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Wycombe have a "singing section" for away games
at 15:22 2 Dec 2019

Such a good idea, I often get annoyed when I go to an away game to find out I'm sat around a load of spectators who don't want to join in with the signing, which is fair enough if they don't enjoy that. But having your most vocal fans split around the stand can make it difficult to generate atmosphere.

To allow fans that want to be vocal to stand together seems like a very good idea!
Can we not for once just be positive
at 23:45 26 Nov 2019

We have a squad fighting, sat 2nd in the league with 2 games in hand.

Team top of the table coming to us and sitting deep and defending indicating our strength.

Fans were excellent tonight if we can keep that feeling and atmosphere going we should be in for a great final 5 months

Some fans saying we weren't good enough
at 23:05 26 Nov 2019

We were playing against the team top of the league and they were set up to defend any team in this league would have struggled to score. However we did and should have had a penalty in the first half. Norwood and Chambers should have stuck there headers in the back of the net too.

Fans that think we are going to just rollover every team when they come to PR need to grow up and realise we finished bottom of the Championship and were relegated by the end of February. This is not going to be easy!
Injuries hurting us badly
at 23:03 26 Nov 2019

Think Norwood would have made the difference Saturday and Downes tonight. Obviously KVY would have improved the squad although Donacien has done well as a replacement.

Love the current squad and think PL is nearly there with the system but I do feel we lack depth.

Huws, Edwards and Keane just dont really cut it for a team trying to win the league.
Betting sites showing live UK football matches
at 15:10 26 Nov 2019

Surely the game is gone!

I'm all for allowing people to watch games, but the whole point of turning up at the ground to watch your team play is slowly being lost.

I remember people being up in arms about Sky showing 1 game a week and changing the kick off time of Saturday or Sunday games.
Worth dropping Chambers and playing Wilson tomorrow?
at 17:19 25 Nov 2019

Or is it more likely we will revert back to 3 5 2 formation?

Personally thought the wingers did okay Saturday tho, but the 352 does allow us to go with 2 up top
Ticket offer Tuesday night
at 14:01 25 Nov 2019

Has the club missed a trick with not offering a ticket deal Tuesday night?

Would have been good to get 23,000+ on a Tuesday night for our biggest match so far.

Decent performance by the youngsters!
at 22:23 12 Nov 2019

More senior players weren't good enough to show Lambert they should be in the first team though.

Edwards, N'siala, Donacien and Georgio all looked poor even at this level.

Thought the two young lads in the middle grew into the game and folami looks like a talent who may have been so much bigger player for us had he not had that injury last year.

Overall I have no issue with playing a weak team and losing I love the fact PL is willing to throw the youngsters in a trust them for 80 mins
Say Norwood started Saturday and he hobbled off injured on 60th min
at 10:31 11 Nov 2019

People on here would be spitting feathers at PL playing him in a cup game.

Ultimately the side he put out should have been strong enough to win that game, to me it proves how off the pace some of the backup players are.

Every player that played Saturday deserved a chance to impress and they got it.
[Post edited 11 Nov 10:39]
Pubs for Saturday
at 14:20 24 Oct 2019

Any suggestions for pubs in Southend?

Assuming most will go to Southend Central and walk to the ground will people be popping into pubs on the way?
Some in Section 6 chanting against our own fans and oleing our passes
at 01:17 24 Oct 2019


Been a big fan of the atmosphere those guys have created but a select few tonight made it feel like 2 years ago which I thought we had got past!
I do agree with Lambert as poor as we were
at 23:21 23 Oct 2019

We cant get too deflated after two losses

Our 3 best players are injured/unfit and we have several players on there way to full fitness.

If we lose Saturday I may start to panic slightly but for now let's stay behind the lads!
[Post edited 23 Oct 23:22]
Cole Skuse
at 22:31 23 Oct 2019

I have been a huge fan of him for years

But the inability to take the ball from the back four and get his team up the pitch at this level is just poor.

People complain about the long ball, IMO it all comes from there, the defenders are given no options for the midfield.

The quicker downes is back the better
Will Keane proved why he didn't play last Sunday
at 22:19 23 Oct 2019

Very poor!

Also thought Garbett and Wilson had poor games.
Colchester charging £27 to watch our reserves! (n/t)
at 16:36 10 Oct 2019

Southend away trains
at 14:30 1 Oct 2019

So am I right in thinking to avoid the bus replacements, town fans should get the train to Southen Central rather than Southend Victoria or Prittlewell?

Anyone know how long the walk is to the ground and where decent away pub is?
[Post edited 1 Oct 14:31]
Some fans moaning that we looked poor first half and aren't creating enough chan
at 18:26 28 Sep 2019

Look at spurs vs colu, man u vs rochdale, when a team comes and compacts the midfield it is difficult to break it down. That is exactly what they did today luckily enough they couldn't do it for 90 mins and we eventually got well on top.

The only thing I would say is we need to stop gifting teams a goal for them to hang on to.
Let's get over 20,000 Saturday!
at 18:39 22 Sep 2019

Let's get the place rocking!!!
at 17:28 22 Sep 2019

Did anyone really want it for these tight calls?

Personally I wanted it to eradicate the ridiculous decisions referees were getting wrong, the dives, the penalties that should or shouldn't be, the red cards that should or shouldn't be.

If were are gonna go back 8 passes before a goal and pull up a millimetre offside then for me football and the entertainment factor has been lost.
The referees at this level really are shocking
at 15:00 22 Sep 2019

Thought the officials were really awful yesterday both sides, you know you have had a bad game when both sets of fans are screaming and shouting at you.

Everything that can be wrong with a referee, inconsistent, fell for ridiculous diving from strikers and defenders, constantly waving on dives from there number 7 but didn't even have a work or book him.
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