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Please deny this...
at 08:44 8 Dec 2019

Sunday Times page 1, 6, 7.

I know it's the Sunday Times but are all of these cases and statements lies?

Emporers new clothes.

Edit. Documents were leaked from within Labour and go back to 2018,
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Electric buses
at 08:18 7 Dec 2019

So, today Labour are offering a nationwide fleet of electric buses by 2030.

I love a podcast by Chris Harris, Collecting Cars.
In the episode with Andrew Frankel they discuss electric cars. One key point is weight and child labour in the DoC for the mining of metals for the batteries.

I'm a huge advocate of zero emission vehicles. Recently we've taken on Tesla and Toyota as clients. I've been to the Toyota training academy and the stand out vehicle is the hydrogen car.

One of the senior trainers at Toyota is of the view that Hydrogen will become the main fuel of choice over time.
Next year's Tokyo Olympics Toyota will have a fleet of hydrogen powered vehicles shuttling people around.

I seriously doubt electric buses are the solution. What if they are obsolete after just a few years. A huge sunk cost.

I don't think they have thought it through and are just throwing stuff at the wall.

Invest in hydrogen and electric infrastructure and reduce the VAT on those vehicles.
That will rapidly reduce the carbon footprint and give people cheaper vehicles.
Ignore please. Duplicate in error.
at 19:21 6 Dec 2019

A British manager getting a Prem job

Edit: Ignore. I mucked up the thread settings so didn't see my previous.
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Didn't see this coming....
at 18:28 6 Dec 2019

Good to see a British manager back in the hot seat.
Labour announcing new business advisors
at 08:15 6 Dec 2019

Long-Bailey on R4 telling us how they are going to champion small businesses by setting up advisors in every town.

Labour also raising the tax on dividend and capital gains.
Do they not know how many SME's rely on dividends for income?
Why are they hammering entrepreneurs who sell their businesses?

Give with one hand - take away with a fist
How to.....rig a referendum and hand over sovereignty.
at 08:01 6 Dec 2019

Rig an election....

Bring in two million supporters at the last minute.

1) JC wants to remain neutral - because he never tells us what he 'really' thinks. If he did he wouldn't even be an MP
2) He will go and get another deal - which will be not fit for purpose
3) He ships in two million voters - these then vote against his deal as the are NOT BRitish citizens but from the EU
4) We remain.

By allowing EU nationals to vote, he has already stated he will hand our sovereignty to the EU.
What next will he hand over?
Money well spent? Nah.
at 16:17 4 Dec 2019
Joe Denly
at 07:38 3 Dec 2019

Oh dear.

Poor lad. He took an absolute blinder in the summer and then this.
It will give the team plenty of ammo for tap for a while. Imagine the fine in the team meeting......
He looked good with the bat. Alongside Burns in the top 3 we are looking different but more solid.

Shame the pitch was dead.
FA Cup upsets....
at 19:36 2 Dec 2019

Wolves v Manchester United - Wolves

Eastleigh or Crewe Alexandra v Barnsley - Either to beat Barnsley

Reading v Blackpool - Blackpool, good away record.

Watford v Tranmere Rovers - Tramere, but that's hardly an upset!

Preston v Norwich City - Preston.

Brentford v Stoke City - Bees

Gillingham v West Ham United - Super Gills

Lets give the unions MORE power because, after all, they are good people.
at 19:12 2 Dec 2019

South West trains - 27 days of strikes around Christmas

NI - 10,000 patients have had their appointments delayed by the union!
On R4 this evening a union pleb apologised for the delay and accepted that it could cause upset and problems......
A bad week to have your cancer diagnosis appointment!!!!!

Hands-up who wants to give the unions more power?

The strikes are a vile and disgraceful action deliberately putting people's lives at risk.

Hello!!! Is anyone at home? Vote Labour......Vote for free stuff (but only if you survive long enough)....

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False Flag apparently......
at 12:14 1 Dec 2019

Before you say anything, I'm not an advocate of this site and haven't checked every twitter handle, I'm not on twitter......

IF it's true then there are sick puppies out there.....
Sorry, but you are under arrest for doing the right thing....
at 19:41 30 Nov 2019

That's what any member of the Armed Forces of Police expect to hear if JC gets in.

The chap who murdered two people yesterday was released after a conviction for planning to destroy the HoP.
He had a successful appeal and released on licence.

He was shot by two brave Police officers yesterday.

In the interview with AN last week he stated, repeatedly, that 'arrest' is the method he would want to use. Arrest. Well, that has already been tried with this islamic nutter. Look what happened? He got let out onto some wooly peace course.
Nothing changed. He was still an islamic nutter.

The Armed Forces and Police use something called 'Rules of Engagement'. that is the Executive authority upon which you act. I've shot at people before under that authority, both in Kent and Northern Ireland.
JC would have had me tried for attempted murder.

How do you think those who carry firearms to protect us feel about that?

Rules of Engagement post JC) - Arrest suspects, regardless of the threat to your life.
The nutters will have field day. It will be worse, 10 times worse.

Sorry but those who want a safe UK and support JC need to accept this. He is a danger to all our safety.
If you've never held a weapon and been faced with that, then carefully think how you would act?

The weapon raised at me or another person......Should I shoot or call for them to lower it so I can arrest them? By then another life is lost and a confused member of the security forces is lost and feeling guilty of letting someone die.

Sorry, this is real. Very real.
JC will disarm our forces with his STATED policies. This isn't b/s it's a fact.
He's already said it.....

Do you want that? Terrorists knowing they won't be shot for fear of going to jail for murder?

Be reasonable TWTD. Forget politics, this is about national security.

Hammer me if you will. However, I've been there, been blown-up, shot at, shot back, and know how it feels.
JC will castrate this country. Please understand that.
[Post edited 30 Nov 19:42]
How many of this squad could play in the Prem in two years?
at 11:15 30 Nov 2019

Thinking about Southampton.
They had a clutch of youngsters who got them from L1 to the Prem.

Looking at our group;

Given momentum and a couple more experienced players when we get promoted we good wave a Nodge whilst we a passing through......

Who else in the squad, young 'uns, could be added to that list?

Edit: This wasn't made clear. I'm not saying ALL of these could play in the Prem. It's a list and clearly the views on a few of them are valid and welcome.

My own choice would be:

[Post edited 30 Nov 18:34]
Dianne Abbott's new policy announcement.
at 18:46 28 Nov 2019

2 billion trees by 2040.....

"Impossible, some say - that's more than a quarter of a million trees every day."

Should have said "it's a bit of fun". Poking fun at both DA's lack of mental anything (does she dress herself?) and the fact that Labour don't seem to do anything unless it says 'billion' after it......
[Post edited 28 Nov 19:14]
A few gems from JC's chat with AN.
at 16:22 28 Nov 2019

12% of income tax comes from 0.01% of the population. 31,000.
Corbyn thinks they will all happily stay and not flee the country.
He's wrong. Many will leave and as such his shortfall will be rather large. This cannot be 'fact checked' but if you can afford the professionals to do it then you would.
It's not beyond the will of man to get yourself set-up in another more favourable regime.
His tax forecasts would be dust = more borrowing.

A pensioner, has a modest pension, state pension, and enjoys income of £2k pa from dividends. Total income 14k.
Currently they pay £9 pa in tax. Under Corbyn it rises by £400.

He wants to ask the Special Forces to 'arrest if possible' terrorists. What does that really mean? Well, he'll put every member of the forces who shoots someone on trial to prove they had no other choice but to shoot to kill.

When talking about national security he failed to mention the words "Islamic extremism".
Do you think he's scared of losing their vote? That's the vote were a senior member of the family/community ticks the Labour box for all those postal votes. He's got form of working with people convicted of that crime....

Paid for by replacing equity with Gov bonds. Plus you get the chance for capital growth.
BT shares currently yield 8% or thereabouts. Zero capital growth but it is eroded by inflation if that exceeds the yield.
Gov Bonds yield 0.7%
Investors are nigh on guaranteed NOT to get fair price for the stock.

WASPIE women.
AN conceded to Corbyn the argument that it is wrong to manage this in the way it was.
He still refused to tell us how it would be funded until AN practically grabbed his tie!

Let's all go crazy and vote for life under a rock.

P.S: I know the Tories aren't the cleanest and mess-up often, but I've never heard anything as close to national self-harm as this.

Oh, and the more he smiled at AN the harder AN pressed him.
You can tell us that AN is a Tory, I don't think that would matter tbh. He loves an interview and for years gave Abbot an easy time on his daytime politics show.

Just sayin......

Feel much better after a good sleep and no hangover.
[Post edited 28 Nov 16:23]
Talking of economists.....last night I met one at an industry dinner
at 17:28 27 Nov 2019

Can't name him as it wasn't an on the record quote, but his personal opinion and I don't think he'd appreciate me naming him.

But......We all know him and he's very bright. I've no idea as to his politics.

His take on Labour's spending?
Excessive and unsustainable. Will put a huge strain on the economy and will unlikely lead to the growth Labour want.
Would probably lead to wage inflation when the Unions start to get to work.

Just sayin.
Nothing to see here
at 07:32 26 Nov 2019

If, and if, JC was doing the right thing by the Jewish people in the Labour party, why would this venerable chap say this?

Tattoo....has anyone had....
at 17:54 24 Nov 2019

a traditional irezumi tattoo?

I've been looking for a while now and like this a lot.
The training and devotion of the artist, the style, and colours are much brighter.

I like tradition and this seems like a wonderful way of getting my next tattoo.

If you've had it done, what's it like? Who would you recommend?
The cost isn't so much a problem as I've had this on the back burner for quite some time. I won't compromise unless it's bonkers money.
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