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FA Cup Quiz
at 06:56 12 Nov 2019

Sorry if already posted...

FWIW 9/10
Let's see Millwall copy this
at 06:46 12 Nov 2019

Though I guess for the big bucks approach needs to be Villa or Chelsea
Best Ever England XI
at 21:22 11 Nov 2019

Don't even give the option of Cohen, Stiles and Hunt... as surely the greatest XI for England is the one that played at Wembley on 30/07/66?
10 out of 10 hurrah
at 14:52 9 Nov 2019
Oh for the days of having a Ford that could be opened with any key
at 18:54 6 Nov 2019

Some miscreant scum smashed my drivers side window Sunday Night / Monday morning... £200 to replace.

They bagged themselves £30, so if druggie scum I dare say they got a good result.
£20 note [emergency fuel fund] + coins that would total something to the order of £10 give or take a few quid. They fondled but discarded my iPod and couldn't work out how to remove the dash cam, the 2 most valuable items in the car.

They made a fckng mess glass everywhere. Ripped the leather on the door panel where they've reached in thru broken glass.

I used to give advice on security, and always follow my own advice on not having anything on view on the car so there's no visual invite to enter the car.
The wallet with £20 was in a lidded cubby hole in centre console, the change was in the drivers side door pocket, which is deep and had a polishing cloth on top of it. So what on earth was the trigger?

There are loads of cars where I park, mine isn't the newest nor most desireable, so can't be car envy... I do suspect that, despite being road parked, I was maybe in "someone's personal parking spot" as the last 2 mornings the same vehicle has been parked in that spot.

The last time anyone stole anything from a car of mine was way back in 1990 when someone accessed my prized Fiesta 1.3 Ghia, without damaging it and stole my Pioneer speakers.
Remember way back when speakers, were stacked on the parcel shelf?

Absolute CUNITS

Cops came to possibly pick up finger prints from iPod but looks like they were wearing gloves, but at least they came out.
at 12:06 28 Oct 2019

I take it those with kids took them to see these over half term [or will do if your half term is this week].

Saw it Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it, made a nice break from crappy weather, Brexit, and other doom & gloom.

Then yesterday watched "Terminator: Dark Fate" and enjoyed this for other reasons, throw in some younger protagonists, use the infinite possible future outcomes and the brand is re-booted for the next 20 years. Funny how the "enemy" changed but the stereotypical terminator model remained the same.

Arnie is fed some corny lines and the special effects are great... but how did America's most wanted come to have a contact in the Us Military with an EMP device?
Southampton's next two games?
at 11:39 26 Oct 2019

Away at Massive Citeh
Away at, er, Massive Citeh
According to BT Sport just now

Over to you Pep, time to step on the gas
[Post edited 26 Oct 11:39]
Will there be a klaxon now when
at 08:47 26 Oct 2019

The line about more difficult against 10 is produced in future?

Klaxon then a montage of Leicester's goals

Well done for going for it.
Anyone seen this....?
at 18:44 24 Oct 2019

Lack of logistical planning

Reminds me of a Johnhoz story of one day being at / near Tottenham Court Road Station in London and a scouser came up to him / them at 14:50 asking where the Spurs ground was... and why wasn't there any fans around.
Now I've recovered... Sunday was all my fault
at 20:22 22 Oct 2019

The sweat shirt I was wearing has a 100% losing record watching Ipswich games, and I can't remember the last time I saw us win on TV. As in not at the game, but watched it on TV rather than attending a Televised game.

Great to see Edwardstone, Guthram and "Cider Man" - really good turn out in Bristol, really good venue.

Actually I knew it was going to be a bad day when KVY wasn't in the team... how can a right back make so much difference?
Ipswich badge spotting
at 16:43 19 Oct 2019

Just off White Ladies Road BS8, Nissan proudly displaying an ITFC sticker in rear window... See you tomorrow for the football?
Couldn't get tickets for Sarfend
at 18:36 17 Oct 2019

Asked Pimball Wizard to ring me 09:50 AND set an alarm for 09:55...

At 09:55ish pulled over to a parking bay on Earl's Court one way system and tried to log in... "you are in a queue expect to wait 6 minutes, do not navigate away from this page" or something like that, so drove another few minutes and found another parking bay just off the one way system. Still said 6 minutes... so tried logging in again.. 5 minutes, then again 5 minutes and again got into the website, navigated to Sarfend... sold out! Damn it!

I can accept not getting a ticket as only go to 1 game a month and was using son's season ticket, but it's that the holding screen didn't count down, I only got in by trying to access the website 4 different times on 4 different tabs... so which one of you cyber geeks deliberately impeded my getting a ticket by hacking the ticket site?

C'est la vie
Car's too old for Glasgow Blue I'd have thought
at 08:39 11 Oct 2019

But it is at least a "proper" well screwed [riveted] togetheer Merc
BBC does WSC - Non-league photos
at 07:00 11 Oct 2019

In the style of When Saturday Comes

Bad driving? By whom?
at 19:24 9 Oct 2019

I can see what someone could get upset about with regards to the Ford 4x4, but aren't the 2 cars sitting on the roundabout in the wrong lane?
There are 2 lanes on that roundabout and if they sat in the left hand one other traffic would be able to pass without the undertaking maneuver performed by the ford.
Just watched the highlights
at 17:59 9 Oct 2019

Lots to be positive about even if we'd rather not be in the competition.

I noticed there was a successful one on one with their keeper...

Huws continues his return from injury, El Mizouni looked lively, Donacien continues his "rehab", Keane got on the scoresheet.

When's Sears back?
Am I being unnecessarily pedantic?
at 19:15 8 Oct 2019

We are in Southern Group A, so we should be fixture number 3 on the list of EFL Fixtures tonight, shouldn't we?

It's not ordered by kick off time either is it? Forest Green Rovers kicked off at 7pm!!! Who kicks off at 7pm?

It's not alphabetical order of team names...

Was the web page editor stoned or drunk?
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