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Ipswich Town 0-1 Coventry City - Match Report
at 10:23:42

Had this been the first match we had lost for a long time and given that we didn’t have 3 of our better strikers available, I think a lot of people would have accepted that performance as a one off against the top team and not been overly critical.

Edwards clearly man of the match and stuck to his disciplines well of being a full back first and then exploited the space in front of him second half. Well done Gwion, none of the lapses and uneccessary bookings and could from you that have been frustrating to watch in recent weeks. Yesterday’s performance from Gwion is what we would have come to expect from KVY.

The other talking point for me fuelled by listening to the radio Suffolk comments coming away from the ground. Mick Mills who I agree with on lots of things was being negative about Andre Dozzell, especially a question put to Lambert which suggested that Andre needed to find his best position.

I was rather disappointed in the comments, I have been one of Andre’s critics this season and have been happy to see him not selected, feeling he is far too lightweight at this level but fair do’s when I observe something that may change my opinion I am happy to say maybe I am wrong.

In disagreeing with many others on the Fleetwood match I thought Andre had a very good second half on Tuesday night. Yesterday I thought he was the catalyst to a much improved performance, always wanting the ball, helping the team play out in tight situations, put the best cross of the match into the far post. And always threatened to find a defence splitting pass should any town player be on the same wave length. Kept play moving and allowed us to retain a high level of possession. On performances like that I would find it very difficult to leave him out of the team and want to give real credit where I think credit is due especially as I have been a real critic of his recently. To answer the question of what is his best position, I have two answers, 1) in a very good footballing team - he will be an outstanding player, 2) in the Ipswich team he can continue to play the role he played yesterday for me with those types of performances. This lad is an enormously talented footballer and given his contract expires this year it needs to be renewed now or the option taken up.

Finally, a word on the Tedster a player who I normally enjoy watching and a big fan of. Teddy needs to start turning up for the big games. Not that he didn’t put in a bad performance yesterday but for somebody with his talent we need to see far more of an end product and I can’t hold my frustrations in. Goals from midfield is a weakness for us and unless we crack that going forward we are not going to develop a real threat to get out of this league.
Cambridge Boss: El Mizouni Super Talented
at 21:53:49

Idris is an exciting young talent and sounds a grounded young man.

Really gutted to hear of his injury, so hope for a speedy recovery, whilst it would be wrong to describe him as a carbon copy of Teddy Bishop, I am confident he will have a more successful career than the Tedster and score far more goals. Whilst he might not be quite ready next season to make a regular start I believe he will have an impact even if introduced from the bench.

Must figure regularly in our 18 man squad next season and feel he will offer far more than Judge. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Judgey can be criticised for any lack of effort as he always gives it his all and more, it just hasn’t worked for him here at Town and you get the feeling the harder he tries the worst he performances appear. But this does mean we have to trim the squad to allow some of our talented youngsters space and opportunity to develop and engage on the bigger stage.

Think El Miz, Dobs, Lankester and Nydam (praying a full recovery from a horrific injury) can play a big. The only danger is if Neil Warnock ends up with the reins.
Warnock Linked Again But No Contact With Town
at 23:25:42

Hurst was set up to fail, no investment unless we sold.

So we let go a proven Goalscorer in the Championship in Waghorn and a defender who thought Bristol City were a more ambitious club than Ipswich. In fairness McGoldrick also probably needed to move on and whilst he has done well at Sheffield, he has found the Priemership a little above his talents. And even though Garner used to frustrate me so much with his antics and cheating he was more than capable of clocking up double figures.

Callum Connolly who did a good job in a holding midfield job scored half a dozen goals, more than Cole Skuse scored from that position in over ten years. Incidentally if we lost Downes I would go and try and get Connolly.

Celina went to Swansea for £3 million after loan finished here.

To let 40 odd goals from Championship quality players go and replace with a Div 1 & Div 2 striker and a Div 1 winger, diluted the quality of the squad. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see what an enormous gamble that was.

PL was left with these contracts to run off or in Harrison’s case do a deal to get rid of.

Lawrence, Fraser, Williams, Celina were all players of good quality at Championship level who could run at the opposition and carry the ball forward. Even then this only kept us just competitive at Champonship level.

Doig tried to sort a few out and failed.

Warnock has retired before so will have no interest in a very short term contract and would probably want next season as well. A very pragmatic manager who plays economical football but in a sense we need a team that has more physicality to get out of this league. Just the attitude of young Simpson last night in terms of letting the defenders know he wasn’t having any of it from them and prepared to make his presence well known.

Having said all that I would have serious reservations in bringing in Warnock, not that I don’t admire his record I just think it is too much of a step back into the Mick McCarthy direction and our young talent will go on hold for a season.

We need to trim the squad and get some more experienced signings in, we can’t just buy off players and need to let some contracts naturally expire and in some cases not take up extensions.

To be fair to Lambert he has signed KVY, recruited Garbutt, given a short contract to Wilson who has done a very simple job for the team and performed adequately.

In theory Judge was a good signing, in practice he has been an absolute failure. I wouldn’t blame Lambert.

The jury is out for me on Holy and Keane.

Norris is not as good as Gherkin, so I would have kept him on the books.

I think PL will learn from his mistakes in trying to keep a large squad happy.

He needs another couple of transfer windows to sort out the playing staff:-

Skuse, Edwards, Keane, Rowe would not have their contracts renewed in my book this summer.

I am not a Skuse critic but I just think it’s time he moved on.

I would try and move on Nsiala and possibly Donacien, Nolan, Judge,

I think we may get another season out of Woolfie but certain that a West Ham will make a move for Downes with an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Chambers is a good club captain but would be on the bench at the expense of signing a new Centre back.

A new experienced spine of the team needs to be recruited without a poor sickness record. E.g another goalkeeper to replace Norris, a new Centre Half, a New holding midfielder and a new physical centre forward.

If PL can see the mistakes in where he got it wrong this year and is committed to trimming the squad but adding some more experienced and effective players then I would be prepared to stay with him for another season, despite the spin he has worked extraordinarily hard at trying to bring the heart of the club back together and for that alone I would be prepared to give him another bash for one more campaign.
Ipswich Town 0-1 Fleetwood Town - Match Report
at 07:36:36

To be fair Lambert was a breath of fresh air when he arrived 15 months ago.

He had us believing that the football would improve, we would play on the front foot. We all knew there were weaknesses in the squad, largely too many Division 1 (and 2) players in the squad not up to Championship standard. He recognised talented youngsters at the club and his enthusiasm for nurturing young talent.

He reconnected the club with our past legacy and swelled the gates.

Time would only tell if he was capable of turning this club around.

We continue to have more than our fair share of injured players but a big squad to compensate.

Dead wood still needs to be trimmed and we should expect a lot more from our experienced players.

Actually I thought Andre Dozzell had a good game tonight having questioned him in the past for being too lightweight. Always kept trying to find openings and wanted the ball, not sure why @arnie thought he went AWOL.

Lambert has too do much better, Evans has too do much better but whoever as a manager takes us forward has to clear the dead wood and look at bringing better less injury prone players with experience into this club. It does take 3-4 transfer windows to achieve this and to allow players contracts to run down to be able to be moved on.
McGavin and Dozzell Start Against Fleetwood
at 19:47:10

Bishop needs to provide an end product and Freddie had chance to put the game out of reach on Saturday so I have no problem them being relegated to the bench.

Skuse, Huws injures Downes suspended so play McGavin a young holding midfielder.

Woolfie been a bit slack recently, so bold decision by Lambo that’s what we need.
Warnock Blues Link Revived
at 13:56:40

George Burley hit a few sticky patches when he was in charge, then we brought in Bryan Hamilton as first team coach under George for a period and things were transformed. It’s a shame that Bryan Hamilton doesn’t still summarise on Radio Suffolk, with no disrespect to Mick Mills, Bryan in my opinion has been by far the best summariser who takes the job to a different level.

After Bryan moved on I think George then hit another sticky spell and we then brought in Jon Gorman who returned for a second spell later under Jim Magilton.

The Ian Culverhouse story is an interesting one, and it’s a great shame we lost Chris Hogg who was relegated back to U23s following appointment of Matt Gillies.

Perhaps we should dispense with Stuart Taylor and Matt Gillies and increase Terry Butchers role until the end of the season, then reappraise the management team then.
Blackpool 1-0 Ipswich Town - Half-Time
at 16:01:11

Get Tyreece Simpson and Dobra on can’t be any worse than the useless t****ers who keep wasting their chances
Blues Take Up One-Year Option on Clements
at 22:46:08

I certainly wouldn’t renew any contracts until we know where we are next year. If players are serious about wanting to play for this club either in this league or championship then they need to prove it over the next 11 matches. Ok one or two of them might not get the opportunity to play but the under 24 players we can recoup some money on them.

We have to have some movement to allow the new youngsters leaving the academy to progress. Plus we have Lankester, Nydam and El Miz to try and bring onto the regular first team scene.
Town Down to Ninth
at 22:13:10

By and large I do think ME is by intent a good and responsible owner, but certainly not a generous benefactor, which we would certainly need to scale the Championship if and when we get promoted.

He lives on the dream of producing a team from home grown youngsters with only modest amount of investments.

I guess he has just sunk £5 million into extended contracts for PL and his coaching team.

Whilst my patience is wearing thin, I do think PL is starting to realise the spin is turning flat.

I won’t buy into any criticism of him still having alliegence to Norwich hence some fantasy plot that this affects his motivation to want us to succeed.

If we fail this year then we can only wait to the end of the season to change the personnel. We do have some very good players but we are missing strength in certain areas but this should not be difficult to fix. @rugbytomc points out the Newcastle Murphy signing and rightly concludes we need one or two Division 1 tough men to compete in a more combative way just to get us out of this hole.

We have all been seduced by the promise to play football on the front foot and if you are scoring more than you concede hey ho what fun. Well when our goal return is shy then things as we have all witnessed start to turn.

Although I say this next bit tongue in cheek, I think if we had kept Toto Nsiala and played him upfront we would have caused far more confusion and pandemonium for the opposition defence then our normal strikers.

Bishop, Huws often look the part but are sadly wanting when it comes to helping the attack by chipping in some goals themselves. Spasmodically, well perhaps on rare occasions Nolan and Judge look as if they can provide a threat but again not covering themselves in glory.

Downes will be player of the season followed shortly by Garbutt and Woolfy, One or two others excepted, we could almost divide the rest of the squad in two, toss a coin and get rid of one half. I don’t believe our performances would be much different and would allow us to promote a few more young players to the squad.

It is though the experienced players who we need to look long and hard at and make some difficult decisions as well getting some better experienced players to allow the younger players to thrive.

Wark Tops Stand Pillar Poll
at 18:24:19

Good selection, my only one gripe is that Ted Phillips didn’t make it, a phenomenal goal scoring record made him a true legend and a local.

I would have probably dropped out Jim Magilton, not that he too isn’t worthy of consideration.
Lambert Left Rueing Failure to Take Chances
at 10:20:30

I am inclined to believe in what Mick Mills said post match yesterday.

At this level the investment is more than generous than pretty much most of the other Division 1 clubs. It’s just that we have decided to invest it in maintaining a large squad, rather than transfer fees. I suggest Alan Judge and Will Keane are probably well up in the top earnings bracket for this league and of course Luke Garbutt. The problem is even if we were to be able to throw money at it who of any quality is going to come to play for a Division 1 club, in fairness we supposedly paid a £900k signing on fee to get the best Division 2 striker available.

The big squad has been our downfall and partly we have had to have extra players to cover our sick notes. We need to have a hard core of 15/16 players with several experienced heads, then you shouldn’t be afraid to use you up and coming young talent to cover for injuries. Look at the age Beattie, Wark, Burley, Osman, Butcher, etc were thrown in to the mix.

We were loosing Downes, Judge, Dozzel , El Mizouni and Dobra to the International break and whilst it’s difficult to be critical of not postponing if all of those players were featuring heavily in the starting eleven arguably we would probably only missed the influence of Downes. Given PL’s strong belief in the squad rotation system it then becomes a bit more difficult supporting lay offs and clearly we lost momentum at a key time in the programme. This will probably in the final analysis be the disruptive cause of our season to go off the rails.

It seems to me also that part of the formula to do well in this lead as an element of real physicality, I am not suggesting we should be playing a cruder type of game but as a starting point, two giant centre backs and a tall physical centre forward seems to be par for the course to prevent being out bullied and give som raw power in the opposition box.

And of course you don’t win anything with kids in a league like this, but gradually weening them in covering for a more experienced players when injured will start to make men out of them.

Unfortunately I see a scenario where we have to release the likes of Morris to make room in the squad for the next batch of talented youngsters coming thru.
Chambers: It Felt Like We Got Through a Psychological Barrier
at 06:47:45

Having worked through all the top eight fixtures it confirms what I thought that the top two is beyond our reach even if we have an impressive run in. We pretty much have to win most of our games with an odd slip to have any chance of claiming automatic, not impossible but very very unlikely.

Coventry look certs for top 2, with a very close second between Rotherham and perhaps Sunderland who have hit a rich vein of form. Peterborough will be close as well. Think Portsmouth will fade a bit and even stubborn Wycombe I can’t see doing anything other than slipping a couple of positions or so down the table.

Play offs therefore should be well within our grasp. If we fail here then we will have deserved no more. Our best bet would be Wycombe or Portsmouth in the play offs.
Newcastle Confirm Hogg Appointment
at 20:00:27

Let’s now wait for the offer from Newcastle for Flynn and Woolfy. History maybe repeating itself in selling our top young midfielder and defender to the Magpies.? Mind you £6 million each for Kieron and Titus all those years ago with a large slice of inflation might just produce a pot of gold!!!!

But then with Ebenezeer in charge of the purse strings he might just stretch to a large screen at the ground to keep up our pretense of having a Priemership pedigree.

On a more serious note, best of luck Chris, part of the original plan after Mick Mac was to see our coaches progress through the ranks as well,
Ipswich Town 4-1 Burton Albion - Match Report
at 20:18:44

Whilst enjoying a vibrant performance today I am not going to get carried away until we can at least chalk up 3 consecutive decent home wins with some daylight between us and the opposition in respect of the score margin.

Nigel Clough has done a great job with Burton on a budget that is a fraction of ours and with a Stadium that holds barely more than 5,000. His name would be the top of my list should Lambo depart, Burton are a decent side at this level and try to play football but they are not a top six side and mid table is about their level.

We started as we have often done so before with sloppiness at the back and I have to say Gwion Edwards frustrates me, against Peterborough he was our best players and can be a match winner at this level but then in the next game he can be equally poor and sloppy, he did ok when he was sent to full back, but for me at wing back he gets caught out and has a petulant side in some of his challenges. No wonder he has picked up so many bookings. Anyway tonight is not the night to moan after a good performance after a poor start.

I actually thought the conditions played right into our hands making the conditions difficult for central defenders to judge, so balls over the type were largely successful.

I very much liked the look of Josh Earl who looked so composed, when he moved to left back he equally did well getting forward and looks a good athlete and footballer. Would be a good acquisition to the squad longer term if Preston wanted to make him available. He also allowed Luke Garbutt to play left midfield and this really suits Luke and gives him a little extra freedom to get forward.

Flynn Downes is playing himself into a bigger club with such consistency and tenacious performances.

Nolan had a very efficient game and is an asset in this league, worked well with Flynn and I thought when we went 4-4-2 (which I have not been a great advocate off) we did actually stretch the game and Judge being more disciplined on the right side with both he and Garbutt putting some excellent balls into the box early with Keane and Jackson making good attacking runs to get on the end of the crosses. So perhaps we do need to retune back to 4-4-2.

Bish looked good when he came on, but dare I say Mr Skuse put the breaks on the tempo when he arrived on the scene and apart from runs from Bish we lost our momentum.

Good result, very good leta prove we can take OXFORD apart in a similar fashion!!!!
Lambert: Home Games Make or Break
at 08:57:35

Realistically speaking if we don’t go up then Downes and Woolfy move on for their own personal development. As much as we may not like it gives some cash to reinvest. I don’t see Garbutt signing either in this scenario.

We have a lot of excellent youngsters coming through, Miz, Dobs, Tristan (fingers crossed for injury recovery) and of course Andre. These youngsters will need games at this time of their career otherwise they are in danger of falling out, being sold for next to nothing as they will have proven little at this level or just getting in the way of other youngsters coming through. Along with the likes of Ben Morris they at least need to be in the match day 18 on a regular basis or getting regular games on loan in a football league club.

A conveyor belt of young talent will mean some have to move on or out to continue progress otherwise the system falls apart and hope is lost for the young players.

The flaw in our system is often the senior players have been inconsistent, yes you can expect youngsters to be inconsistent but your senior players need to do it week in week out.

If we do have an injection of cash then we need to reinvest in good senior pros and clear the decks of some of the ones we currently have. I am not particularly pointing the finger directly at Chambo or Skuse who have been excellent servants but the question would be if we had a bit of money to spend could we get better experienced players at this level. Brentford have often invested wisely on the foreign market but unfortunately this will be closed down through Brexit for the type of player we are likely to pick up although we have one last chance this summer whilst still in the transition period.

Despite the current woes we should remain optimistic about the clubs long term future but as one poster said on an earlier thread we don’t want to become a Crewe Alexandria who has for many years the excellent reputation for producing a lot of good young players who went on to greater things but remained in the lower echelons of the league system. So getting the right blend of senior pros (and not those that appear to have quality but being a sick note with them), is the key to success to allow the younger players to come in and thrive.

AFC Wimbledon 0-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 21:53:29

Only listened on the radio tonight, but how many times have I heard the comments that “Kayden Jackson should have really done better with that chance”

Seems like our 2nd Division strikers are having difficulty making a real impression at this level albeit they have a half decent return so far, but as we have a midfield who are incapable of getting shots on target then they can hardly help the strike force out.

We have some good players, some who can play at Championship level but we do not have any outstanding or powerful players even at this level.
Wilson: Tough One to Take But Positives From Performance
at 16:22:51

Let’s put some perspective around what it takes to win automatic promotion.

Luton lost 6 matches last year to take the title.

Runners up Barnsley lost seven matches.

Luton and Barnsley look as if they are coming back down.

The year before both Wigan and Blackburn only lost 6 matches each to take spots 1 and 2

In 2016/17 when Sheffield United ran away with the league with a 100 points, Bolton came runners up and lost 10 matches however they won 25 matches.

Ok so we have already lost 8 matches this year with 14 to go. If we were to do a Bolton we would have to win 12 of the 14 remaining matches.

To take second place you normally have to get somewhere near or above 85.

Given we have two teams less this year let’s say around the 80 mark. That gives us a target of 32 points from 14 games, 10 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. On current form that is totally unrealistic.

Early 70 points would normally grab you a top six place, 2 games less may bring that down to mid 60s. But let’s assume 7p then we have to get 22 points from 14 games which does feel doable with an improvement in form.

But to me a top two finish does on statistics now look out of our grasp.

Perhaps if the players and manager did look at the table a bit more they would understand the challenge better rather than keep saying things like nothing is won in February, if you starve yourself of the points then you can certainly loose a top two place in February!!!

Sunderland 1-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 22:10:53

If our second division strikers had taken their chances in the first 45 minutes then the second half would have had a completely different complexion.

I think Norwood is a good squad addition and has had a reasonable return so far, but we miss strength and raw power in the final third.

Jackson was starting to win me over but how many more chances is he going to waste.

Will Keane may prove to be decent in the longer term but the truth is having 3 promising strikers is not the same as having a physical bruising presence as well as a hit man striker in the squad.

We have a fragile Midfield that will often become unavailable following a couple of sneezes, and has no goal threat.

Flynn Downes aside our two most effective players this season have been the wingbacks Luke Garbutt and Kane VY.

Our defence is probably adequate as long as we are scoring goals the other end.

Solve the goals problem and we will move up the table.

Our serial chance wasters have had enough chances to be leading the goal scorers list in this Division.

Step up Ben Morris you deserve a chance to show what you can do.
Chambers: It Would Be Failure If We Don’t Go Up
at 11:26:48

@tractorroy, McCauley went on to have a distinguished career playing until his late 30’s with many international caps and premiership appearances. Unfortunately the year or so before he left us he was receiving levels of abuse on this forum as a ‘donkey’.

I don’t doubt there are many better defenders having played for this club than Luke or that Luke at 34 would likely now to find it difficult to hold down a regular position in a Championship team.

As with PL it’s very easy to criticise them when they give interviews but we the public demand they do so and contractually from TV rights they have to. Unfortunately there is only so much a person can say in this game without repeating themselves or bringing in cliches. That’s why we often find some of these interviews tiring.

I do believe Luke provides a lot of glue behind the scenes and club Captain is a much bigger job than team captain. By and large he is very respectful to the fan base and always appears honest and takes his role very seriously.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a view about his own performances, if they are not up to scratch then that’s for the manager to rectify and be accountable for.

The defence will make mistakes but unless we are capable of scoring more than the opposition then the defence is always going to be the ones who get the brunt of the criticism.

Likewise I was appalled at how fans turned on Will Norris last week, he didn’t need to be told he had made a horrendous cock up in that manner and that abuse could, but fortunately didn’t, have completely shattered his confidence.

The point I am making is professional criticism is often warranted and can at times be healthy - personal abuse should not in my view be becoming of any decent Ipswich fan.
Ipswich Town 1-4 Peterborough United - Match Report
at 22:44:35

We are 17th in the “home” form table. If that form continues we are going to fall well short of the playoffs.

Analysing this is like scratching a sore wound.

The Rotherham’s and Peterborough’s of this world play an economical game but can find the back of net with regularity. Coventry are developing a brand of football beyond this league but do not seem to succumb to the bullies like us.

Despite many protestations on here in reaction to today’s poor performances we do probably have more than enough talent to rise above this league but time and again after a good result or two we fail to turn up for the important matches. No strength of character.

We only have two players who can really play the wing back role- Luke Garbutt and KVY. Garbutts left foot and menacing delivery is unequalled this season from any other player in this side.

Gwion Edwards who has been very poor this season is not a wing back, but to be fair he looked one of our best players today and on that form would fit in a winger role.

Unfortunately without KVY, and heaven forbid if Luke Garbutt is out for a while, then our 3-4-1-2 formation will or if not should be put on the back burner.

I have said this a number of times this year, we miss a big lump upfront to cause havoc and seriously put the opposition defence under pressure. A 35 year oldie at the end of his career I am sure wouldn’t have cost us a fortune !!! Somebody like a ..........let me think......emmmm, yes that guy who went to Bolton from Forest and scored 6 goals in 7 games. Or perhaps Somebody like Tom Pope from Port Vale a good old fashioned centre forward at 6” 4.

ME is rightly being criticised again for not investing a modest amount to prevent a promotion challenge falling away.

We still have a relatively large squad, but having just sold Bart, moving Toto, Idris and Folami our on-loan along with Jordan Roberts to Gillingham and releasing Giorgio, with only Josh Earl in reverse we surely have created some space to bring one or two in, Yes I agree with PL about not wanting to take inexperienced premiership youngsters over ours or onboard a player who is coming back from a long term injury as we have had two many of this recently.

Judge and Kenlock for me continue to struggle to prove their worth at this level. Skuse looked very sluggish to me today. Time for Bishop and Huws to prove their worth and Jackson and Norwood to prove they are better than division 2 standard.

Dear oh dear what would we do without Flynn Downes, who provides fire, guts and doesn’t give up. I just wish we had ten more Flynn’s. I am so relieved he didn’t get booked today and therefore is available at Sunderland next week.

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