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Apparently Joey Barton has...
at 20:34 26 Feb 2020

...used 14 different formations at Fleetwood Town this season
Tommy Smith signs contract...
at 16:00 25 Feb 2020

....until June 2022

Great news
White Chocolate Coco pops
at 16:25 24 Feb 2020

Picked some up at the weekend, sadly not a patch on normal Coco Pops.

Taste a bit sugary, and the milk after is nowhere near as good
Give it Chambo and Skuse ‘til the end of the season (n/t)
at 19:16 22 Feb 2020

Are we at rock bottom yet? (n/t)
at 18:33 22 Feb 2020

Tommy Smith to Sunderland confirmed
at 15:33 21 Feb 2020

We don't have a Number 6 this season
at 10:25 21 Feb 2020

Do you think this might be to do with The Beat, and potentially retiring a number, or just conincidence?

Tony Blair
at 11:25 20 Feb 2020

Interesting again in his speech, about the need for the Liberals and Labour to form some form of Progressive Alliance, that the party needs rebooting from the top to bottom

Labour are missing a massive trick by totally ignoring him, as he is the only one that seems to cut straight through the rubbish and speak with such clarity on every issue - not hard to see why he was able to get elected and make real change to the country.

Yeah....but Iraq zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

First 13 minutes here
London event last night
at 07:23 19 Feb 2020

Any insight from those who went?
Barcelona - More Than A Club....
at 16:47 18 Feb 2020

They have a shortage of strikers, but despite having players out on loan, B team players, youth players etc - they get granted special dispensation from Spanish Football Federation to go out and sign a striker outside the window.

They then pay release fee for Leganes striker (and ex-Middlesborough man) Martin Braithwate. Braithwate is Leganes top scorer this season with 10 goals as they fight relegation.

They are 19th in the table, 2 points away from safety.

All players in Spanish league have a release clause. Leganes can do nothing to stop this transfer as it has been met.

They also can't sign anyone else because it is outside the window.

So they just have their best player taken away, so mega club Barcelona can get a striker to cover a few games whilst others are injured.

What a grubby situation, from a club who act like they are the good guys but seem to gt involved in more and more of these grubby situations.

Poor old Leganes
Labour leadership....
at 18:10 17 Feb 2020

I've joined the Labour party, and trying to follow the candidates in the leadership election and come across this from Nandy, who up until this point had been impressing me.

Questioned about whether Christopher Worton, a multiple child rapist who now identifies as a woman should be able to serve his sentence in a women's prison basically says "trans-women are women, and should be able to serve sentence in a women's prison" - what's worse for me is that you hear this rubbish and the audience all applauds.

This after her and RLB signed that Trans-Pledge thing the other day which says that any critics of Trans ideology should be expelled from the party.

Looks like Labour is happy to carry on burying itself down rabbit holes which affect 0.01% of the population and tie itself in knots over it.

If this Trans pledge becomes policy I'll be sending back my membership card - it's just utter bollox

Jon Nolan
at 08:22 17 Feb 2020

Is he the Cole Skuse replacement?
Nice to have the personnel playing...
at 21:21 15 Feb 2020

...that could easily switch systems during the game today, think we actually looked better second half when we were 4 at the back as allowed Garbutt and Judge to affect the game in more forward positions.

Keane dropping in left us looking similar to our better spell at back end of last season in the Championship
Idris El Mizouni
at 20:05 15 Feb 2020

Looks like he was at the heart of everything for Cambridge today

Then checked the line up and he came on in the 80th minute - decent impact....

(34 in the red boots)
Good mentality shown
at 18:15 15 Feb 2020

Squandered a chance, concede a bad goal, edgy crowd, poor home record....

That game could easily have gone the other way from there so great to see such an emphatic and deserved win
Without being over dramatic, is there any reason to keep Lambert?
at 10:40 12 Feb 2020

For those who think the manager isn't good enough, then they won't disagree with this.

And for those who place the blame purely on the players, and the quality of the squad - is there any reason why you would want Lambert to be the man that leads the overhaul of the squad?

Our best bet is to get someone in now, see if there is a new manager bounce and then go from there - with that manager being able to overhaul squad if they deem necessary.

I just can't see how this turns round, and I can't see letting Lambert have another go at it, after what will be 2 seasons of utter failure is the right thing to do
Forget tactics...
at 22:30 11 Feb 2020 a game like that, that you need to win it is about the balance of attacking players and defensive players

Out of the 10 outfielders I make it 6 defensive minded, 2 attackers and 2 to try and link them up

What did we expect to happen?
at 21:39 11 Feb 2020

I'm not angry or frustrated, I'm just sad
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