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Star Trek : Picard
at 23:49 15 Jan 2020

The latest offering in the Star Trek franchise.
I liked Next Gen but was luke warm about Deep Space 9 and Voyager.
I had no time for Enterprise or Discovery.
Most of the films were naff.
However, my 2 fave characters were Jean Luc Picard and 7 of 9 and it appears they are both in the latest offering Star Trek: Picard played by Sir Patrick Stewart and Jeri Ryan.
I won't pay for Amazon Prime but I'm sure I'll get to see it somehow.
Farage won't take a penny of EU golden goodbye
at 11:17 14 Jan 2020

That's big of Farage.
Oh wait. The payment is in Euros and cents not Pounds and pence.
I see what you did there Nigel.
There is no way he would pass up trousering 200,000 Euros.
He's yesterdays man as far as the UK is concerned.
From 01.02.2020 he holds no position except "Gob for hire".
Owner to sell club after fan pressue
at 23:34 7 Jan 2020

Lucky for us Marcus Evans is made of sterner stuff.
Wycombe wobbling
at 15:46 29 Dec 2019

1-3 down to Coventry at home.
That undefeated home record seems to be gone now.
Listening to BBC Bristol
at 16:42 14 Dec 2019

"Down to 10 men. There's a storm coming. Storm Ipswich."
They don't know much about us do they?
at 01:58 13 Dec 2019

I've just found a bottle of vodka that I put in the freezer months ago.
It poured out of the bottle like glycerine.
That was a shock to the system.
All my posts from now on (if there are any) must be understood in the context of that drunk at the bar who wants to be your friend but will probably pick a fight with you before crashing to the floor.
Well done Google
at 23:07 1 Dec 2019

Google has pulled some Tory fake adverts before they were run.

But hang on.
I have been denied my right to be offended by this despicable Tory action because the ads were never run.
Boo Google.
Oh no
at 21:59 29 Nov 2019

not another football thread like Banksterdebtslaves to attempt to clear the first page of the forum of political threads.
Election Leaflets
at 19:15 11 Nov 2019

Only Lib-dem and Greens have come through my door.
I haven't seen the Tories or Labour leafets but here's an interesting observation from Jim Pickard of the FT.

Election leaflet stats so far:

- Out of 865 Labour leaflets & newsletters only 62 feature Corbyn’s picture. (JC by contrast features on 322 out of 760 Tory leaflets).

The Tories fear of Corbyn getting into no 10 is rather obssessive methinks.
Our bench is impressive
at 16:21 9 Nov 2019

There must be half a dozen galaticos keeping them from the starting XI.
[Post edited 9 Nov 2019 16:23]
Doing the Recycle
at 10:42 4 Nov 2019

this morning at 7am and I happened upon the next door neighbour who was doing the same. I glanced at his black bin that contains the glass and it was chocker-block full of whiskey/vodka/wine bottles.
"Nice party?" I enquired, trying to engage in some smalltalk.
"Thats 6 weeks worth - I only put it out when it's full"
I smiled.
"I'm not a piss-head"
"How's the wife?" changing the subject.
"Neither is she"
Sheesh - some people really are grouchy in the morning (especially if they've had a few the night before).
Peterboro' can't stop scoring
at 16:37 2 Nov 2019

in their own net.
2 ogs today - Blackpool now 4-3
Favourite son scores
at 15:37 2 Nov 2019

Daryl Murphy gets Boltons second.
The Fracking Hell
at 01:05 2 Nov 2019

is over. The government have accepted the science and banned fracking - sort of. The door is still open if the Fracking companies can come up with the science that says its safe and won't cause earth tremors but that is unlikely to happen.
Bulgaria to play behind closed doors
at 18:41 29 Oct 2019

Apologies for an unfashionable football thread (sic).

I think that's fair and the Bulgarian FA probably saw that coming.
They were already being penalised for racist behaviour in a previous game when they played England.
If Bulgaria have such a problem with furriners why on earth are they about to join the Schengen area.
Anybody got a funny feeling about the Southend game?
at 14:35 26 Oct 2019

Then STFU.
You jinxed us last week with that nonsense so just keep it to yourself.
That is all.
Favourite son scores for Bolton
at 21:17 22 Oct 2019

Daryl Murphy makes it 2-0 Bolton at Brizzle rovers.
C'mon Blackpool
at 20:45 22 Oct 2019

You need a home win to keep pace with the leaders.
(and to keep us on top spot).
Canaries favourite son turns on them.
at 02:23 16 Oct 2019

Chris Sutton out to alienate the last few remaining friends he has.

For once I agree with him.
Norwich don't belong in the Premiership.
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