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England Oh dear!
at 20:33 11 Oct 2019

Not very good at all at the moment! 😟
No queues then!
at 16:28 13 Sep 2019

Surprised this has not been picked up by the mainstream news (not).
Bit surprising though isn’t it we have,
a, nobody in Brussels talking to the EU and
b, the system being used doesn’t exist according to some MP,s
Makes you wonder who is telling porkies and who isn’t doesn’t it?
This Irish border malarkey!
at 19:47 31 Jul 2019
Here is a independent look at the problem!
What on earth!
at 15:38 5 May 2019

Why did all those police in riot gear need to be there?
Total overkill! How much did that cost the club?
[Post edited 5 May 15:39]
Red lines!
at 10:42 24 Mar 2019

Just watched Andrew Marr,now if the SNP and Labour have got their red lines but are not prepared to budge on them what makes everybody think the Govt should move on theirs.
Total cock up all round if nobody wants to compromise then no deal it is because there is no other option!
People’s vote!
at 09:57 24 Mar 2019

A lot has been made of how Countries,regions etc voted in the referendum,am I to understand that for a people’s vote it would not matter what country you came from it would be an individuals vote that got counted UK wide?
Still been there haven’t we?
Chambers today!
at 19:45 11 Feb 2019

Did I hear correctly on radio Suffolk this morning in his interview he said although the players gave their all yesterday there has been games lately that they haven’t given 100%!
If true WTF is really going on?
Hats off
at 18:25 15 Dec 2018

To anyone who went today,
Crap weather ,crap game,crap ref,
BUT three points, get in!!
It’s the Ipswich way 😟
at 18:15 29 Nov 2018

For a long while now whenever a really important game arrives our team bottles it!
Whether it was to close the gap at the top of the league (yes we were there you know) or a cup game or as it is now it always happens!
We get the usual platitudes from the same players and yet they come to nothing on the day.
Last night was a case in point,we were told how important the game was and then the team doesn’t turn up and gets caught not once but three times with their pants down.
our so called senior players are just as guilty as the young ones!
The finger has to be pointed at the collective defence last night (four of the five MM’s men) but until the rest of the team wake up and get their sh1t together and help out we are doomed.
Ben Folami
at 12:11 4 Nov 2018

Could someone please refresh my memory of why he is with Australia for so long?
Apparently on Saturday,
at 19:27 29 Oct 2018

That lot up the road where giving pelters to PL all through the game! Must have hit a nerve methinks 😀 practicing for February I reckon.
Going to Hull?
at 17:08 14 Sep 2018

Be aware the A14 at Cambridge closes tonight at 2100 to 0600 Monday morning!
Good luck!!
Lee Dixon
at 08:26 8 Jul 2018

Last night he commented that we now need to worry about Croatia!
Doesn’t that show the attitude of ‘the old guard’?
Ok of course you have to respect the opposition but I don’t think that at the moment this England team worries about anybody.
Frank Lampard
at 19:52 22 Jun 2018

Glad we didn’t take him on! Not really concentrating on his day job swanning about with the beeb in Russia is he?
Chris Doig
at 20:27 31 May 2018

With the boss away is CD actually on the job yet or is he away as well?
Millwall fans.
at 19:17 2 Apr 2018

They are right as there only song says but you have to congratulate them today!
To a man they joined us in the minutes applause today so well done to them!
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