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Lambert: Without Money It's a Different Project
Monday, 8th Jul 2019 06:00

Boss Paul Lambert knows that expectations will be high going into Town’s first third tier season for 62 years but warns that it’s not a given that his young, frugally-assembled squad will be in the top six, even if he believes they’re "a really good side”.

Asked whether he has a target for where he wants Town to finish in League One the Blues manager confirmed he had one in mind without elaborating any further.

When it was pointed out that most people would see the season as a failure if Town weren’t in the top six at the very least, he added: “Why do people think we’re automatically going to be in the top six? Because we’re Ipswich? Look at the side, the side is young.

"There were 12 academy kids [involved against Paderborn on Saturday], I’m not sure there are going to be as many as that in the whole division.

“What I will say is we’re a good side, I think we’re a really good side. It’ll be really tough but if we keep performing, then let’s see what happens.”

However, he says he’s well aware that there will be expectations among fans: “There will be, absolutely, and there should be because the badge indicates it, the club indicates it, the history of the club indicates it, the support indicates it. That’s fine, it’s totally fine.

“We haven’t spent any money at all – none. If you spend money then I can understand people saying ‘You have to be up there’ and ‘You have to win titles’. I get all that.

“Without money it’s a different project, but the objective is still the same. It’s to try and be successful. But we haven’t spent any money.

“They’re young, there are 12 academy kids, it’s a project, but they’re a really good side. I’m not saying they’re not a good side, I’m saying they’re a really good side.

“They might make mistakes more than will happen with experienced players but if they keep playing like that and they keep doing those things.”

Lambert played down suggestions that keeper Bartosz Bialkowski’s move to Millwall for around £1 million breaking down has impacted upon his ability to make signings and says the Polish international's value has reduced as a result of Town's drop into League One.

“No, because the club has been relegated,” he continued. “If what people tell me is true, that Bart could have gone last season for whatever, £3 million, if you get relegated, no one’s going pay that money any more. It’s not going to happen.

“It never even got that far, that’s the beauty of it all. I’m not disappointed the guy’s not away because he’s a really good goalkeeper. So from that point of view, a selfish point of view I’m glad Bart’s still here.

“As I’ve said, I don’t lose sleep about things until they really affect me then I’ll start to say, ‘OK, what’s going on?’.”

Meanwhile, the Blues squad and staff spent yesterday afternoon paintballing close to their hotel near Meppen, where next Sunday's Interwetten Cup takes place, with team building during their time away in Germany seen as a priority by Lambert.

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Bluearmy_81 added 08:30 - Jul 8
Big tree house NSV!!
At least I'm trying to do something about the club I loves demise. All knockers remember your stance in 5 years time.

AYACCA added 08:33 - Jul 8
Need a quality loan centre half Lambo or it'll be same old story....

ITFCsince73 added 08:34 - Jul 8
Another to put in simple terms. This is potentially the most important season for the club ever.
Not getting promotion this season is not an option, in so many ways.
You would have to write a book to list.

blues1 added 08:35 - Jul 8
Raycrawfordswig. But theres only one way he can get his money back. And that's for the club to get into the premier league. So, why, if it was possible, do you think , ge wouldnt spend some money to try to achieve that. Just dont think many on here, get the fact of the financial position the club is in. Yes, due to our debt bring to Evans, abdcthe fact he puts in £7m each year to sustain that debt, we are in a stable position. However, the fact we have gone down, thus lost £9m just in TV revenue, we've also lost somewhat more than that. The cut in players wages will help, as will any money we get from sell on clauses, but that will still leave Evan's having to invest more, just to keep the club stable. Which is why theres not much, if any available for signings. I accept the view of some who think he should maybe take a bit of a gamble to try to ensure we get up. However, how will those fans feel if he did, and it ended up with the club being wound up. Which whether you like it or not, is quite possible. Remember, we cannot go into administration as we've been there before. I know it's not very palatable, but that's where we are. I would have to agree that him selling would be the only way things could improve financially, as having said hed wrote off the debt, that would give us more leeway with the ffp. But finding a buyer while in lge1 could be difficult.

ITFCsince73 added 08:39 - Jul 8
NSV. Could have been 14k, if he would have made Judge captain.
But would suspect Chambo has a big say in the way club operates. Onfield anyway.

WhoisJimmyJuan added 08:39 - Jul 8
As far as Evans spending is concerned he won't invest as he is biding his time until a realistic buyer comes in. For him, this investment has not worked out. He gave up after Paul Jewell. PL is becoming a spin doctor. Whatever he says now, mid table by October and he's history.

ArnieM added 08:40 - Jul 8
Lambert is NOT making any excuses he’s telling it how it really is. Perhaps now many on here will stop whinging and either back , fully, our young team and help them develop over the coming season. Lambert made a comment last season that “ it may take a couple of seasons”, but I think that went unnoticed by many on here. He knew last season that he was not getting any funds and that he would be utilising our own academy players. Again, unnoticed ( or perhaps unwilling to accept) by many on here.

Lambert has been very candid in the reported interview above. If fans still can’t see it or worse, accept things for what they are, then it’s going to be s very long season. We need to remain fully begin our youngsters and help them. Yes it’s all ME’s fault, but we sorry we can’t change it . Look st Newcastle fans “ demonstrating for years now against their owner - he’s still there . So don’t waste your energy on creating negative vibes around the Club. We must maintain the support of our team from the stands and who knows what can happen.

One thing I do know is young players tend to play without fear. So let’s create that cauldron if mouse for them to really fly!

stevelincsexile added 08:52 - Jul 8
Well said ArnieM.

Northstandveteran added 08:54 - Jul 8
Apologies 81.

Agree with the majority of your posts,

Just couldn't resist that one this morning 😊

Northstandveteran added 08:59 - Jul 8
In a nutshell JimmyJuan 👏

blues1 added 09:00 - Jul 8
Bluearmy81. Putting aside any differing opinions fans have on here. Tell us,what are u trying to do about the clubs demise? So uve set up an Evan's out page on Facebook. Amd what's that going to achieve, other than getting like minded fans to join and air their views. It's not as if Evan's is likely to be reading it, is it? Or maybe ur planning to organise demonstrations at games through the page? And whats that going to achieve, other than creating a toxic atmosphere at games again. Which with a lot of young players in the team, is likely to affect performances and therefore results. So rather counterproductive. Dont think you'll find a single town fan who wouldnt be happy if we got a new owner(providing it a suitable one), but really cant see how that gonna happen . The only way Evans is going to leave, is if a suitable offer is made to him. No amount of demonstrations, or whatever else you may be planning is going to achieve his departure. While I dont often agree with ur opinions I do respect ur passion and trust me, I share ur frustrations of the position our club is in

budgieplucker added 09:00 - Jul 8
Sounds like PL is getting frustrated with ME, my guess is not that money is not being found for transfer fees but that we have a couple of players lined up on bosmans but MEs protracted penny pinching approach puts us at risk of loosing a couple of important acquisitions.

James Norwood signing was half an intent, But another striker like Tom Eaves at six foot five a real physical presence and currently out of contract would give us the missing link in our squad. This guy scored 21 goals in league 1 last year. Now that would be a real statement to the loyal fans along with two loans like James Bree and another central defender then I would start believing the club has real ambition to prove to its long suffering fans that the position we find ourselves in really hurts.

As I have said before on here the lost tv revenue is mitigated by the 40% plus salary cuts and not having so many priemership loans this season.

Northstander_Blue added 09:15 - Jul 8
Was expecting this

BeattiesBackPocket added 09:27 - Jul 8
s an extremely successful businessman are you saying Evans has never had to speculate to accumulate to make his money because there’s literally no way he would’ve made it without taking ongoing risks? He is bemoaning the loss of 9 million this season and with nothing to spend this he will probably bemoan the fact he will loose another 9 million next and after that as well maybe just maybe if he’d given managers a bigger wage budget in the first place and let us compete wages wise with a team in the top ten we and he wouldn’t now be moaning about these extra losses on top. I have never ever expected us to go out and spend millions but at least give us a wage budget comparable to a top ten side to give us some chance of competing NOT a budget comparable to burton Albion hence why we’re in league one now. His failure is his not ours not the managers and when I’m told in my season ticket packs about competing for promotion then a previous manager comes out and says his remit was to keep us up WHY are town fans ok with just trying to stay up!? Please someone tell me how Rotherham are going to spend with their small gates every home game but we can’t? How a team like Bristol city or Brentford last season can go spend but we can’t when our gates are comparable or even more than theirs!? And also answer me WHY IS HE HERE? Everyone wants to have a go when someone says tax offsetting and wants someone to explain we’ll explain why is he here and why lesser supported teams can compete but we don’t? This club has literally just settled for whatever is said from the top and not for wanting a competitive team

MickMillsTash added 09:30 - Jul 8
Paul Lambert saying very much the same as last season
lets hope the 'kids' are as fantastic as he says and the results are better


BlueySwede added 09:32 - Jul 8
I am reading in a bit of frustration from Lambert, as I did with McCarthy. Of course they will do their job as best as they can, but without some investment is going to be hard. I still feel we have enough quality left in our squad to compete in the top 6, but supporters still believing this season will be a walk in the park are no doubt in for a disappointment. We do need a few additions as well, even if they are free transfers.

BlueySwede added 09:35 - Jul 8
Ah...and the Evans out talk...just let it go. What is your plan B then? Finance our beloved club yourselves? Find another owner? (if there was genuine interest we would have one) Evans leaving us in this situation, without a plan B, would be much worse than lack of money transfers.

BlueBlood90 added 09:50 - Jul 8
I hope he’s just trying to take some pressure off the players with comments like this. I’d certainly be expecting him to be telling them behind closed doors that anything outside of the top 6 is unacceptable. You can’t hide behind finances when players like Nsiala, Nolan, Jackson etc have cost so much more money than most teams in this league could dream of.

BeattiesBackPocket added 09:51 - Jul 8
Blueyswede your posts kind of contradict themselves. Also I’m not one for wanting Evans out however to not say or do anything and let him know how fans feel is moronic he should know we’re unhappy as all he does is spin things and lie as been proven by mick recently and what we sit back say nothing?

Carberry added 09:56 - Jul 8
PR Paul is fast becoming BS Paul. Unbelievable.

Julesblueblood added 10:16 - Jul 8
One day Evan's will walk away and leave us in the #### he s put us in , if he really wants us to be successful we need a target man to play along side norwood , a left back and a CB , invest in the 1st team squad and a successful season and everything us falls into place , carry on the way you are and we could be truly in dog####
Back Lambert, back the staff and back the supporters this is your last chance , otherwise come next year if we our still in div 1 you wont trick the supporters into buying season tickets .......

LonE17Blue added 10:23 - Jul 8
The best result this season will be, Evans finding a buyer who cares enough to invest in a positive future for the club.

TimmyH added 10:29 - Jul 8
and the bar keeps getting lowered at ITFC...

stewartm added 10:45 - Jul 8
I have supported PL but reading this is quiet concerning, the Squad is good enough to be top six but what will be questionable is how the squad is used and played. Not in the top six by Xmas then me personally I would sack Paul Lambert.

KiwiBlue2 added 10:51 - Jul 8
If the defense is strengthened and we have reasonable luck on the injury front then the play-offs should be achievable regardless of whether or not Evans provides additional funding at this point. I just hope that if we are well placed in January he does not hang back like he did a few years ago. Lets be positive ........ we can do it ........

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