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Not looking good in China, whilst Putin is cruising down de-Nile....
at 11:24 28 Mar 2020

Do you still believe the propaganda coming out of China?

Edit: Try this......Sorry for the first error

Second Edit: Similar story, different country
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Another brand worth avoiding.
at 12:21 26 Mar 2020


I've looked into the Gov CBILS funding and this rides a coach and horses through it.
Asking for security on a 22% interest rate!

The Gov states that banks can and probably will offer you there product first but you can insist on the CBILS product instead

What I don't like is the Gov giving 100% security to the banks to encourage them and then the banks are trying to screw over SME's with 22% and a house as security.

SMS from Gov
at 19:18 24 Mar 2020

Has anyone had an sns from the Gov?

No exercise now.
Latvia has a very small number of Covid cases....
at 10:42 24 Mar 2020

.....but a huge rise in deaths by a bullet to the back of the head.....

(too dark?)
Joe Wicks roll call
at 09:43 24 Mar 2020

Is it just me?
Our 7 year old loved it....I'm sat here sweating like an old man.
For those with children at home...
at 14:27 23 Mar 2020

What lessons have you done today?

Our 7yr old has had science with myself. Planting seeds.
Mrs H did some handwriting.

Anyone here have an allotment?
at 07:30 23 Mar 2020

Went to a lovely big green outside space yesterday and discovered a number of lovely allotments.

Only 5 mins from where we are.
Am keen on the 'no dig method.

Had a small one in Hampstead. Made a raised bed from old scaffold boards. Loads of leaves from the oak trees. Free topsoil (some poor) and we have lovely crops.

Anyone else partake and care to share some gems?
Deeply in de-nile
at 09:37 22 Mar 2020

He's planning on shipping pensioners to an election!
What a plank.
A question regarding self-employed
at 15:22 21 Mar 2020

I've been employed for less than 1 year in the last 20.
Self-employment has given me the chance to do what I want, when I want. Finished early? Go to the gym.
Fancy a late start? Go for a long coffee. No clock watching, petty 360 reviews. I've loved it.

At times like these the downsides are evident.

There are lots of jobs available. Not all in one's chosen trade or skill.
When the banks popped in 2006 I'd just finished my MSc. A mate on the same course, brain the size of a planet, worked on a jewellry stand at Bluewater to pay his bills! That's humble.
Another worked on the tube.

Whilst I think there will be some support, you have the flexibility to do something else for a while.

There are roles out there.

I#m not calling anyone workshy or an other negatives, so assume away.
New jobs.
at 12:28 21 Mar 2020

It's not exotic or sexy but....

Also Lidl are offering £2.5k for a 6 week contract.

Some good news peeps.
US Growth figures.
at 10:56 21 Mar 2020

🚨GOLDMAN SACHS: “We now forecast quarter-on-quarter annualized growth rates of -6% in Q1, -24% in Q2, +12% in Q3, and +10% in Q4 … full-year growth at -3.8% on an annual average basis… we estimate a 5.5pp increase in the U3 unemployment rate to a 9% peak in coming quarters”

Hopefully by the end of the year the pent-up demand will emerge and bring us back on track.
Do we have any inventors?
at 19:59 20 Mar 2020

Just had a great idea.

So, with loads of time on my hands now and thinking about knocking one out and this popped into my head.....Graphene.

Can anyone here knock-up a product with graphene in it which doesn't trash your member?

I mean we can't waste this new found time we have.....
Dig the Dog.
at 13:37 19 Mar 2020

Sorry for not giving context. Brew Dog making hand sanitizer and giving it to those in need....Very cool.
[Post edited 19 Mar 13:39]
And now for the shopping forceast.
at 13:13 19 Mar 2020

Tescos, good, occasionally busy later.
Sainsburys, moderate to good, sale on Corn Flakes.
Asda, slight to moderate, heavy crowds by evening.
Marks and Spencer and Co-Op, fair.
Waitrose fair to moderate, spillage in aisle 7.
Lid cdl, rough at first, moderate later.
Aldi, rough at first, becoming rougher.

And that's the end of the Shopping Forecast.
Some real academic research.
at 08:33 19 Mar 2020

"We therefore conclude that epidemic suppression is the only viable strategy at the current time. The
social and economic effects of the measures which are needed to achieve this policy goal will be
profound. Many countries have adopted such measures already, but even those countries at an earlier
stage of their epidemic (such as the UK) will need to do so imminently."
Vulnerable children encouraged to stay in school
at 17:48 18 Mar 2020

Someone posted earlier, a teacher, that it would be sad if vulnerable children could not attend school.

So pleased to see that they are encouraged to attend.
Also key workers children as well.
My eldest has had to self-isolate.
at 17:14 17 Mar 2020

Difficulty is that the battalion he's with, Coldstreamers, are due to deploy to Afghan.
His g/f has it and he was there last weekend.

Fingers crossed.

And I know enjoy ten calls a day rather than the normal 1. Parenting is a joy.
Some firms won't survive.
at 17:02 17 Mar 2020

Here is one which has been tottering for a long time.
It has to be let go or stripped and start again.

When we talk of allowing some Zombie firms to fail, this is the example I have in mind.
Fuelled by low interest rates and high gearing. Badly run.
Some expert knowledge on Covid
at 12:40 16 Mar 2020

Well worth a read.
SB managed to find the link I couldn't. See his post.
at 09:43 16 Mar 2020

Found on LinkedIn.

Can't seem to get the link as it's behind a pay wall on the Washington Post's website.
Find a chap called Pascal Bornet at McKinsey.

Using the bouncing ball model, it shows the effects of 1) Do nothing 2) Quarantine 3) Social Distancing.

Everytime you link to the article it starts a new run and social distance wins each time.

[Post edited 16 Mar 10:11]
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