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at 16:28 10 Aug 2019

Sorry Chambers, but that type of error isn't winning you many accolades
,Injury (n/t)
at 15:44 10 Aug 2019

Things that 'everyone does' that doesn't make sense
at 11:46 9 Aug 2019

Tempted to say paying taxes, but in the spirit of a potentially fun post I will kick off with clambering for the yearly smart phone upgrade

EDIT: being p*ssed before lunch time isn't great on typing skills.
[Post edited 9 Aug 11:47]
Are plaid shirts acceptable again?
at 10:03 6 Aug 2019

I have seen a rise of people out and about who are wearing gorgeous table cloths once more, is this now the fad that replaces beards? If so, what is acceptable material, cotton, polyester, wool?

I am very confused and still bombing about in a shell suit and sandals, please help

I was thinking I would get this little beauty

At £20 off it seems a right bargain
[Post edited 6 Aug 10:09]
I can see why people moaned about the Garbutt loan being rubbish... (n/t)
at 15:18 3 Aug 2019

New Season TWTD Forum Guide
at 13:26 2 Aug 2019

1. If we lose, users are expected to create an NT post with the title "Quiet on here tonight"

2. EVANS OUT! posts are reserved for Romford_Blue only, anyone else caught posting this will be taken to arbitration with Romford_Blue deciding your fate.

3. IF we win after a couple of losses, users are expected to create an NT post with the title "Quiet on here tonight"

4. Regardless of scoreline, if we are winning at half-time, users are expected to create posts about fearing a dangerous score line.

5. Users are expected to post about sacrificing cup games in order to be stronger in the league, when league form dips regardless, those users are expected to never respond to people questioning their logic.

6. Blaming Paul Lambert in posts is permitted only after 10 games into the season, even then it will have to go through a tribunal in order to be accepted by other posters.

7. Posts about Mick McCarthy's comments about Ipswich during the year must be met with anger and vitriol at all costs. Mick is clearly still invloved with the club and his comments should be allowed to define the mood of the board.
Arsenal actually made a huge signing
at 21:33 1 Aug 2019

72m? I bet Wenger must be a bit miffed he didn't get that degree of backing.
Wine Clubs - What are they like?
at 06:19 1 Aug 2019

Just joined virgin wines because I am posh now, didn't know if any of you folks were members of such schemes and have any testimonials.
[Post edited 1 Aug 7:58]
The UK died a long time ago
at 20:45 30 Jul 2019

I was one of the unlucky souls of this world to have to suffer the injustice of a time where Opal Fruits, Marathon and Dime became Starburst, Snickers and Daim respectively.

If Bojo can right these wrongs, I might back this brexit malarkey
Year of flavour adventures - August Edition
at 18:35 30 Jul 2019

On the advice of the forum, I have been on a fish kick all summer partaking in the finest the ocean has to offer.

Trout, Salmon, SeaBass, Plaice, Monkfish - all based on delightful suggestions on the forum.

For August, I am aware I have not been too kind on the oceans of the world, so I am bringing it all in with a month of Mushrooms.

Recipe ideas much appreciated, as usual, I don't eat spuds, breads or pasta (but do like rice). What mushroom recipes should one try for a delicious fungi feeling.

Edit: Footers being a sultan of spin again, doing his best with the other Bully's to silence the voice of the real British man.
[Post edited 30 Jul 18:39]
Documentary Hidden Gems
at 08:26 30 Jul 2019

Recently been gorging my mind on Rough Science which is a bit like scrap heap challenge but using odds and ends to conduct, well, Science.

One episode they use some rope, wood, flags, fixing and trigonometry to estimate the speed of a glacier. Well worth a watch if you like those sorts of programs.
The way Google claim you can browse the Web privately
at 09:17 29 Jul 2019

Turns out to be all but private. I'm sure as many of you are in no way surprised by this, but I know a few people for claim incognito mode is the be all and end all of privacy woes...

As if a company who makes billions in creating data points on browsing personalities are going to offer a complete anonymity mode.
As one of Jackson's biggest critics...
at 07:35 27 Jul 2019

Preseason has made me look like a fool, lets hope he carries this form through to the end of the season, and maybe then he'll be ready for the Championship if he takes us up. I still think it was a poor transfer at the time, and we'd have been way smarter holding on to Waghorn and/or Garner, but c'est la vie, can't fantasise about playing the cards we weren't dealt.

TIL: Admitting error or that one was wrong on the internet really isn't as difficult as people make it out to be.
Maybe ol'Trumper isn't so crazy for wanting a space force
at 16:45 26 Jul 2019

If France are investigating such a system, imagine what less friendly countries could be upto under the radar.

Even though the idea is practical and isn't an orbital war weapon it does remind me the good ol days when the ion cannon won many a LAN game of command and conkers.
[Post edited 26 Jul 16:47]
Ploughman's problem
at 15:59 26 Jul 2019

It's that time of the year when I cba to cook in the heat so need to break out the big guns for summer. Seems as everyone on here is incorrect and thinks eggs and ham belong with chips and not salad, I'm turning my focus towards ploughman's to please the masses.

I usually turn to Waitrose Own relish, but they made the recipe different ans I don't like it. So what is the best option here, Heinz, Branson or Tacklements. You decide.
at 20:51 25 Jul 2019

Hi Romford, hope you're well in this heat and enjoying the summer break from University. What is your opinion on the wycombe uni? Looking at post grad courses they offer and wanna know what the place is like, housing costs, social scene, night life... All the important stuff
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