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Bookmakers’ streams
at 17:14 16 Feb 2019

I’ll be watching City v Newport on the Ladbrokes app this evening thanks to a free bet offer (log in today, get a £1 free bet on any sport).

Is any particular bookmaker better than the others in terms of football streaming, or are the streamed matches pretty consistent across the board?
I’ll take this week’s results
at 17:12 16 Feb 2019

Two draws against teams we could have realistically expected nothing from. Two extra points and some much-needed confidence going into two very winnable must-win games.

IF we’re to stand any chance of survival, it’s unexpected points like these that will get us there.
I make that an unbeaten run...
at 16:56 16 Feb 2019

Now to beat Wigan and Reading, and we might have something going on...
at 20:32 13 Feb 2019

Not quite sure what's going on, but Nugent looks to be having some good natured banter with the SBR. Been warming up down there for the last 20mins or so.
Bibb Way - parking
at 19:30 13 Feb 2019

Anyone tried parking on Bibb Way (beside Alderman Park) on a match day?

It's marked as a private road with clamping in operation, but given you can no longer clamp on private land, isn't it fair game?
2006 Honda Civic - Advice
at 11:10 11 Feb 2019

I'm considering buying a 2006 Civic EX I-Vtec 1.8 petrol, with 86,000 on the clock.

Looks good and I'm happy with the asking price, but has anyone got any experience of the older 8th Gen Civics? Anything I should be looking for?
Is there a lower age limit to play in the Championship?
at 21:08 10 Feb 2019

Assuming we're relegated before the final game, and Leeds can stop Norwich winning the league by beating us by a shedload, is there anything to stop Lambert fielding the U9s?
Season Tickets vs Walk-Ups
at 13:06 5 Feb 2019

So, what with all the blubbing that Season Tickets are now apparently worth less than a Tony Dinning loan spell, I thought I'd crunch some numbers (click for embiggened versions):

As it stands, with four promo games, only those who have bought Season Tickets at post-Early Bird prices are affected (and, let's face it, if they can afford a standard-priced Season Ticket in Block D, they can afford to miss the £120).

In fact, it would take 8 (eight) £12 promo matches before anyone with an Early Bird Season Ticket could feel hard done by (and, again, the only two bands affected are both in premium seats).
[Post edited 5 Feb 13:06]
Mings v Oliveira
at 13:32 4 Feb 2019

This has surely been discussed already, but I fear Mings is at risk of starting to develop a reputation here...

In 'n' Out garages - MOTs
at 13:06 1 Feb 2019

Anyone got any experience of these places?

Just booked a full service & MOT for £133.95 (discounted rate) and apparently they charge £40 p/h for labour, which seems reasonable.

I know places like these will be targeted to identify as many faults as possible during the service, but what're these sort of places like for MOTs?

Would I be right in assuming that an MOT should be the same wherever I go in terms of pass/fail? Or are there grey areas that'll be a pass/fail depending on where you go?
[Post edited 1 Feb 13:18]
Dan Sweeney
at 22:09 28 Jan 2019

Imperious for Barnet against Sheffield United the other week, and against Brentford tonight.

Definitely well below his level, and perhaps the kind of player PL should be putting in a cheeky bid for...
Disappointed with Town/Magical Vegas
at 08:44 28 Jan 2019

Had the following e-mail from the club the other day:

I'm not against gambling per-se, but surely this sort of thing is irresponsible and merely encourages people to bet compulsively with the vague excuse that they're doing it for the competition?
Lambert staying
at 12:06 18 Jan 2019

I could f*cking cry. Such a relief, and probably the best news this club has had this century.
Big Brother is Watching You
at 18:13 15 Jan 2019

I don't know if anyone else has had a similar email from TV Licensing today?

Even though I expected this to be their next move after forcing people to log in to use iPlayer, it all seems a bit Orwellian.

I don't live at the address in question any more, and the licence here is in Mrs Uefa's name. I wasn't aware that I now have to update the BBC of any change of address I undertake.

And what if you don't need/have a licence at home, but choose to watch iPlayer at other locations where a licence exists?

It all just seems typical of TV Licensing's tactics, along with their usual immediate presumption of guilt.
If it goes down to the wire
at 09:43 13 Jan 2019

And we need a result against Leeds to stay up, how do we get 30,000 into the stadium?

Would a £10 ticket promotion do it, with the importance of the match pulling in the extra 6k-10k, or would something more drastic be required?
at 14:04 12 Jan 2019

Not in the 18, and wondering how he took the news of having been dropped.

Was standing outside the Buddhist centre next to AXA about 1315hrs and saw him walk past heading into town, carrying his washbag, face like thunder.

I don't know how things like that work, but I'd assume a player would normally hang around?
[Post edited 12 Jan 14:11]
Spare Ticket - Churchmans block Y
at 10:27 12 Jan 2019

Got a spare ticket for Churchmans block Y.

Drop me a line if you want it.
at 13:09 10 Jan 2019

Really hope he's back on Saturday - I think a lot of fans underestimate how much we miss him when he's out.

It always seems, to me at least, that his absences tend to coincide with runs of poor results. I reckon we'd have picked up a few more points over the festive period with him in the team.
[Post edited 10 Jan 13:35]
Man City v Burton - second leg
at 09:48 10 Jan 2019

Pep has already said that they'll be taking it seriously. I wouldn't be surprised to see a team similar to last night.

Given the kind of guy Pep is, I'm sure he'll want to beat his 9-0 record still.
Trolled by Squires today...
at 11:09 8 Jan 2019
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