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No-Nonsense Approach From Caretaker Hutchings
Friday, 26th Oct 2012 06:00

Chris Hutchings has taken a no-nonsense approach on to the Playford Road training ground as he and his fellow members of staff fight for their Town futures. Hutchings, who gave a passionate pre-match press conference at Playford Road yesterday lunchtime, was placed in temporary charge of the Blues by chief executive Simon Clegg after Paul Jewell left the club by mutual consent on Wednesday.

Hutchings said: “It was no-nonsense today. We started on the training ground today, that’s how I want to work.

“There were home truths, it’s nitty gritty time. When people are fighting for their jobs, it’s nitty gritty, let me tell you.

“We’ve got some good staff here, some really good people here, and I’ve had a good meeting with them and they are fully behind everything that we’re trying to do. We’re all fighting for our jobs.

“I’ve said to the players, ‘It’s all right for you out there, we’re the ones fighting for our jobs here’.

"Players think that they’re going to get another contract. When they finish playing there are only so many jobs. We are fighting for our jobs and we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.”

The 55-year-old says he and the likes of coach Sean McCarthy and summer recruit Andy Liddell, the club’s fitness coach, will battle to keep their jobs: “This comes from the heart. I’m a passionate guy. If I’m playing against you, I want to kick you, I want drub you into the ground. I’m fighting fire with fire.

“People have moved down from Yorkshire with their families and babies to be at this football club. We’re fighting. Don’t anyone ever think that we’re going under. I see it one way, and it’s that way and it isn’t going to be any other.”

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bedsitfc added 06:29 - Oct 26
we will win Saturday I think the the players will be really up for it with Chris giving them what for.

Sindre94 added 06:55 - Oct 26
Wow, that was honest atleast. Get a win tomorrow lads

Dissboyitfc added 07:09 - Oct 26
They should always be playing for their jobs, we are paying for the most expensive seats in the league, wheres their pride? Half the time missing. I believe in Karma and those who had the S..T attitudes with surely be pushed out. >>>>COYB

RetroBlue added 07:24 - Oct 26
The players as usual ARE the ones to blame.! They are the ones that haven't been turning up on match day, they're the ones that have made the countless mistakes on the pitch, and they are the ones that frankly played to get the manager the sack. I've seen it time and time again througjhout the years. They make me sick.

Win sat? Yes of course we will- the power has always been with the players. When it suits THEM !

Whymarktonomarks added 07:30 - Oct 26
If Mr. Hutchings had installed some of these values in the last two years then we would not of been in this position , but if its a case of , as an Assistant Manager ,that he was not allowed to express himself so passionately ,then unfortunately it highlights again the weakness's of PJ and his managerial expertise .
Even if it is only for self preservation ,fair due's for giving it your all .
Let's hope his words transfers to the players on the pitch tomorrow .

DurhamTownFan added 08:07 - Oct 26
Ditto whymark. Maybe hutchings and co should have thought about their jobs before all this mess! Can't think of many players who've improved through their coaching since joining town. Almost none!

reusersfreekicks added 08:46 - Oct 26
His managerial record is disasterous - the other 2 were mates of Jewel who have little experience so sadly they should all go unless better at their jobs than i think they are

Premiertown added 08:48 - Oct 26
Players are in the main simple souls who need leadership and instruction. Without it and some self discipline the whole team dynamic goes and the end result is what we see at Ipswich. Players are at fault if they do not use their collective brains to see if something is not working but no coaching or inadequate coaching will always bring a team down. Hutchings gets one game max or the new man will have 30 odd games to get 45 points and that will be tough.

brian_a_mul added 09:05 - Oct 26
@Durham, i know it looks bleak form here but

Cresswell have improved steadily during all of last season. Plus Lee Martin is now a player. Since RK left Hyam has improved alot too imo. JET has improved his fitness and work rate (marginally).
These guys were linked with Premier clubs last season. Plus I think Ainsley has improved but its hard to tell from limited appearances.

SouperJim added 09:09 - Oct 26
Hutch's record is terrible, but I'm quite wowed by the above statement. He's shown more passion in one interview there than Paul Jewell managed during his entire time here. Let's hope he has the players fired up, the crowd get behind the team and we get a battling performance on Saturday. COYB!

PimsNumber1 added 09:15 - Oct 26
Good comments from hutchings but his cv is awful in management.

However he was the only one ranting at the players to do something , from the touchline. Jewell did next to nothing most weeks

Wickets added 09:17 - Oct 26
2 little 2 late Hutch.

greenkingtone added 11:27 - Oct 26
New coaching team badly needed. Its too late now for this lot. Thomas,Edwards, Martin, Chopra, had better change their attitudes too or they can go as well.

AndrewPC added 11:43 - Oct 26
Reading between the lines of Hutchings' comments, which of these conclusions is/are true I wonder:

1/ Hutchings and the other coaches are simply fed up that they are now to lose their jobs so are giving the players a hard time OR

2/ They consider that their ex boss PJ "went soft" and allowed the players to take the p***
out of them all both on and off the pitch ?

3/ They know that the poor performances on the pitch were down to deliberate lack of commitment by key players wanting to see the back of PJ and so this belated get tough session was pay back time by the number 2 coach ?


Telford_Blue added 12:28 - Oct 26
As the name implies I am based in the West Midlands and have married into a Walsall supporting family (yes I know!!!.... I'll get over it) and just to say that Mr Hutchings said all the same things at Walsall..... Even when they were doing terribly he came out with a similar mantra.... It is almost how Roeder was at the Budgies when we watched them disintegrate...
I am afraid that whilst I give you and the team my total backing for Saturday and I hope you secure us 3 points, that I think the writing is on the wall as most managers come with their own no.2 these days....

Bluetone added 13:01 - Oct 26
Talk the talk 10/10 walking the walk ??/10

Kesgraveblue57 added 16:33 - Oct 26
Same words different person

TractorTrog added 16:37 - Oct 26
My team talk would be They (the Supporters) come to see Ipswich Town Win...not because of your celebrity status do your job on the pitch and if anyone tweets about the club or our business then your out of the team if your not interested get your coat and go you are responsible for us being where we are you sacked the Manager not the club or supporters youve let yourselves and the club down ...if your interested in fighting for Ipswich after that then come on lets get to work!!!!

KiwiBlue2 added 01:04 - Oct 27
Clearly something sharp was needed to wake some of the players up. However I suspect that it would have gone in one ear and out the other with those who are legends in their own minds. Ironically the people who should be under the most pressure are the players themselves. Lets see what happens on Saturday......

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