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Lambert: Without Money It's a Different Project
Monday, 8th Jul 2019 06:00

Boss Paul Lambert knows that expectations will be high going into Town’s first third tier season for 62 years but warns that it’s not a given that his young, frugally-assembled squad will be in the top six, even if he believes they’re "a really good side”.

Asked whether he has a target for where he wants Town to finish in League One the Blues manager confirmed he had one in mind without elaborating any further.

When it was pointed out that most people would see the season as a failure if Town weren’t in the top six at the very least, he added: “Why do people think we’re automatically going to be in the top six? Because we’re Ipswich? Look at the side, the side is young.

"There were 12 academy kids [involved against Paderborn on Saturday], I’m not sure there are going to be as many as that in the whole division.

“What I will say is we’re a good side, I think we’re a really good side. It’ll be really tough but if we keep performing, then let’s see what happens.”

However, he says he’s well aware that there will be expectations among fans: “There will be, absolutely, and there should be because the badge indicates it, the club indicates it, the history of the club indicates it, the support indicates it. That’s fine, it’s totally fine.

“We haven’t spent any money at all – none. If you spend money then I can understand people saying ‘You have to be up there’ and ‘You have to win titles’. I get all that.

“Without money it’s a different project, but the objective is still the same. It’s to try and be successful. But we haven’t spent any money.

“They’re young, there are 12 academy kids, it’s a project, but they’re a really good side. I’m not saying they’re not a good side, I’m saying they’re a really good side.

“They might make mistakes more than will happen with experienced players but if they keep playing like that and they keep doing those things.”

Lambert played down suggestions that keeper Bartosz Bialkowski’s move to Millwall for around £1 million breaking down has impacted upon his ability to make signings and says the Polish international's value has reduced as a result of Town's drop into League One.

“No, because the club has been relegated,” he continued. “If what people tell me is true, that Bart could have gone last season for whatever, £3 million, if you get relegated, no one’s going pay that money any more. It’s not going to happen.

“It never even got that far, that’s the beauty of it all. I’m not disappointed the guy’s not away because he’s a really good goalkeeper. So from that point of view, a selfish point of view I’m glad Bart’s still here.

“As I’ve said, I don’t lose sleep about things until they really affect me then I’ll start to say, ‘OK, what’s going on?’.”

Meanwhile, the Blues squad and staff spent yesterday afternoon paintballing close to their hotel near Meppen, where next Sunday's Interwetten Cup takes place, with team building during their time away in Germany seen as a priority by Lambert.

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JewellintheTown added 11:08 - Jul 8
Nothing quite like shooting your team mate in the butt with hard balls of paint to build team spirit.
Team-mate pinata next. I've heard Skuse and Chambo are stuffed with Haribo's.

ITFCsince73 added 11:17 - Jul 8
It does make me laugh how 81 continues to be called out on his opinions.
How posters try and explain the HMRC system.
Let's remember Evan's is a self made billionaire, his off shore status tells us one thing. He deals with the HMRC in a different way to the norm. He employs the very best advisors. I doubt 81 can come up with answers, as I assume he isn't a top drawer accountant.
But 81,s opinions seem the more realistic.
A billionaire's tax affairs are full of fiddles one way or another.

brendenward35 added 11:41 - Jul 8
Lets just sit back and let PL doing g=his job, his got experience in this league and his a clever guy. Remember he could have walked at the end of last season but his chosen to carry on and get us out of this mess. Sunderland made loads of changes in their 1st season in league 1 and they came very close to promotion so don't be surprised if we are up there at the end of the season. The team need support not negative vibes so come on you so called supporter get behind PL and the team. Those that are setting up FB pages to get Evan's out are a disgrace. Who do you want in charge tight ar*e Ashley who hates the Newcastle fans and just takes the tv money for his own empire? Get real Evans is here to stay and will keep us a float we need that lose it and we are well and truly doomed.

Dolphinblue added 11:44 - Jul 8
And what were we saying yesterday......🤔.......Judge next to complete disaster

ITFCsince73 added 11:45 - Jul 8
Blues1. The club being in different ownership means it can go into administration again.
The chances of this happening along with being wound up are virtually zero.
For those 2 things to happen, it would mean theres no money left. To pay creditors, wages etc.
Unlike Bolton etc, we are owned by a billionaire.
A tight as arse billionaire, but a billionaire none the less.
Him paying 9m a season into the club. Is like the average man earning £600 per week, but has to put £60 into his hobby.

RegencyBlue added 11:52 - Jul 8
I really cannot believe that there are still some people who will not acknowledge that the longer Evans owns us the worse its going to get!

His plans to make a fast buck when he first acquired the club blew up spectacularly in his face and once he realised it wasnt going to happen investment, not the subsidy he pays the club to cover any trading deficit but meaningful investment to improve the playing squad, has been virtually non existent.

We are locked in a cycle of decline. As Evans drags us further and further down we become less attractive to prospective buyers which means the relentless decline under Evans ownership continues!

To those worrying about what happens if he walks away I would ask this question. What happens if he stays? What level are you happy for the club to fall to?


SickParrot added 12:04 - Jul 8
Paintballing! Not with our luck with injuries. I hope Huws was wearing body armour.

roystevensonsrocket added 12:04 - Jul 8
Why does everyone mention Rochdale when they mention playing crappy little clubs on a Tuesday night .ive lived in Rochdale since 1977 and was actually club doctor a few years back . However I’ve been a town supporter since 1962 when I stood on the terraces with my late dad during the glory season . Since being up in the north west I’ve tried to get every town game up here . My point is (eventurely) is there are loads of good teams in this division who even play out from the back . Even Rochdale with new manager and influx of new players expect top half finish . It’s a cliche but like the championship there will be few easy games in div 1

ITFCsince73 added 12:05 - Jul 8
The issue for him is ha cant walk away.....whatever happens.
Any debt left hes responsible for.
Infact any debt the club has now or next season hes responsible for.
Evan's is ok for it though, hes not short of a few quid. Lol.


ITFCsince73 added 12:07 - Jul 8
No disrespect to Rochdale royevansrocket.
It's just I've always associated them with the lower reaches of league football.

ITFCsince73 added 12:09 - Jul 8
Much the same how the younger generation will look at ITFC.

Guthrum added 12:12 - Jul 8
Read the quotes a bit more carefully. Lambert says '... we haven’t spent any money.' (past tense, up to the current time). What he *doesn't* say is "we will not, under any circumstances, be spending money at all over the rest of this transfer window."

brendenward35 added 12:28 - Jul 8
Guthrum see what you mean well done for spotting that one :-)

Dolphinblue added 12:31 - Jul 8
Only one word to add to itfc1973 posts.........RIP 💀

shouldistayorcounago added 12:37 - Jul 8
Everyone would rather not be in the situation we find ourselves in, and the fault lies with Evans lack of interest and investment thus far. However, until Evans has a chnage of heart (which is unlikely to be to spend), this is the squad we have and these are the parameters we have to work within.

We shouldn't forget the distance team spirit took us under McCarthy's play-off reaching season - we had a limited squad that achieved more than could be expected on paper.

I think we'll do well to finish top 8 to be honest, and can understand frustration with that as we're a 'big club'. Unfortunately history does not guarantee success.

Until we see the style of play and workrate, there is not much I am willing to criticise, barring the ownership. I am quietly confident that we will do better than commenters on here are speculating. Patience is a virtue.

leroy2488 added 12:49 - Jul 8
Guess it would have been better to spend 9 million this time last year on a promotion push, rather than loose it now, just for being relegated and then every year after should we not be promoted.
I think we have a good enough squad to get out of this league, but a good start and confidence is very important and key players staying fit is vital.... fingers crossed.

ITFCsince73 added 12:54 - Jul 8
Dolphin. You can read comments that will say everything will be ok don't worry.
Or mine that tries to put a bit of reality to the mess were in.
My advise would be of course.
Don't listen to what comes from the club.
As garden paths normally spring to mind.

Tractorboy58 added 13:14 - Jul 8
I like PL and the way he has got some atmosphere back at Portman Road....BUT I am not a fool and if there is not a real promotion push this season then it will be my last as a season ticket holder ( have been for nearly 30 yrs ) a big big season ahead. No more ifs and buts but real progress and top 6 minimum. If we need more players of quality then ME has to provide the funds or sell up

nathitfc89 added 13:20 - Jul 8
sadly, in today's game money speaks! and that's our downfall, we have a decent manager, some decent players but a owner that doesn't want to spend (which i cant blame him to be honest)we are probably where we deserve to be.

Westy added 13:40 - Jul 8
What happened to the £10 million war chest Lambert was offered ? As I see it, if we don't get promoted at the first attempt we will languish in League One for years.

TBT added 13:47 - Jul 8
I’ll be amazed if we stay up but looking forward to some new grounds. Have renewed my three tickets and will be getting right behind PL’s boys. BUT!!
There have been two potential buyers who have contacted ME Group in the last 18 months and he ignored both of their approaches, not even paying them the courtesy of responding to an email.
He is a vain, arrogant, Chelsea supporting tyrant whose quick buck strategy blew up and he has since been limiting his losses by selling of any valuable assets and reducing the wage bill.
He is concentrating on his more successful subsidiaries as he makes his way up the Times rich list and ruining our lives in the process.
He is not covering a debt of anything like £7m per annum because his annual fire sale is considerably reducing that amount.
He refuses to confront the fans in any sort of forum, he doesn’t even attend the boardroom on the rare occasions he attends games. At one game last season he grabbed a group of his London mates and showed off his football club in a private box. We lost the game, his mates took the piss out of him and they all went back to London laughing.
I can’t believe there are people that still stick up for him, HE HAS DONE NOTHING and is a despicable individual.
Please get those banners and chants going or we’ll be in National League (South) in a few years time. There is no five year plan, this is just business speak.
Of course there are alternative investors, ask the team that bought Wigan Athletic whether they tried to approach ITFC first.
This is heartbreaking.

BlueArrow added 13:55 - Jul 8
I wonder how much revenue was lost when the concessions prices were changed. Ok probably not enough to buy a player or even a years wages, but every little bit must help. I've only been to PR a couple of times since, however I go to a lot of the away games. How can it be for instance cheaper to go to Millwall match ticket and train fare than the price of just the match ticket for a home game.

inghamspur added 14:03 - Jul 8
Still not convinced about Lambert even if he had money to spend. If we're not in or around Top 6 after 10 games then can't see him lasting.

brendenward35 added 14:06 - Jul 8
People seem to forget we would have been done a few seasons ago without the fantastic goalkeeper Bart. He won the player of the season 2 years in a row and the one season he has a howler guess what we get relegated no surprise there. McCarthy and Evans should have strengthened the defense not sell players for stupid money. Had Bart been on top form last season I think we would have survived under PL as the style of play was a lot better. Luck was not on our side last year too many draws (means we were equal to a lot of teams end of last season) and had we not lost Sears, Keane etc through injury might have been a different story. If we can get Huws Sears fit and keep Judge I think we will be a good team in league 1 Norwood is a great player a pain in the backside for most defenses and if we keep Bart he has a point to prove so might up his games for us and pull off the saves we need to get us promoted. You never know!!

BurleysGloryDays added 14:07 - Jul 8
BlueArmy81 - Great, hopefully you can keep your negativity to the Facebook group instead of poisoning the experience for everyone else.

We've got a great club, great manager, owner that has made mistakes - but also kept the club afloat. And will be learning fast.

When the stadium is selling out every week fans can complain about a lack of money and investment. But it's not.

Back the team, the club, the manager. We only get out of this as one.

Fragmented fans during pre-season already - THAT, is the only thing that concerns me about our club.

Pull yourselves together and if you can't handle supporting a proper football club, that will experience highs and lows across your life, then go support Man City.

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