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What a player.
at 20:02 14 Feb 2020

So sad.
I remember him being that centre half you would never pass.

Love and peace to him and his family.
Don't cry for me.......
at 19:15 14 Feb 2020

Should we change the tune from Evans Out to Evans Change!
at 11:05 14 Feb 2020

I think he's shown he invests and we also know he's committed.

I'd rather have him than some overseas unknown. (Is that racist?)
Who is the scariest person you've ever met?
at 11:25 13 Feb 2020

This week I met someone who has got two confirmed knife kills in the recent Afghan trouble. Proper hand to hand stuff, not the thing of film and fake SAS stuff (Chris Ryan), He did it after he'd had one of his calf muscles half shot off with an AK-47.

Thing is, when I met him I thought 'you are one properly hard bloke'.

Just found out he was MI5 and his hobby is krav maga!
One bloke to be stood behind when it all goes pear shaped.
[Post edited 13 Feb 15:58]
This is cool
at 11:22 13 Feb 2020

Am looking at it from my former career perspective.
It's the waiting that hurts so much...
at 11:27 6 Feb 2020

So my new sponsored cricket bats are supposed to arrive today.
Delayed by a week as the match bat wasn't quite up to the bat maker's standards so he found a nicer cleft and started again.

The problem is there is no tracking and it's killing me.
Am working from home a lot but want to get to the gym....

and am sat twitching my fingers watching Andy demo guitar pedals I own but can't get to sound anything as good as he can....

First world problem....Tracking !!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thankfully England rugby is trying to make us look good
at 15:54 2 Feb 2020

What an awful first half.

The only bright spot is the the ref and the spirit in which the players accept his decisions.
Utterly outstanding podcast.
at 10:48 1 Feb 2020

Intelligence Squared.

Yanis that incredibly engaging economist (that's a joke btw)
Brian Eno - Just a weapon.....

Talking ideas on how to change capitalism. Absolutely inspiring.
Loads of good ideas, Ok most of it way to left for me need to start somewhere to begin in the search of good and compromise.

They are talking about nationalising the world economy but allowing scope for entrepreneurs and corporations to still enjoy profits and create wealth (their own).

You can have an economy with social good weaved in if you allow bright, motivated, and energetic people make money.
They gave an example of the TrainLine. Yanis stated that 75p of each transaction is sent to KKK. A rather large Private Equity firm. This effectively privatises wealth. He argues that if you tweak capitalism you can divert a % of that 75p to local, regional, national, global, social causes. I like that idea - Social Enterprise anyone....

If a small portion of my consumption went to a fund which worked locally, nationally, and globally, to reverse climate change I'd be in.

Even though they are very left wing at NO POINT did they talk about punitive and destructive personal taxation.

Chambers thoughts on 'home improvement'
at 13:32 30 Jan 2020

Taking it one stage further...

Which is the one home improvement you'd like to do.....regardless of cost and space....what would you do?

Mine; Japanese bathroom. Handmade Japanese bath and kinky little Japanese lady to hold my towel.
Cheese conveyor belt
at 17:58 28 Jan 2020

I'm there.
Live stream
at 17:57 28 Jan 2020

Chuffed it's on video stream from the iplayer.... Ticket bought, Tanqueray and tonic at the ready...

Thread Nicholas Parsons gone.
at 11:22 28 Jan 2020

How sad.

He was so good on Just a Minute. The voice you never got tired of hearing.

He will be missed.
Starmer politicising a family member in hospital. Very cheap.
at 07:52 27 Jan 2020

Comes onto the Today programme to discuss his campaign and starts with this

"What a wonderful job the NHS are doing looking after our family member"......

His tone of voice was so fake. Within a second of him finishing his cheap statement he was full on.

Poor form, very poor form.

In De-Nile...
at 18:16 26 Jan 2020

Dear old Red Len still in de-nile......No hope for them if that's the attitude.....
Here it is........some love for us.
at 08:11 22 Jan 2020

No doubt some will, once more call this a waste of money.
Now there's an idea.....
at 19:52 18 Jan 2020

Now there's an idea.......break the rules.....automatic relegation....
Will never happen in the BS world that is football.
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