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Now this ultra violent film exert....
at 10:09 14 Oct 2019


If someone was to tell you that at an event hosted at a leading nations President's property, with his son as a key note speaker, alongside much of his cadre, that this video was shown, but with the face of the President superimposed over the protagonist. And superimposed over those people in the video being slaughtered are the President's enemies and the media organisations who do not support him.....

Well... you'd think NO WAY! never in a million years. Well it just happened. It really did JUST HAPPEN!

Best ignore? or better to call it out?
Trump's latest rally- just WOW! truth has left the building and the rabble are..
at 16:21 11 Oct 2019

... being roused by hate filled propaganda....

Just how deep and damaging are the lines and feelings he is embedding in the U-S-A?

And why are The Republican Party not calling him out?

Total insanity....

His demonising of the media (apart from his one sympathetic outlet - Fox News) is outrageous.

And they have 393 million weapons in the hands of their citizens... and in one year a firearm is used in nearly 500,000 crimes, resulting in the deaths and injuries of more than 110,000 people.....
Boris, Farage, UK scum media who continue to legitimise a hard no deal
at 22:42 10 Oct 2019

Brexit.... please view:

Nissan Europe 'unsustainable' in no-deal Brexit
What was the crowd? How good was Huws?
at 22:03 8 Oct 2019

Thanks in advance
Do you think we can keep Garbutt??
at 18:13 6 Oct 2019

He has really impressed me. He looks like a good quality Championship player?

Albeit he is better with a back 3.

Amazing that Georgiou has not made the team, shows the strength of our squad, which unlike others I think is better than last season by some way.

I still think our best 11 should have Huws in it. It has been a real bonus that we have not had to throw Huws into the team, his recovery must be there.
Do we think The Wolf and Huws in for Wilson and Nolan?
at 13:19 5 Oct 2019

Tough tough game..... might actually suit our style on the break.

3 points and we really would be rocking ahead of the international break
Tranmere forum members were slating the Gills manager...
at 22:16 29 Sep 2019

... as a nasty piece of work, with similar antics against other managers referenced
Trump presses the red button
at 23:47 28 Sep 2019

He’s posted this:

He’s coming out fighting he’s firing up his base, he’s demonising the Dems, ramping up the hate and division. Exaggerating.... falsehoods the citizens would be better off then Dems on healthcare, better if guns were restricted, safer without his foreign policies, they don’t actually need a bigger military...

He’s going to leave one fecked up country when he leaves

And also the White House have been squirrelling away transcripts from other calls with world leaders due to other orthodox styles.

And of course his opposition is far too left wing to perhaps stop him

Sound familiar?!
Summing up the game and our current position
at 21:40 28 Sep 2019

Yet another game of two halves; MK Dons first half showed us all how we want to play as a club and team. But there remains doubt as to Lamberts squad rotation, and our consistency of play through 90mins.

I think today Tranmere played above themselves in the first half, and were winning the midfield, and challenging the centre backs with running and direct ball. I don’t think they were capable of actually scoring if not for another Chambo howler - funnily the kind of ball Wilson was eating for breakfast. Albeit in a no nonsense style.

The Downes and Skuse approach was not working, Nolan and judge were poor, Nolan was really out of sorts given the chance given. And Garbutt and KVY were not getting forward, and Wilson’s more direct style was meaning he wasn’t distributing well. This left Norwood and Jackson feeding on scraps.

It was frustrating as we’d got a lapsed blue along with our group and he wasn’t convinced whether we were actually leaving the mire of Keane, Jewel, McCarthy and Hurst... but the stunning - and it was stunning - free kick helped sell some elements of the first half. We started the 90mins really well, faded, but then stormed the start of the second 45mins. When we started getting on the floor, often from Downes tenacity regaining ball, with throws from Holy, switching play across defence, triangle interplay from Nolan, judge and Garbutt/KVY and WE ARE PURRING. And the lapsed blue is enlivened!

We often play on the break, in this league, under Lambert. And actually that’s when we are often most fun to watch, Jackson, Norwood and judge marauding, it’s a joy.

Tranmere still had moments in the second; and a more clinical team is going to score 2 or 3 against us. But in KVY we have a super star. And he really finished them off today. What a strike - Marcus please keep KVY for a strong championship campaign, for £25m not £3m.

Further good interplay in the corners thrilled our group from judge, Nolan, and Jackson. Albeit Rowe struggled to get up to the speed of the game. Jackson’s pace is such an asset. Horrible for defenders. Norwood is doing a lot off the ball, and makes lovely touches. I’d like to see him in the goals and with a song (tranmere fans slating our support for him on Twitter). Jackson was trying to pass him in on goal but failing. Albeit some of Jackson’s crosses are sublime.

It’s 3 points, we’re top of the league and the second half will bring the 19k back next time. I still think this is a season of rehabilitation - for fans, club, community, management, coaching and most importantly squad/system. Currently we’d struggle in the championship- but as the squad gets fully back to fitness, the wonderful youth and wunder signings gel further AND, we continue to learn how to play looking forward first, and how to pass/move and dominate midfields.

Long long way to go, and I still think we need to reduce the squad rotation, getting huws and wolf in the team regularly.

But in Lambert we must trust.. and the goal is that by the end of the season we are a club feeling fresh, playing very effective football, and confident for the championship.
[Post edited 28 Sep 21:50]
So blue hive mind... what’s the system and selection tomorrow ??
at 18:07 27 Sep 2019

After fleetwood and ignoring our B team outing against Gillingham it’s looking like a long break, so resting players such as downes seems unnecessary. I think Garbutt is a shoe in.

———Chambers—Skuse—-The Wolf

I wonder if Dozzell will get a surprise start?!
[Post edited 27 Sep 18:20]
OK - so I’ve been away travelling... and I’ve just watched Boris....
at 03:57 27 Sep 2019

... in the commons and in the UN


We are a laughing stock
[Post edited 27 Sep 4:43]
Been on a global tour with work... UK becoming a laughing stock
at 14:25 24 Sep 2019

Reputation damage is a real thing, and is happening

The world hires brits because we’re seen as a safe bet; stable; creative; pragmatic

We just look ridiculous on the world stage at present

Also with the rise of China going out ‘on our own’ looks increasingly stupid

We’ve let the stupid people - Farage, Boris, Essex man - get in charge, we’re better than that

Thank God for Ipswich
[Post edited 24 Sep 17:34]
I expect this team on Saturday to repeat/exceed the first half MK Dons...
at 18:43 22 Sep 2019

performance.........and win over the Lambert system/ethos doubters (of which I may be one!!):

KVY------Chambo---The Wolf----Garbutt
There are 30% less birds in the US than from 1970
at 20:24 20 Sep 2019

3 billion less birds than 50 years ago.

Pollution, habitat loss, climate change, cats.

Extinction Rebellion indeed
There's still some way to go to that Burley project momentum...
at 17:08 19 Sep 2019

....but this Lambert season is starting to feel like a movement.

Firstly you have to commend this energy that the club is putting into community projects, and getting schools and youth into supporting Town; how dead a club we were under Keane, Jewell and McCarthy. With Keane like a disease.

But the fan base does seem to be connecting with Lambert and the team. The atmosphere at the end at MK Dons - despite a poor second half from Town - was electric.

We are some way from the energy that built from the 2nd or 3rd season of Burley's project, when Portman Road and the system of play really did rock, and there were just no doubts we were on track and improving continually.

For me this squad feels more exciting.. albeit we are only in League One! but KVY, Downes, El Mizouni, Huws, Nolan, Norwood, Dobra, 'The Wolf' - I'm almost more invested in them than the likes of Uhlenbeek, Wilnis, Clapham, McGreal (I know this is heresy!)

What remains is the system of play and formation, and the true domination of teams for 90mins. I hope it will come. I was growing concerned, but the first 30mins on Tuesday (by the way it wasn't the whole first half) we did start to purr. If we can build on that, get Huws firing, get the wing backs forward, get Norwood scoring. I think it will take off.

Bizarrely we are second, have a buzz around the project, and yet have not yet really convinced on the pitch.

Lets keep it going at the Gills.
Match Report - mixed emotions, ultimately positivity
at 22:41 17 Sep 2019

I like that ground. It’s such a cut above the other identi-kit stadiums with its tiled exterior, floating roof. The local pale ale was also excellent. It’s still in a retail park though.

Just walking up to the ground the number of town fans started to become apparent - 3,300+ - wow! And perhaps that singing at the end was the highlight of the night. This feels like a movement, despite the players failing to ignite the second half. We did have two great attacking moves in the second period where the atmos went mental - imagine if we’d played really well for the whole match!

I’d challenged Lambert to get his selection and system right and claim the 3 points. And as soon as the team graphic came up, it just looked right. And for 30mins it just WAS right.

Garbutt and KVY were rocking the wide positions, and our best technical player Huws (ably assisted by an advanced Nolan, and a back to his best Downes).

The hoofing had gone, and we just were on the ball. Why play long ball!!! Jesus we wished for something better - the movement just cannot be built on aimless punting!

It wasn’t hard though, the Dons were woeful. Worst team I’ve seen us play against in a while.
Maybe we made them so.

Jackson of our forwards probably thrived best in the new system. And it was a quieter night for Norwood - I hope his injury is mild as we need his closing and aggression this campaign.

I liked the central 3 of Wilson, Skuse and Chambers. Skuse thrives in that space, and staying deeper suits him. I thought despite being ‘quiet’ that was one of Chambo’s best games. Wilson I would agree was excellent, but it was a little no nonsense, and The Wolf will keep it on the deck more.

Second half was poor, and a better team would have taken the chances and possession and beaten us. But we got the three points, kept the unbeaten record. And we need to build on what seems the right system, which the retuning Garbutt and Huws can make work.

[Post edited 17 Sep 23:17]
Very excited about tonight.... but big night for Lambert
at 14:14 17 Sep 2019

.... he’s stated we’re going there to win; and his team selection and system set-up are key.

He has an embarrassingly good squad... and I’m backing him fully - and enjoying this season immensely - but the lack of a plan B / C, and the longer inaccurate ball is a concern. I think we need Nolan, Dozzell and/or Huws in the team to link play better and get it on the deck.
neutral mate went saturday.....
at 21:19 16 Sep 2019

knows Ipswich pretty well, seen a few games already this season, just spoke to him, his view:

- Donny the better side
- Their young premiership loanee was the pick of the midfielders and ran the show
- Downes was making errors and losing possession
- We were going far too long to Norwood and Jackson... and it simply wasn't working against their big centre back
- Our system looked wrong
Ultimately Huws and Nolan have to start....
at 17:23 16 Sep 2019

…. so how do we make that work?

I think because Skuse and Downes have both had such a good season so far, they seem to be first on the team list..... but is that inhibiting us?

Something is not quite right with the current system/selection....

Looking forward to a win and a good performance in front of a massive away following.
Latest from MK Dons ticket office
at 13:09 16 Sep 2019

Just spoke to a very helpful lady at the MK Dons ticket office.

We have sold around 3000 tickets.

They are doing cash purchase walk ups, at a ticket booth at Gate 3, behind the visitors stand from 6pm.

There will be plenty made available, 500 tickets on the night, expect them to be in the upper tier. Those sold in advance have been both upper and lower.

Walk ups to this booth are cash only, but you can pay by card bu at the main ticket office.

Ground map below.

Hope this helps.
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