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Bolton away tickets now on sale
at 13:43 16 Aug 2019

on ITFC website, straight to General Sale.
Bolton/Bassini case adjourned until Sept 2nd
at 15:41 14 Aug 2019

No news yet about what that means for pending takeover but it probably makes purchasing tickets for our game on Saturday week interesting.

Bolton away
at 20:05 5 Aug 2019

Coventry who are supposed to be away to Bolton on Saturday have just announced that they are still awaiting ticket news for the game!
Not surprisingly ITFC website are saying TBC for ticket sale date for a game that had supposed to be played in 19 days time.

Pay on the gate perhaps?
at 12:25 13 Jul 2019

This is weird.

Having been trying all day off and on to get TWTD I have now got in with seemingly the last posting being at 0353 this morning or something.

Is anybody there? as they say.
Best footballer you have as your avatar.
at 12:07 17 May 2019

I win.
Darts-I am not interested now but I used to be
at 18:16 15 May 2019

and for those that are or were interested there is a programme about Jocky Wilson on BBC Scotland(channel 951) at 9pm tonight.
I am going to record it, should be good.
Only English based team in Scottish football league
at 08:19 12 May 2019

likely to lose their place as Berwick lost their first leg of their playoff 4-0 to Cove yesterday.

That is an interesting fact for a Sunday morning.
Champions Of England
at 08:34 28 Apr 2019

Back in '62

On 28th April 1962 Ipswich Town became Champions of England and an eleven year old me was there to see it.
What follows is mostly a re-typing of a post of mine from three years ago today, that post is somewhere in the TWTD Time Capsule, although I will correct a factual error that I discovered in the earlier post and add a few observations on football as it was at the time.

On this day in 1962 my team,Ipswich Town, became Champions Of England.
We should have won it again in 1981 and probably a couple of other times in Sir Bobby's reign but in 1962 under Sir Alf we DID.
I know that there are a few of us on here that were about at the time but obviously and regrettably the vast majority of TWTDers have not been able to say that "My team is Ipswich Town and we are Champions of England".
I would just like to try to give you an idea of what it was like, as I remember it.
In 1961/62 I was in my last year at Primary school and I attended 20 of the 21 home League games only missing the Boxing Day game against Leicester because we were at my grandparents in Worcestershire for Christmas, I also attended one away game.
Looking at the fixtures now I do not actually have specific memories of some of the games although I was there but I would like to list a few vivid memories of games and incidents that I do have.
1)Losing our first ever home game in the top division 4-2 to Man C.
2)Beating Burnley 6-2 the following Tuesday night with all 5 forwards scoring.
3)Winning 3-1 at WBA in my first ever away game.
4)Beating Spurs 3-2, the previous season they had been the first team in the 20th
Century to do the League and F.A. Cup double.
5)John Elsworthy scoring with a chipped freekick in a 4-1 win over Man U.
6)Ray Crawford shoulder charging the Bolton goalkeeper with ball in his arms over the
line to score, perfectly legal back then.
7)Roy Stephenson scoring late under the lights to beat Sheff W 2-1.
8)Dougie Moran with a late winner to beat Wolves 3-2.
9)Over 30000 in the ground for the 2-2 Easter raw with Arsenal.
10)Two Ray Crawford second half goals to beat Villa 2-0 in our last game.

We then had to wait for the Burnley result because if they won and then won the other game that they still had to play they would have finished above us on goal average(not GD).
After what seemed like ages but probably wasn't the news came through that Burnley had drawn 1-1 with already relegated Chelsea and we,Ipswich Town, had won the League.
The pitch seemed to fill with men and boys and presumably women and girls and the players were hoisted onto shoulders-I have tears in my eyes whilst typing this.

The team was Bailey, Carberry,Compton, Baxter, Nelson, Elsworthy, Stephenson, Moran, Crawford, Phillips and Leadbetter and they all played at least 37 of the 42 games.
We were lucky with injuries although the original first choice Left Back Kenny Malcolm got injured in the third game and reserve Wing Half John Compton replaced him.
Back then (before substitutes) all clubs basically had a first team and reserves, no squads as such, and for a first team player to lose his place through loss of form was rare-they just played until they regained form.Players were not at anything like the fitness levels of these days and injuries then were far more likely to be to joints rather than muscular although fora player to actually leave the pitch to injury they seemed to have to need a broken leg of ankle or something.If a player took a serious knock during a game they were usually stuck out on the wing "for nuisance value" rather than go off and players would play games carrying knocks or well short of their peak fitness.
Of that team that won the League Bailey, Carberry,Elsworthy, Phillips and Leadbetter had been in the team that won the Third Division (South) in 1956/57 and they plus Nelson, Stephenson and Crawford plus for a large part of the season Baxter made up the Second Division winning team of 1960/61.
The only addition for 1961/62 apart from Compton replacing the injured Malcolm was Dougie Moran signed from Falkirk for £12000.
Crawford and Phillips between them scored 61 of the 93 League goals in 1961/62 having scored 70 of the 100 in the previous season.
Phillips had a thunderous shot from anywhere up to about 30 yards and Crawford was a great taker of chances with a lot of his goals being from rebounds off the keeper or woodwork of Phillips' shots,they were both very good in the air.
Back then teams traditionally lined up as a goalkeeper,two fullbacks,centre half,two halfbacks and five forwards two of whom were wingers.
Normally a winger would take on the opposition fullback and beat him with skill and pace before crossing or passing to the centre forward or inside forwards but Alf RAmsey devised a plan that confused opponents.
Both of our wingers, Stephenson and Leadbetter, were converted Inside forwards and although Stephenson had some pace and could play as a traditional winger Leadbetter did not.Alf played both of them deeper than conventional wingers which gave the opposition fullbacks a problem as to whether wait in their normal position for a winger who might never arrive or to push up to where our wingers were playing from and leave spaces behind for Stephenson and particularly Leadbetter to exploit with telling passes to Crawford and Phillips.
With Elsworthy and Moran being close to what would now be called midfield players and the wingers playing from deep Alf was using a sort of flexible 442 system before such a thing "existed".

Match day for me consisted of arriving at the ground with my mum and dad well before the turnstiles opened so that we could get our place on the wall just to the Churchman's(SAR) side of the half way line in the West Stand(Co-op).
There were separate turnstiles for adults and boys(girls?).
I remember Swede Herring going around the pitch before kick off with his chant"1,2,3,4 who are we for? I P S W I C H"
Our team running out to "Entry Of The Gladiator"-teams did not walk out together back then.
The crowd singing "Keep right on to the end of the road".

That was the wonderful season of 1961/62 as I remember it, thank you Sir Alf and the players for the joy that you brought to me, my mum, my dad and thousands of others.

The date is April 28th 1962 and I am 11 years old and my team,Ipswich Town, are Champions Of England.

[Post edited 28 Apr 20:15]
Former Liverpool captain Tommy Smith passed away today.
at 20:21 12 Apr 2019

One of the hardest of the hard men that all teams had in the 1960's and 1970's when tackling was allowed and you could take man and ball in whichever order you chose.

We will hear today if the time and/or date of our game at Sheff U
at 09:31 5 Apr 2019

is changing.

Leeds at home to Villa that weekend so I imagine that that one will be on TV but so could our's be.
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