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Small minded Trumpy - Parasite
at 15:37 21 Feb 2020

Trump hates Hollywood and the Oscars, I kinda of get that, as Hollywood hate him, and make movies often about liberal and decent values, not the 80s greed shoot em ups he likes.

But his belittling of the South Korea best picture win, and his jingoistic / nationalist mind set, is particularly hideous isn’t it?

His values and his example is so loathsome.

Bloody good film if you’ve not seen it?
One OK Rock - big in japan
at 11:08 16 Feb 2020

Back the team....
at 13:23 15 Feb 2020

... we’ve all got massive concerns over Marcus and Lambert. Justifiably so.

But the post mortem should wait to the summer. Season too far along for managerial change.

Lads confidence is paper thin. Fans need to get behind the team and back them today. For the full 90. 3 points is all that matters.

Accrington and Lincoln performances should be in mind.

A negative reaction from the fans to a slow start will get us no where.


Tom Heaton will make a really good pundit (n/t)
at 23:00 9 Feb 2020

Defensive side
at 14:09 8 Feb 2020

Perhaps too much in my opinion.. Downes has to be breaking forwards..... and Chambo and The Wolf

And obviously a lot of change

Maybe Huws is not fully there fitness wise... but Skuse and a back three is not dynamic

———Chambo—-Wilson-The Wolf

Have to break the lines and feed Norwood... he’ll get frustrated with lack of service

Real lack of pace

Skuse, Kenlock, Nolan, Donacien and even Norwood have something to prove though.. fight for a place

[Post edited 8 Feb 14:11]
More on Brentford approach - placing Ipswich in a critical light
at 21:36 4 Feb 2020

Worth spending time watching this video and perhaps re-reading my thoughts and another article at the bottom of this post. These two co-Directors of Football have stayed constant through changes of manager, truly ensuring continuity of their defined attractive style of football:

The article confirms a progressive club (Brentford) and the fact that Thomas Frank would seamlessly continue the club's technical strategy when replacing Dean Smith....

(From a fan)
"Just a cog in the Brentford fc wheel.. love how these clueless people who think the way we play was down to Smith"

I get shot down for using the term technical about Ipswich and our failings to be technical and hire technical..... well the late technical director of Brentford Robert Rowan forged that technical approach.. where a system of play, a choice of technical player, a style of passing is bigger than the manager... now continued by the co-Directors.

This from Dean Smith:

But for Smith, the fact his entire squad of players have such a deep understanding of the Brentford way of football is one of the greatest pleasures.

He said: "We have 18 or 19 players that I have changed around for the last six games."

"However, such is the understanding of our structure, style of play, and of each other, that the players who have come in have adapted well. I don’t think anybody could say that there has been a change in our style, or how we have played, and that is one of the things that gives me the greatest pleasure. Whoever goes in knows how we play and the structure of the team."

And that technical style and system is entertaining and on the ground, about shapes, running and movement.

Unlike the Brentford manager, Marcus has failed to instill a structure, a leadership team, a strategy and a single manager to get us anywhere close to this, or other more progressive/technical clubs. He has talked to it, he has five point plans, but he has not hired effectively.

Keane, Jewell, Mick, Hurst...Clegg, Milne.. not what the fans or club needed for the long term. Keane and Jewell seemed to lack a clear footballing approach. Mick papered over issues, the lack of funding, with a style of play and ethos that would never see Town succeed in the long term, to progress as a coherent footballing project. Ever.

Now we have Lambert..... I'm not seeing a system of play, evidence of technical training that instills a purpose and ethos of play. And indeed Lambert doesn’t have the structure around him for a modern club, and his subordinates do not seem to progressive in behaviour and approach.

All very worrying. I just hope we can get some momentum and get the system that has been good in some games firing again. Keep in the hunt, get promoted and rethink.

You cannot succeed in football in 2020 without strategy, alignment and a technical foundation.
El Mizouni played 70mins for cambridge
at 17:05 1 Feb 2020

They had just gone 1 down, when he was replaced, and then won 2-1!!
So do we think it’s Skuse in for Huws?
at 11:30 1 Feb 2020

Rather than Nolan or Dozzell??

With 3 centre backs that may reduce the service to Judge.

But Skuse should hopefully have a BIG performance given his absence, point to prove. We’ll need Downes going forward.

Edwards could get exposed today.

Win and we’re in a good place. Lose and big question marks will return.
at 08:30 1 Feb 2020

A glorious photo to personify this most glorious of days
at 16:34 31 Jan 2020

Yes that is supposed to be a likeness of Farage
And yes its titled Mr Brexit
Oh and you're right its Jim Davidson
And just to confirm its in a French restaurant
I know no one can give a benefit of leaving Europe...
at 18:18 29 Jan 2020

..... but even if there was one...can it ever repair the damage to my eyes and mind of listening to and watching Farage and his toads shaming our people and country in the European parliament.

Thanks god for those MEPs who acted with some dignity and left with the offer of frienship with out European cousins. Thank god for Ursula.

As for Trump's simpering goal of toadying up to Trump and the US... that's one fecked up country and one weird dangerous leader to forge bonds with... and it really hasn't started very well has it? Middle East peace shame, Huewei, blocking our internet giant tax... etc etc
BBC to axe 450 jobs, including Newsnight to make savings....
at 14:06 29 Jan 2020

.... our dumbing down as a nation commences, Boris will be pleased. Won't have to excuse himself from serious journalism as there won't be any.

But we'll have Love Island and Piers Morgan, yay!!
Watching 1917.. inspired me...
at 10:54 29 Jan 2020

.... to watch Dunkirk again. Dunkirk is a masterpiece of a film. Well worth a revisit or a first watch if you haven't seen it.
Trump has done deeply damaging things in his Presidency..
at 22:12 28 Jan 2020

.... the Middle-East 'peace' plan is right up there, or is it down there.... just unbelievable

And for those on this board (you know who?) who go... "ooh looks whats he done for the economy".. which has nothing to do with him.... listen to the Beyond Today Podcasts... 'What happened when Trump removed the experts?' and 'Why is Trump pardoning war crimes?'
Really poor for 80mins... technical concerns again
at 21:53 28 Jan 2020

Those Rotherham players were better technically: individually and in their playing system all game, despite our huffing and puffing and possession. They had the outlet, they had the switch of play.

Again we struggled with a better technical side, despite holding an excellent Oxford in poor conditions recently.

I hope this was an off night from the players, and the last 10mins had some merit. But I cannot get over this niggle in my mind that we have yet another manager who is not setting up the team effectively. We have the individuals - but is the technical coaching to cope with tougher, better organised teams in place.

I should add that Downes was excellent in certain aspects of his game tonight.

Sears touch was poor when he came on.

That was almost a worldy from Norwood.

Garbutt has his worse game in ages, but what a free kick.

Huws was going down cul de sacs.

Judge been awful tonight (n/t)
at 21:16 28 Jan 2020

Is Rotherham away on a live video stream on iFollow? (n/t)
at 16:29 27 Jan 2020

Match Thoughts.... Ipswich 1 Lincoln 0 - 25th Jan 2020
at 19:14 25 Jan 2020

Well I really enjoyed that Town performance, where at times some of our passing and movement was as good as I can remember for some years. Yes I get those who worry we didn't score more, killing the game off, and hence leaving Lincoln with a chance. But those saying we over passed? well that's why we limited Lincoln to two chances of note (albeit good ones), 63% possession is what we want. Just great to be out passing and dominating teams at Portman Road again, for how many seasons have we looked the inferior technical side? Hopefully we can avenge Rotherham's humiliation of us at home this season, on a key fixture this Tuesday.

Lincoln were actually a good side, they defended really well, great shape and commitment. Albeit why they tried to play out from the goalkeeper in the second half, with Jackson and Judge, then Norwood pushing up and negating the benefit.

It was a great team performance, every player did well. I'll go through them individually in a moment, but it was interesting listening to Lambert on the radio restating that now its all about performances getting you in AND out of the team. I really agreed with our manager's point of view that Edwards and Norwood had been off form. I thought the former was so improved today, I'm not his biggest and crave the return of KVY, but the 3-5-2 is really suiting our Welsh wing man.

To continue the team performance vibe... what about Wilson? he is so the direct, no nonsense guy of the team, but he made some key headers and interceptions, and almost got a goal!

Man of the match? well that's the point - its hard to pick a stand out player. I thought Downes, The Wolf, Garbutt, Keane, Jackson were excellent... and Judge and Edwards work rate were notable.

I have to mention Jackson, yes he didn't score and like other forward players he found it hard to create clear cut chances against the resolute Lincoln lines, but today I thought Jackson looked like a Championship capable forward. His touch was sharp and he retained and used the ball well.

As for a sharp touch - Will Keane - WOW, he had a spell in the first half when he really impressed. The TEAM move (how many passes? 30?) for his low driven chance that went wide was fantastic. And it was his close control that carved out the final passage of what was a brilliant move. What a shame we didn't score.

Now to my concern - if a Championship or Premiership scout was at that game, then they're frankly incompetent if they don't just suggest a big money move for our two young prospects when they get back to base. Did you see that dink over the opposition player from Wolfenden? on the edge of the Lincoln box? mental. And again Downes was just so cultured at times, he played like his first half performance against Blackpool. But today, he also had the aggressive mode on. Some really hard tackles and play.

Around me in a boisterous North Stand... there were so many incredulous groans of pleasure (!!!) from people just loving how Town were spraying the ball around, and those individual moments of quality. Some real characters around me today, and it felt a little like the early days of Burley when you paid to go to see Town, and you had moments where you were wowed by things the players and team did, that you could never hope to do yourself.

Now we of course did not quite match the first half performance with our second, but there was still a lot of good play. I did want Judge to come off for Bishop (who had three moments of class in a short spell) - and perhaps Bishop will provide that bit of spice to stretch the lines and break down teams going forward, and start. But Judge looks a different player, and deserves his place, and seems more mobile.

So to the team:

Norris - good all round, one fantastic save, the front three look very settled in front of him which is clearly helping him

Wilson - as stated he's just so no nonsense, but he also can pass a few short ones quite nicely when needed

Chambo - he's so got his mojo back, looks much more confident in his game, got forward for some OK distribution, loved his positive shouting at Norris after a good save
The Wolf - he was I thought sensational today, he is a ball playing centre back, he's better than the £3.5m Webster

Edwards - much much improved, he doesn't seem to be giving the ball away as cheaply and his crossing was far more effective

Garbutt - this is my second concern, we are so reliant on him for set pieces etc. he's a key player for us. He was far more dynamic today as well, running with the ball. We need to sign him

Downes - words fail me... fantastic

Huws - interesting game, he was more dominant in the first half, but got pegged back, I think he was doing that 'unseen' work.... his form is a big reason for our Renaissance. Also as at Oxford he is really throwing himself about, injury concerns really are receding

Judge - good solid display was everywhere, but in the right places, needs to get deeper into the box

Jackson - he came too early to us to be effective in the Championship, but I feel he could now cut it in that league

Keane - like Huws, the injury woes have gone, and he is in fine form. He looks real class, I like what Norwood brings, what I'd keep with Will for now

[Post edited 25 Jan 20:09]
20K + on Saturday
at 22:15 23 Jan 2020

Let's hope the team finally put in the performance the attendance deserves
Phil - what’s the latest on KVY? Expected return timeframe? (n/t)
at 10:30 22 Jan 2020

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