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Seven from seven for Boris now
at 14:18 26 Sep 2019

Just lost the vote for a recess in order to have the Tory Conference.

And then there were five...
at 08:28 18 Sep 2019

Just the five teams left unbeaten across the 92 now:


Wouldn't it be nice to be the last unbeaten team in the league for once!
Gareth Thomas
at 09:03 17 Sep 2019

I didn't realise until this morning that he only came out about it because a tabloid had threatened to out him anyway, and had sent journalists to his parents' home to seek their reaction.

How the f*ck does this still happen in this day and age? Given the positive reaction he's received, surely he should be naming and shaming both the tabloid which was essentially blackmailing him, as well as the journalists involved?
Football League Trophy
at 16:40 2 Sep 2019

Would it not be worth the club's while to announce that, if there is excessive demand for tickets later in the competition, a certain level of priority will be given to those who have attended previous games in the tournament?

I know most people would be covered by ST or Silver priority levels, but it might do something to boost attendances.

For me, ideally, the sole priority factor should we get to Wembley would be number of trophy home matches already attended, with ST and Silver members taking second and third place.
I feel fortunate today
at 14:24 31 Aug 2019

I'll admit that this week I've felt fairly ambivalent about the whole Bury/Bolton debacle; if you spend beyond your means, why should you expect anyone else to bail you out? As one Bury black pudding seller said in an interview, if he were to go to the wall, why should the baker pay to keep him afloat?

That changed walking to the ground today, and seeing all the people around me for whom Portman Road has been part of their Saturday routine 23 times a year ever since they can remember.

I parked in the same spot, took the same route to the ground and town, popped the same long-odds accas on at the same bookie, and then came back to the ground to have the same burger as usual from the same burger stand (the one opposite the away end FYI. If you don't get your pre-match burger from there, why not?).

Anyway, I digress.

I listened to some Bolton fans on R5L on the drive to Ipswich, and got to thinking "if the same were to happen to Town, I'd blooming miss this". Sure, there'd be a phoenix club with the same badge and the same colours. It'd be as close to the real thing as possible, but it still wouldn't be the same. It'd be like losing your partner in an horrific accident, and replacing them with one of those freakily lifelike latex dolls. It just wouldn't be quite right.

Whatever the pros and cons of Evans' ownership are, I just count myself lucky that I still have a club to come and cheer on today. Reading an article this morning which highlighted the number of clubs that had issues paying their players last season, it really rams it home that it can happen to any one of us. Then you read that Ken Anderson had been sniffing around the club at the same time as Evans, and it all becomes a bit too close for comfort.

I'd hazard a guess that probably 60 of the 72 EFL clubs are one final net loss too many, or one poor owner away from ending up like Bolton or Bury, us included.

Say what you like, but today I feel very fortunate.
If Bury and/or Bolton go...
at 09:16 27 Aug 2019

What will the league do with regards to the final day of the season?

Without any tweaks being made to the fixtures, Oxford and Fleetwood would finish their campaigns on the penultimate weekend.

Given that the EFL like to have all of the final fixtures kick off at the same time in order to keep them competitive, surely they'd have to juggle things so that there can be a full programme on final day?
We're looking good...
at 15:44 10 Aug 2019

We're going to look even better once the new signings/starters gel, and start to know each other intuitively.

Some nice moves which haven't quite come off because of the lack of connection/understanding.
'If Norwich keep defending like this, they're down'
at 20:45 9 Aug 2019

'Evans should sell up'
at 14:13 7 Aug 2019

My two pence on this one...

I think I echo most of the more reasonable/realistic posters on here by asking just how many billionaires are looking to buy football clubs at the moment, and how many of those would be interested in buying a second/third tier provincial club.

My worry, if Marcus was to sell the club, is the kind of buyer he would be able to attract. Ken Anderson is likely to be in the market for a new club sometime soon, and then there are the various basket cases who tried and failed to buy Bolton.

I want someone in charge of the club who is going to drive it to be sustainable, and make sure that we have a club to support in 10-20 years time. Oh how Bolton and Bury must wish they'd had the boring stability of Evans at the helm...

I honestly think that if Evans was to actively try and sell the club, we'd be more likely to end up with a worse owner than equal or better. In fact, I reckon those odds would be 80:20 or worse. For me the ultimate priority is having a club, and if there were only two choices on offer, I'd much rather have us bumble around the Championship for the next five hundred years, than go bust in ten years time after having sp*nked all out money on winning the Champions League.
Amazon returns
at 13:24 6 Aug 2019

Does anyone on here have any experience of when returning an item to Amazon goes wrong?

I ordered an item from Amazon a couple of weeks back, realised I didn't need it before the item arrived, so returned it through Hermes in the original unopened packaging.

The item took an age to arrive back with Amazon, and they have told me today that the box has finally arrived with them, but is empty so there'll be no refund.

I've already logged this with the police and am waiting for a crime number so I can forward it on to Amazon. Has anyone else had similar experiences, and how have they turned out in the end?

Normally I wouldn't be too irked, but I'm currently £500 out of pocket!
Epping - car parking
at 14:13 22 Jul 2019

Driving down to London for an exam tomorrow, and planning to park at Epping and tube in.

If I aim to get there for 7am, are there likely to still be spaces available?
Car stickers
at 15:42 21 Jul 2019

Question for the hive mind...

If you live(d) in Norwich, would you put an ITFC sticker on your car, or would that be an invitation for vandalism?
Good work folks!
at 15:24 15 Jul 2019

Just spoke to the ticket office, and we've sold out all 1,600 seats in the North Stand at Col U. More tickets to be released in the coming days in their usual away end.
"Umpire's Call"
at 13:24 11 Jul 2019

Given that most of the controversy with VAR surrounds the highly-marginal decisions such as in the Cameroon and USA matches in the Women's World Cup, and the Netherlands game in the Nations League, is there a case for allowing these sort of decisions to stand based on the original decision?
Colleagues' weddings
at 08:52 25 Jun 2019

So, it seems like the office airhead is getting married at some point. No prizes for guessing what the only topic of conversation is going to be until it happens...
England v Cameroon
at 17:44 23 Jun 2019

Bloody hysterical women...
'New' Freddie Mercury track
at 12:06 20 Jun 2019

A re-release/re-jigging of an original 1987 piece, but definitely worth a listen if it's your sort of thing.
Work boots
at 10:57 18 Jun 2019

I'm moving into a new role shortly in which I'll need a pair of good sturdy boots, but ideally that I'll be able to slip on/off easily when entering clients' houses.

Obviously a Chelsea boot is the way to go, but most of the ones I find online are more fashionable than hard-wearing.

I'm after something in good thick leather, with a deep-tread sole. Any suggestions?

These are what I currently wear on the odd occasion I leave the office, but the laces are a bit awkward:

[Post edited 18 Jun 11:57]
Shops/businesses you no longer see
at 10:30 6 Jun 2019

I was just remembering the old fireplace showroom that used to be on St Helen's Street by the junction with Grimwade Street (a couple of doors up from Golding's Butchers). You don't see places like that any more...

What other businesses seem to have dropped off the face of the earth in the last generation?
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