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at 11:35 14 Sep 2019

1-0 TOWN
Declan Rice
at 09:00 11 Sep 2019

Is he really that good??

I don't see it personally.
Grant Holt watching the Under 23s today
at 21:09 9 Sep 2019

How very random
Anybody going to head down and watch the ITFC Ladies tonight??
at 09:57 4 Sep 2019

Never really taken much interest in Women's football before the last World cup, which I really enjoyed.

East Anglian Derby tonight for them, free for season ticket holders. Might go and check it out.

Anyone else?
Blue Action-Very impressive
at 19:04 31 Aug 2019

Great banner and a fitting quote.

Top stuff gents. I think you said you had something planned for Doncaster as well? If so, will be looking forward to it.
Todays signing session-incredible
at 22:19 28 Aug 2019

Queues out of the door
Session going on for around 90 minutes, all for two players.

That may not seem a big deal, but most of those fans were kids. It is so important that we don't miss a generation.

The buzz around the club and the town at the moment is so good to see.

Long may it continue.
What the hell was Lambert talking about
at 12:33 23 Aug 2019

I am actually confused at what point he was trying to make. Saying that we also have a young side and not many senior players?? Then saying that Brenner could only give 5? But obviously Brenner wasn't going to name all of them.

Did anyone understand what point he was getting at?
What the hell has happened to Flynn Downes
at 10:17 21 Aug 2019

Over the summer. He has gone from a promising player to our best player over the course of a summer holiday.

My god he is so good. He is strong as an ox, did you see him body that AFC player last night. Sent him flying.

His feet are brilliant, he is so tidy in possession, and has a good range of pass. He is along with Norwood and Woolf, undroppable. So pleased with him this season, a joy to watch.
OTD 2011
at 10:07 20 Aug 2019

That Paul Taylor looks a decent player.
Why is Norwood dropping so deep
at 09:32 19 Aug 2019

It reminds me of when Pitman was here. Naturally a brilliant finisher with good movement, but he is constantly dropping deep to pick the ball up.

It can be a good thing, First half vs. Burton he was driving from deep and it worked quite well, he can move well with the ball.

On Saturday, second half he was playing as a 10 or even as an 8 for most of it. It is quite frustrating to watch as he should be the one in the box.

Is this a problem with the system or just a case of us playing so poor in the second half that he was desperate to get on the ball by any means.
Holy scares me
at 23:54 17 Aug 2019

He just doesn't make me confident. I am just not sure on him tbh.
Need some advice on a Watch
at 16:47 15 Aug 2019

Looking for something aesthetically pleasing, something that is stylish to wear. Something like a Rolex (but not a Rolex, I definitely cannot afford that). Want it to be analogue, so not something like an Iwatch.

Money wise, I am happy to pay a decent amount if it is worth it. I know that it is a pretty poor description but if anyone could help with possible brands and makes that would be much appreciated.
[Post edited 15 Aug 16:47]
Was KVY a long term target for Lambert
at 12:42 15 Aug 2019

Could he be one of the magical 3 that Lambert wanted
Jordan Roberts-What a weird signing
at 08:59 14 Aug 2019

He looked like a competition winner. Just ran around, jumped and scuffed all his shots. Of all of Hurst's signings, a player who couldn't get in to Crawley's team might be the strangest.

Dobra looked good though.
Norris also looked ok, nothing he could have done about the goals
Football 'Vloggers'
at 13:17 12 Aug 2019

What are peoples opinions on football vloggers. On Sunday I put 'Ipswich vs. Sunderland' in to Youtube and I saw about 20 videos that were just people with cameras filming the game.

I do like the idea of fans having a voice but wouldn't you rather just watch the game then film it the whole time. Or do I just need to get with the times ????
Skuse appreciation post
at 18:50 10 Aug 2019

MOTM today. Very tidy and shows that he can find a pass both forward and backward.

He compliments Flynn very well.

Well in Skusey
Not good today, at all. (In the second half)
at 17:31 10 Aug 2019

Decent first half.

Garbutt goes off and we fell apart. Completely lost our shape.

Dreadful mistake from Chambers and some terrible set pieces in good positions. We made a very poor Sunderland team look average.

Skuse was good though as was Downes again and Woolf.

Oh well, back at it again next week, another tough game but here's hoping.

[Post edited 10 Aug 17:43]
Where do people drink on Matchdays
at 17:14 9 Aug 2019

I have been so unenthused to go pub before the games in recent seasons so I tend to save it for Away days. Home games I just wanted to get out of the way.

However, I cannot bloody wait for tomorrow. I know all the options; Curve, Greyhound, tavern etc. Just interested to know what people tend to go for and why.

P.S. 3-0 tomorrow
When is Flynn Downes going to get his proper song
at 10:59 8 Aug 2019

'Flynn Downes in the middle of our pitch'
It actually fits.

Much better than putting his name in the 'one of our own' chant when it doesn't fit
at 12:27 4 Aug 2019

He is actually better than I remembered.

That clearance off the line is defending that wins you titles. He was strong, composed, vocal and clearly very talented.

Considering he was playing in a pretty poor back 4, I can only imagine he will get better when Chambo goes back in.

He was up there with Flynn and Rowe for MOTM yesterday.
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