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How good is Marmite?
at 12:26 12 Dec 2018

On a nice slice of granary toast. Absolutely ridiculous.
The Last Leg
at 22:47 30 Nov 2018

Anyone ever watch it? I consider myself to be a slightly left of centre leaning remainer but I can’t stand this lefty propaganda bullsh1t. That Aussie comes across as such a sanctimonious to55er.

‘TRUMP YOU’RE AN ORANGE JERK’. That’s about all he’s got.

Would you relocate for your 'dream' job?
at 15:32 30 Nov 2018

Or has anyone?

Goes a little against my approach of working to live rather than living to work, as in why should I let work dictate where I want to live? BUT...we spend a lot of time at work don't we, and if the place also happens to be nice then there's an argument for it, right?
If anyone thinks any of this is Lambert’s fault
at 22:42 28 Nov 2018

Then you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Stick to Christmas shopping on a Saturday afternoon and do us all a favour.

Spence, Knudsen, Roberts - not anything like being good enough for this standard of football I’m afraid. Probably 1 or 2 more in all honesty.

Hurst has an awful lot to answer for.
I'm going to knock off a bit early tonight and sink a couple of beers in town
at 14:27 28 Nov 2018

Pre-match. It's Wednesday, why not.

Meeting a friend at 4pm in the Lord Nelson. Bit of an odd route but I'm thinking we'll probably go to Thomas Wolsey after that and then swing down to the Arcade Tavern for a swift 1 at 6 where we're meeting someone else. Final stop St Judes before heading to the ground.

What are we saying about that for a little Wednesday evening route huh?
Get yourself down to Portman Road tonight
at 09:59 23 Nov 2018

If you’ve not already bought a ticket, and you have no firm plans, get down there. Take your partner, brother, sister, parent, colleague, friend, or go alone. It doesn’t matter, just get down there for 7pm, part with £10 for a ticket and back the team. This is a wonderful opportunity to send a message out tonight that we’re still here, we still care and together we can work to get out of this mess. I think we’ve got the best manager we’ve had since Royle, all things considered. Hopefully the owner can back him and tonight is our chance to back him too. It could be a really memorable PR night under the lights.

How do we hit 23,000?

Airport Parking
at 11:22 8 Nov 2018

Nervous to ask this here, no doubt someone will advise I park at Portman Road and get a transfer to Stansted can anyone vouch for the meet & greet service? How does it work?

Normally I've dropped my car at one of the car parks, waited in the cold for what seems like an eternity and jumped onto the shuttle bus to the terminal, but timings are going to be tighter on my next trip. Is meet & greet reliable? I don't want to be hanging around with my hazards on waiting for some guy to come and meet me.
Amusing take on Roy Keane’s reign at Town
at 09:01 7 Nov 2018
My thoughts on today, for what they’re worth
at 20:13 3 Nov 2018

I took the opportunity to sit outside of the north stand today, a rare venture into the Britannia stand in an attempt to do a little more watching and a touch less singing / chatting / drinking. A very different Portman Road experience it was too.

Having closely observed Lambert, all I can say is that this man is a proper, proper football manager. Forget any Norwich connections, they’re not at all relevant for me. The passion he showed in 90 (well closer to 100) minutes of football today eclipsed what his predecessor demonstrated in his whole reign. He kicked every ball, competed for every header and rarely stopped barking orders, organising, encouraging his team. It really was refreshing to see and if there was any shadow of doubt that he’s the right man for this job going into today, I’m left with no doubt at all. He is. He got a reaction from this squad today, it was a performance full of heart and endeavour and there were some encouraging green shoots. We’ll play better sides than Preston, but make no mistake they’re no mugs, and we were every bit a match for them.

Roberts inclusion as the focal target man raised a few eyebrows pre match but on balance he justified his place. Physically he put himself about, worked hard, won his fare share in the air and generally was effective at bringing in Sears and Edwards either side. I paid close attention to Roberts in the warm up, and his finishing left a little to be desired. The shooting drill against Gerken perhaps wasn’t his finest hour, and he did little on the pitch to allay those fears with a squandered half chance after Sears’ good work on the left. A few minutes later Roberts cut inside on his left before pulling his shot, and another half chance in the 2nd half was snatched at rather, failing to test the keeper. On today’s eveidence his finishing is questionable, but a solid performance from him all in.

Sears and Edwards either side showed glimpses, and both worked hard. If not creating goal scoring opportunities, they were at least gaining territory, putting Preston’s back line under pressuring and winning a number of corners.

The midfield 3 were a little hit and miss. Downes works hard, Skuse is Skuse, and Chalobah is frustrating in so much as one minute he looks like a world beater, and the next a panel beater. The real issue in today’s side for me remains at full back though. Knudsen simply isn’t good enough, and fails to retain possession on far too many occasions. I’ve not seen the stats, but I would wager his pass completion was again under 50%. Spence on the right isn’t much better. Useful, versatile squad players, but I’m sure they’re 2 positions that’ll be on Lamberts shopping list in January.

If the game had’ve ended after 60 minutes today I think we all would’ve left Portman road buoyant and in agreement that it was 3 points well earned. Unfortunately that’s not the case, a well taken freekick and some rash goalkeeping later and we were going into the final 20 minutes on level terms and with a man advantage. This was the most frustrating period for me, we lacked confidence, composure, and ultimately the ability to take charge of the game and test Gallagher in the Preston goal. If Lambert wasn’t aware of the size of the job at hand before today, I’m sure he will be now. Certainly not new news, but we’re desperately short of quality in attacking areas, as well as at full back as mentioned. I just hope we’re still in touching distance in January by the time we get the opportunity to address it.

A mention to the north stand too who gave a good account of themselves, I could definitely hear you from where I was and people are often quick to be critical when the atmosphere is flat, so it’s inportant to shout out occasions like today.

On balance an encouraging start, but much work to do. All I ask of my fellow town fans is whatever happens over the next couple of months, let’s back Lambert. If we’re going to judge, let’s at least do so when he’s had the opportunity to make this squad his own and unwind the damage Hurst has done. He’s got a lot to answer for has that bloke.

A ticket question...
at 10:40 3 Nov 2018

I’ve got a ST that I share with my old man. Today we both want to go (not fussed about sitting together for now, we’ll find a couple of empty seats when we’re in). He’ll use the ST today. Question is if I buy a ticket online in SBRL now can I use an e-ticket on my phone to get in? I don’t have a working printer and I won’t have time to fanny around buying a ticket at the ground before kick off.

Thanks all.
Really liked what Paul Lambert said on TalkSport this morning
at 17:06 31 Oct 2018

He's a proper football manager. Saying all the right things, not promising too much but seems genuinely pleased to be here and mentioned exciting the fans on multiple occasions.

Also Alan Brazil - bit of a chopper but I do love his Ipswich bias.
Is the new Football Manager out yet?
at 20:57 28 Oct 2018

Seen it advertised as November 2nd but I’ve heard people referring to playing it. Is it some sort of demo? Forgive my ignorance.
Klug. Respect for that line up
at 14:02 27 Oct 2018

Been crying out for this all season.

I’m not a hooge gambler
at 13:47 27 Oct 2018

But FGS Chambers is 50/1 and Pennington 66/1.

There are worse value bets out there IMO.
What a fine song to get you going on a Saturday morning
at 09:28 27 Oct 2018

God bless you all. COYB.
Only person I feel sorry for is Chris Skitt
at 22:15 25 Oct 2018

Gave up his job at Shrewsbury, relocated down here and now he’s unemployed. Have less sympathy for those on hundreds of thousands per year and receiving handsome payoffs for their incompetence, but do feel a little for others caught up in it like him.
I keep hearing ‘if we lose the first few games the fans will turn’
at 20:23 25 Oct 2018

Due to Lambert being ex Norwich. Let’s be honest, if we lose the first few games a proportion of our fickle fan base will turn regardless. We need a street wise manager who can galvanise this squad and get a reaction. While I can’t say I dreamed of the day Paul Lambert became Ipswich manager, he does represent that. We need unity and support, starting on Saturday. Millwall away could be Mick’s Birmingham away. Gutted I can’t be there but pull yourselves together you bunch of melts and get behind the team for the good of our club.
at 17:19 24 Oct 2018

Does anyone know if the Day Sky Sports pass includes the red button?

If it does I'm thinking its a better bet than iFollow on this occasion so I get some of the build up too, and can access 24 hours of Sky Sports. Plus it's £7.99.

Anyone know?


Calling any nutritionists
at 17:12 24 Oct 2018

Specifically with knowledge of sports nutrition, please hit me up on DM, it would be greatly appreciated for something I'm currently researching.
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