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Some collapse
at 21:39 21 Jan 2020

Wycombe won’t even make the playoffs after being 7 clear not long ago.

Their momentum is well and truly gone now.
at 20:54 20 Jan 2020

I saw the Luton keeper and record signing have a mare on his debut. At the weekend I saw him again have a disaster.

I assumed it was just coincidence. But no. Watch this video. Absolutely unreal for half a season. How’s he still getting picked!

Anyone else find this utterly mental?
at 20:41 18 Jan 2020

The last minute of the game against Bolton. Naylor practically on the floor pokes the ball through to Reuser on the half way line who races through to clinch it.

The last minute of the game against Barnsley. Naylor practically on the floor pokes the ball through to Reuser on the half way line who races through to clinch it.

Not even like it’s a common goal like Clapham crossing for Stewart to head in. It’s a bloke played through on half way by a bloke on his arse. Always find those two goals absolutely mental to have happened in back to back games in the last minute to put us two goals ahead.

I'm not a huge fan of rugby but there's so much football can learn.
at 09:08 17 Jan 2020

It's great to see how they use video technology. I'm sure they too had teething problems and I know it's easier to define certain things in different sports, but it does feel we could learn there.

Likewise, the respect referees get. It's refreshing to see players get on with it.

But the most impressive thing is that Saracens look to be relegated. They breached their FFP and got a massive points deduction and fine, but now they are going to breach it again by the looks of it and they've been told they will be relegated. Meanwhile there have been countless cases of clubs like Bournemouth, QPR, Derby and so on breaching rules, overspending, finding little loopholes with penalties deferred, reduced or watered down if they even come at all.

Would be fantastic if football followed their example, put proper penalties in place and realised the integrity of the game is part of what makes it so great.

On a separate note I really hope Bournemouth go down.
This bloody country
at 15:01 14 Jan 2020

Children and families in poverty, millions suffering at the hands of an NHS that can't cope, all of the troubles in the world, utter devastation in Australia.

And we are raising half a million quid so Big Ben can go bong for a few seconds. Ridiculous.

Not surprising to see Boris heavily involved.
Wolf. £5m and loan back until May
at 13:41 14 Jan 2020

In todays market I wouldn't accept anything less if I were Evans.
Celebrities that you simply cannot stand
at 16:38 13 Jan 2020

Reality stars are not included as they are obviously stone-wallers. I'm talking people deemed to have some form of actual talent. Was discussing this over the weekend and was amazed by how many people liked all of my choices!

Top 5 then everyone?

- Mylene Klass
- Davina McCall
- Piers Morgan
- Jane McDonald
- James Cordon

In no particular order once James Cordon is on the top.

Anyone have a list of our longest winless runs?
at 21:50 4 Jan 2020

I wonder where this run sits. Given it’s in the third division it may well be close to our worst run of form ever. Given that other winless runs have been when we’ve been one of the worst teams in a division and now we are deemed one of the best - without being dramatic this run has got to be the most surprising and therefore arguably the worst.
Bobby Madley - former Premier League ref
at 22:12 1 Jan 2020

Hard not to feel sorry for him if this is the truth.

Pathetic from the FA especially given the context.
[Post edited 1 Jan 22:13]
Surely Holy has to be back in now?
at 19:22 29 Dec 2019

Much better keeper. Done nothing wrong.

Norris has conceded 5 and wtf was he thinking for the 2nd?
Juicy rumour or utter BS?
at 17:39 29 Dec 2019

Just heard that Downes and Woolfenden are both subject to bids that have been ongoing for the last week or so and that this has caused some major issues in the camp.

Surely this is nonsense? Evans must know there would be an absolute riot if we cashed in on both. Two of our own and our best two players this season?

Was told Lambert was informed last weekend and it’s all kicked off since there internally. Probably just made up but someone in the know can easily quash it or confirm there’s something in it.
Has anyone ever reported a fellow fan?
at 10:35 27 Dec 2019

Let me be clear. In my many years of following Town I have swore, said some stupid things, joined in with songs I was too young to know were wrong, given dogs abuse to opposition players and gone utterly mental when we've scored. I'm no saint.

But these were in the heat of the moment (Thomsen's disallowed goal at Norwich which would have made it 2-2, van Nistelrooy cheating to all but condemn us to relegation, Norwich going 5-1 up etc).

There is a fan that sits near me in a stand that's got a lot of children in, many of them 5 or 6, who swears for the entire 90 minutes, frequently the C word, has his partner and children with him (aged around 9 and 7) and literally moans about everything. The ref, the players, the opponents. It's unbearable.

There is a line and we've all probably crossed it on occasion but few of us do so during a 0-0 with Gillingham for the entire match.

It's starting to make games unpleasant and most importantly stressing out a few kids around me. One little kid in front clearly knows the language and shouting is wrong and is getting pretty upset regularly.

This individual would probably have been decked in the North Stand. Even if you consider this behaviour acceptable, which I don't, then it certainly isn't the sort of thing that should be going on outside the North Stand, where to a degree we expect it.

I've had enough of the bloke. He's about 5 rows in front of me and even his own wife and kids look like they have been dragged to Portman Road at gun point. It's really awkward to watch.

Which things do we generally agree Lambert has got wrong?
at 10:25 27 Dec 2019

I'll list mine and would be interested to see if the majority of posters agree.

1) Holy is better than Norris.

Aside from (kicking the ball against Akins?) the opening day I don't see that Holy has made any mistakes. He's largely been excellent, commands the box so well and his kicking has been the best I have seen from a keeper we've had for ages (Coventry at home aside where he had a mare. Norris looks like an average League One keeper. Holy is our player, has never let us down. There's a reason why no other club regularly rotates keepers.

2) We look best playing 4-3-3.

At the start of the season I actually thought we looked better at 4-4-2 but of late we look to be completely dominated in the middle with that formation and our wingers have been incredibly poor. For me 4-3-3 is where we have looked our most threatening.

3) Nsiala should never be playing ahead of Chambers, Woolfenden or Wilson.

I really want the guy to come good but he's been absolutely abysmal. Looks like conceding a penalty every time the ball is in the box. A yellow or red card waiting to happen also. Cannot pass. Is not composed. He's made a couple of outstanding blocks this season but that does not negate defenders terrorising him for the other 89 minutes.

4) Skuse's legs have gone

I am a massive fan of Skuse historically. Superb player. But this season he just looks like time has caught up with him. In a middle 2 with anyone other than Downes he is horrible exposed. Teams move the ball so easily against us. He knows where to be but just cannot get there. Being partnered with Huws and to a degree Nolan has also made both of them look poor. In a three Huws and Nolan have had decent games. In a two with Skuse they have looked appalling.

5) Judge should be ahead of two other central midfielders.

In a 4-3-3 it should be Downes and Huws or Downes and Dozzell for me with Judge ahead of them. He can make the game tick there, he's a class act and he's woefully out of confidence playing in a position he's simply not quick enough or very good at. Judge behind the strikers would give us so much going forward.

6) We have to make substitutions earlier.

How can Lambert be happy at 75 minutes at home to a mid-table side with us having created very little? This is a regular thing now. Subs at 80 or 85 mins. Other teams freshen things up and we do nothing until a few minutes from time only for Edwards, Georgiou, Dobra, El Mizouni or whoever to have come on and immediately made us look more threatening.

7) We really miss Chambers when he isn't there.

Skuse barely even spoke yesterday. Twice in the second half we almost gave goals away and Skuse didn't say a word. Chambers (and to a degree Downes) are the only players in that side that look anywhere neat capable of leading on the pitch.

8) We need to play our best side EVERY WEEK.

We have 40 players when other teams have 20 and yet our form is amongst the worst in the division recently over the business period of the year. If this doesn't speak volumes to the fact that cohesion, identity and partnerships are more important than the 5% extra we get from being 'fresh' then I don't know what will. Play your best side, stick to it and when players come in and perform, let them keep their place.

9) We are ill equipped to play long balls.

Jackson never wins a header, Norwood rarely and we insist on working the ball out to the full backs to pump the ball up to nobody. We are not even attempting to keep the ball, pass the ball and hurt the opposition. Most of the teams that have come to Portman Road (Coventry, Bristol Rovers, Shrewsbury, Doncaster, Rotherham) have all played football that was easier on the eye. Despite the fact that Lambert was keen on introducing a more pleasing style of play, we are playing similar football to what McCarthy bored us with when we actually had Murphy - a proper focal point. It's maddening.

Quite simply my best side would be (once fit):

Sears Norwood Jackson
Downes Huws
Garbutt Chambers Woolfenden Vincent-Young
[Post edited 27 Dec 2019 10:36]
This honest discussion in the dressing room
at 06:56 24 Dec 2019

Any chance the players have actually said they are struggling for match sharpness, chemistry and cohesion because of Lambingo?
At what point do we start calling him Mick Lambert?
at 15:46 20 Dec 2019

Paul is starting to turn into McCarthy on fast forward.

Mick came in, made us hard to beat, forged a togetherness, made us proud of the club again and 3 years into a 6 year stint he became belligerent, hard argumentative, hard to fathom and frustrated. The man most of us had loved at one point knew his time was up, so did we and most of us agreed it was right to move on.

Lambert came in last season, we started playing much better football, looked to have a style of play to take into this season, he turned the fans round, the club round and made the atmosphere brilliant. Almost as quickly it's become random team selections and formations, the fans are being unfair and too negative and there's too much football being played.

I said last week, the guy is starting to pick at all the things that made most of us really warm to him. Every club can have a blip but it's like the team, the club, his press releases and everything else is having a blip too.

Really very odd the way he's gone about everything, particularly a lack of identity, system or idea of his best eleven, something every manager seemingly has going into any club, let alone when they've been there long enough to mould it towards what they want.
at 16:46 18 Dec 2019

A couple of other threads inspired me to have a closer look at the seasons where we have done brilliantly.

1991-92 - CHAMPIONS of the Second Division.

- In one 8 game spell we drew the first 5 and then lost 3 in the bounce, therefore winless during this entire period
- This was part of a run of just 2 wins in 12 matches - not too dissimilar from our current run in terms of results or the time of the year
- After a run of 5 wins on the bounce we then picked up just points from 12.

1999-00 - PLAY OFFS WINNERS of the Second Division

- A run of 5 games without a win
- Several runs of 1 win in 5 or 1 win in 6, sandwiched between unbeaten runs

2000-01 - FINISHED 5th in the First Division

- A run of 4 defeats in 5
- A run of 4 points from 15 available


- Even after a run of 14 games unbeaten and then 11 games unbeaten, losing just 2 times in 27 matches we then went on to lose 7 of our last 10 matches!

So perspective is very much needed. Even in the seasons we have been champions, got promoted or done exceptionally we have had really sticky patches.

I do wonder if the modern football fan just sees Liverpool's ridiculous run and thinks this should be achievable!

When Leicester incredibly walked the league, only losing 3 games all season, they still had a spell when they twice went on runs of only winning 1 in 5.
[Post edited 18 Dec 2019 16:47]
at 10:41 18 Dec 2019

Two from Norwood / Jackson / Sears / Keane
Garbutt Downes ANY1 ANY2
NEW Chambers Woolfenden Vincent-Young

ANY1 from Nolan, Bishop, Huws, Dozzell, Judge
ANY2 from Lankester, El Mizuoni, Dobra, Edwards, Judge, Newbie
NEW a left sided KVY

Stick to 442. Clear out the deadwood. Have 18 senior pros (over 50 appearances) and another 6 or 7 kids like Dobra, El Mizouni, Morris, Folami etc. Play your best team and bring in a left back.

Leaves the likes of Donacien, Wilson and whoever is left out of ANY1 and ANY2 to sit on the bench and fight for a starting place by taking their chance.
There’s absolutely no excuse Lambert
at 20:23 14 Dec 2019

We have no identity, no plan, no cohesion and no idea how to break down teams that defend or are physical.

As someone else said, it feels like we are second despite Lambert not because of.

He deserves a lot of credit for reuniting the fan base and repairing some of the damage but for months now we’ve looked like we were heading for this kind of run of form. We are now at a crossroads.

Evans backs managers. Absolutely no chance he’s getting rid of Lambert. But Lambert seems like a Mick light. If this continues then good will is going to diminish and we could take a number of steps back as a fan base.

He has to pick a system, pick a style, work on it and start allowing the players to form partnerships and allow us to get a bit of consistency. We are continually being undone by well drilled sides who know their job whilst looking like a bunch of strangers.

We are second. It’s a great season so far. If you jumbled the performances and results up we’d all be thrilled to be at Xmas with 3 defeats! But the run of form we are on is deeply concerning, home form is very poor and Lambert simply has to have a good think about where he goes from here.

The fans will turn if he doesn’t as our season unravels.
Aptly named people appreciation thread
at 14:08 13 Dec 2019

I have just seen that the Green candidate that represented my constituency was called Mr Broom!

Shame he didn't sweep all the other candidates aside.

Anyway. How many other aptly named people are there in the world where their name is perfectly suited to their occupation?
What the hell happened last night?
at 11:01 13 Dec 2019

No. Not politics. Man Utd v AZ and Wolves v Besiktas.

53 mins. Both matches 0-0. 15 minutes later. Both English sides winning 4-0!

Very rare to see that happen, but twice on the same night at the same time. Weird.
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