
[Post edited 30 Jul 13:59]
The most disappointing thing about these potential signings is...
at 12:28 29 Jul 2019

Neither of them rhyme with their footballing jobs.

Norwood the forward
Holy the goalie
Myring in the right wing (I still hope Myring gets sorted...)


Norris the ?
Elliot the ?

I got nothing.

Rubbish. Boo! Evans out and all that.
Who is Bailey Clements?
at 12:24 27 Jul 2019

Is he a youth player?

And have we ended our interest in Harrison Myring? He sounded promising.
[Post edited 27 Jul 12:25]
Has anyone seen Myring?
at 23:18 24 Jul 2019

Harrison Myring the trialist who scored for the under 23s today.

Just wondering if Myring is appealing?

Be good if we offer him a contract...Holy the goalie, Norwood the forward and Myring on the right wing.
Over 200 minutes without conceding a goal
at 19:34 23 Jul 2019

And people are worried about our defence...

Have we taken Norwood off and wrapped him bubble wrap yet?
at 21:08 19 Jul 2019

we need to look after this guy.
PPI claim
at 17:06 19 Jul 2019

Somebody posted about success with a claim with barely any information and I stupidly forgot to write down the name of the website they suggested.

Anyone remember what is please.

Thanks in advance.

Shirt sponsorship.
at 14:09 19 Jul 2019

Does it work?

I gamble but I’ve never been on magical Vegas’ site.

I’ve never bought anything from Fisons or Pioneer.

Greene King I’ve invested heavily in over the years but that didn’t need shirt sponsorship to make it happen.

I just don’t, personally, see the point of it. I don’t go to away clubs and look at their shirts and think “wow, I must get some mustard on my way home” or “I really should paint my living from with Crown Paints” (I cant remember who Liverpool are sponsored by now). You can barely read what most shirts say unless you’re watching on tv anyway.

Seems pointless to me.
Squad numbers - who would you go for?
at 16:04 18 Jul 2019

If you were 8 years old again and pestering your parents for a shirt.

Who, from our current squad, would you go for?
Is there a code yet for TWTD
at 13:42 14 Jul 2019

Fantasy football league?
The Women’s World Cup - success or not?
at 12:22 7 Jul 2019

It’s been a very interesting tournament and it has caused many talking points throughout;

It’s won a lot of new supporters, including many more men.

VAR nearly killed it and now VAR needs a dose of VAR (a much closer look at how it should work).

I think the quality of the teams in the latter stages has proved the goals don’t need to be made smaller but the performance of keepers (still) needs to improve.

Politics and sport will always jar on the big stage. The media has made way more of certain issues than was needed and gone fishing for some that didn't really exist. There were also moments where sexism was claimed by players and it really wasn’t there. For me, women’s football is big enough to ignore comparisons now and should actually show its strength by not getting drawn into this area.

USA: A prime example of when confidence becomes arrogance. I don’t care about the goal celebration - I love a controversial celebration as it shows character - it’s the inability to accept criticism when they sportswomanship wrong. When nobody else behaves like you, that’s normally a measure of when to tone it down a bit.

Come on Italy
at 21:33 18 Jun 2019

You're being robbed.
[Post edited 18 Jun 21:34]
Anyone else genuinely excited about the fixtures being released on Thursday?
at 22:24 17 Jun 2019

I know it's League One and the Carabao bloody Cup (only tinpot teams bother winning this...) but as soon as the fixtures are out, I look forward to the season ahead, however poorly we've performed leading up to this point.

Come on England!!!!
at 19:56 14 Jun 2019

Men or women, you have to beat Argentina.
Women's World Cup
at 14:28 14 Jun 2019

I've enjoyed most of the matches I've watched so far and the standard has improved significantly since I last watched women's football but the goalies...

The Scottish keeper didn't even jump for the goal she let in.

I'm amazed more teams don't just try 30+ yarders with the quality of keeping.
Good half of football
at 17:49 13 Jun 2019

Australia’s goal was World Cup quality too.
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