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Oxford the worst location to get in/out
at 01:59 15 Jan 2020

We thought the places like Reading or MK Dons were difficult ones to get in/out. They are nothing in compare to Oxford. Two or three narrow streets in the Kassam Stadium's proximity and big car parks nearby the stadium. Hundreds of cars and I thought: 'it is gonna be a huge mayhem after the game'.
I'd travelled down with the other northern Blue, we both have to be at work tomorrow morning back at North West and we had to make a decision about leaving the match a few minutes before the game. Never ever have I left an Ipswich game before the end even during the awfulness of Jewell or Hurst eras but this had to be done today. We left after 82 minutes. 
Yes new ground for me last night but will be remembered for the negative reasons.

Brief summary of the game. A point is a decent result given all circumstances.
- despite not creating many chances we looked like a team. It certainly didn't look like a team of strangers
- clean sheet against the team who have been so excellent at home this season
- Judge, three attempts from him in the first half. Quite commanding throughout the game and probably best I've seen from him for a while
- Woolfenden, best of our three central backs
- second half in which we played against the wind therefore I expected us to be under the cosh. But Oxford didn't take this opportunity and it was 50/50 between the teams

- referee. Sunderland fans had been saying that the standard of refereeing in this pub league is appalling and they were dead right. Stonewall penalty on Norwood, wrestlemania in their box but no reaction from the ref
- weather and conditions in general
- not creating many chances
- we missed Jacksons pace upfront as Norwood apart from that penalty incident didn't cause them problems
- Garbutt, nothing really positive from him and very wasteful

Step by step we seem to be gradually improving as a team in compare to some matches from the last 2 months. We would have easily lost it last month. 
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6-0 win on Tuesday
at 17:05 11 Jan 2020

And we're back on the top
Luke Chambers - the skipper, the lovable one, the leader etc etc
at 22:12 29 Dec 2019

Some d1(kheads have been heavily slating Nsiala in the recent times, particularly after the Gillingham game. We had kept a clean sheet in this game. I know that it's not a big accolade however it has to be said that Gillingham are higher than Lincoln in the table and have a positive goal difference.
Today Nsiala as expected was dropped and the skip, the leader, the exceptional one in Chambers was back in the team. An outcome? We have conceded 5 goals against a pub Lincoln team.

Yes Chambers was a part of the problem albeit the main one. The whole problem was four useless c***s in our defence, Norris in the goal and Wilson who came on. Yes that Wilson whom Lincoln had released last summer and deemed not good enough.

Had we played Nsiala instead of Chambers today then the same d1(kheads who have been insulting Toto would have been very quick to do so again today. Nsiala would have been made an automatic scapegoat for conceding 5 against Lincoln. And they would have been saying that ... we missed Chambers and his presence today !

Evans is the main problem of this club and the main 'architect' of where we have ended up as a club, Lambert is the main person when it comes to his bizarre chopping and changing every game. But the players have their responsibilities too. Lets take 3rd Lincoln goal for example. None of those useless c***s in Chambers, Wilson, Garbutt were bothered to tackle or close down the Lincoln forward. Then came a pass across the goal and Woolfenden was nowhere near Walker therefore an easy tap-in from the latter was a formality.
Chambers is the skipper and PROVEN CHAMPIONSHIP defender so he ought to have done his best to organise this shower of defence. No-one is free of criticism however large part of our fanbase have been utterly blinkered for years about all things Chambers and Skuse. I've even seen the comments from some of our fans, beyond ridiculous comments that both of them kept the team together during the whole disastrous last year. We ended up as one of the worst Championship teams ever so what could have been actually worse if they 'had not kept the team together'? They should have been accountable for relegation and released by the club. However Chambers got a new contract and our soppy fans were screaming as if we won something. . Got new two year contract and now getting embarrassed by Lincoln forwards in the 3rd Division. He isn't even able to organise the defence ..... the proven one, call him the skip, the leader etc etc.

Nsiala would have had a nightmare on social media but because it was Chambers who played it will be quickly brushed under the carpet by many. And he'll remain a leader, best skipper under the sun and he'll be still loved because he has sworn in front of the Sky cameras and says the things people want to hear. And he says such nice things doesn't he? Plenty of stupid interviews in the last two years when him and Skuse have been saying about the 'fight and determination'. He did the same after 0-3 defeat to Norwich to 'appease' fans and most recently this one:

'“We’re determined to get back straight away and we’ll be giving it everything to make that happen.”

Oh yeah you and other frauds in our defence plus Norris have given everything today haven't you????

I'm writing this post a few minutes after I came back from Lincoln and the manner in which we conceded 4 out 5 goals was harrowing. It was Paul Jewell in League One. Particularly the 3rd goal. Really, really dumbstruck after what I had witnessed today. Yes we would have lost even if Nsiala had played but he himself would have made some tackles just like he did against Gillingham (despite couple of mistakes). Chambers and Co. were just embarrassing. But this exceptional 'skipper' will say something nice as he always does and will be fine in the eyes of some people.

Downes is the only player that come out with some credit after todays game, maybe Dozzell too. But the vast majority of them were atrocious particularly our defence + Gwion Edwards.
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Match thoughts
at 21:51 1 Dec 2019

A weird matchday experience. St. Andrews usually is one of the worst and most boring away days but it's been even worse today with the empty stadium and cold weather. Quite depressing experience for me personally. I haven't checked the stats but it's been probably the lowest 'home' crowd in our away game since Wimbledon away in 2002/03 when their fans had stopped attending matches at Selhurst Park.

Although the final result is frustrating it's a fair result and punishment for our minimal effort and trying to nick yet another away narrow win. I had said in my post-Rochdale report and 1-0 win that sooner or later someone is going to score a late equaliser if we keep playing like we do. Got away with the results at Rochdale, Gillingham, MK Dons and today it is 'only' been a cup game where we were punished.

First half was a waste of life for players and fans alike. Two poor teams unable to threaten each other. Coventry had a half chance at the beginning as Norris saved from the close range whereas Town as expected did offer very little. And 'obviously' Keane on his own upfront was separated from the rest of the team. How predictable it was prior to this match !

Our midfield was brimmed with 'creativity' but we never benefited from that. Nolan, Dozzell, Judge were doing lot of circles while not knowing how to unlock their defence. Keane lacked any sort of service and support. Best player from both poor teams was Downes as he looked like a mature and experienced one. And he was close to score towards the end of first half as he narrowly missed from the close range. Apart from that chance we never really stressed their goalkeeper out.

Second half was a bit better for us but it lasted only a few minutes until we scored. Pleased to see a very good cross and assist from Judge who is gradually improving following very disappointing first four months of the season and finally a Keane's goal. We scored and after that their goalkeeper could have gone home as we made no attempt whatsoever to kill the game off. We wouldn't have scored another one even with the open goal. Yes we tried to hit them on the break but that was really inept. Completely clueless when we were approaching their box. Few hopeless attempts but apart from that the rest of the second half was a sheer mccarthyism. Trying to make it narrow in defence, hanging on and hoping for a luck. No real interest to score a second goal and kill the game off.

Garbutt cleared the ball off the line so did Wilson five minutes from the end. To be honest our defence in general coped well with inept Coventry attacks but on the other hand credit to Coventry too because despite lack of quality in the front areas they kept going and going. And they were duly rewarded for their desire. Yes it was baffling as to why the ref added extra 5 minutes but you play till the final whistle. Norris made an impressive save and we thought that's it and we got away with that. Unfortunately seconds later very poor defending from our central backs was the reason why O'Hare had a lot of space to launch a shot and Norris had no chance.

Annoying and frustrating second half and how on earth is Lambert saying that we were 'comfortable' ? You are never comfortable with a narrow lead and we made no attempt to kill the game off. Coventry had a few chances after we had scored whereas we had none.

Few shots on target lately, not much creativity, mccarthyism is coming back but Lambert sounds upbeat. The leagues position is firmly behind him but I'm worried because if we keep playing like we do we'll be out of the top 2 in not so long.

Back to this awful place on Saturday and want to see a much better performance in terms of creativity and trying to hurt the opposition. Probably a wishful thinking but we'll see.
Match thoughts
at 02:46 21 Nov 2019

Just came back from Lincoln. An unexpected win given almost entire team change but on paper this squad particularly midfield and attack still looked strong.

First half was nothing short of woeful. Two pub teams playing each other. We were very lucky on 15 min as Akinde shot wide from about 13-14 yards. Simple shot on target seemed a formality but he somehow failed to do so.

Town played with the horrible pattern which was never going to be fruitful. Backwards passes and then launching a long ball forward. Unbearable to watch, proper s**tfest. No service from the entire midfield therefore poor Keane had no chance on his own. Completely isolated from the rest of the team.
There was no attempt at all to hit them on the break. They comfortably dealt with our long balls and always had a time to come back and regroup. Very similar to what we had to watch in the last few years.

Nsiala needs a mention as his positioning was fine so was a couple of good interceptions but when it came to distribute the ball ... oh dear ! He gave the ball away at least three times but we somehow dodged a punishment. Moreover his backpasses towards Holy were unconvincing and the latter had to react in a flash.
Kenlock sluggish throughout would offer their winger a lot of space at times.

Lincoln ought to have been 1-0 up at half time as sorry Ipswich hardly threatened them.

Something must have been said by Lambert as we changed the approach after the break. We plainly abandoned those awful first half 'tactics' and tried to operate more with the ball. In a nutshell we played OK without hurting them whereas Holy was tested a few times by Lincoln forwards. However every time when called upon he did his job impeccably. Very, very reliable.

Certainly an improvement from Town but we looked clueless in their box and lack of second striker was a problem.
Judge and Georgiou found it hard to win one v one's but they both seemed far more active. Mind you, even Dozzell improved in the second half.

Despite an improvement Vickers in the Lincoln goal remained relatively untroubled unlike Holy. Two weak shots from Huws from about 20 yards was all we offered.

An introduction of El Mizouni for the injured McGavin made us even more lively. Holy saved us again as 10 minutes from time as he parried a very good shot from the edge of our box. The defence did less mistakes in the second half apart from Kenlock who gave them lot of space again. He seemed quite desperate to link up with Georgiou but he certainly disregarded his defensive duties.

Last minute brought yet another stunning save by Holy and a couple of minutes later the payback for that disgusting and embarrassing performance nearly 3 years ago. Georgiou's low cross found Judge in the box and Vickers had no chance to save the shot.

Deserved win? I wouldn't say so considering our first half incompetence and the job Holy had to do in the second half but win is a win and we also showed an improvement after the break.

A few words about some players.
Holy our MOTM without a shadow of doubt and I can't understand why he has been dropped from the league action.

Donacien.... probably his best ever performance for us.

Wilson ...very solid in defence

McGavin was impressive and never scared of anything despite his young age and lack of experience.

Georgiou .... I've been banging for a while that he should get a chance in the league instead of ineffective Edwards. OK he may not have won a one on one against a Lincoln full-back but he set up the goal for us and I'll keep saying what I've been saying about him.

Judge .... very poor in the first half and completely different in the second goal. Duly rewarded with the goal for his improvement. In honesty though vast majority of the players improved after the break.

Kenlock.... sorry to say but he was our worst player in my opinion.

I'm personally glad that we punished them in exactly the same way they did almost 3 years ago as that night had been a horror. But we have to thank Holy as he looked so reliable and confident.

A cup win is by far the biggest positive of the day plus some individual displays especially those in the second half. Can't say that our entire performance was good but again all what matters after this match is a cup win.
Match thoughts
at 00:44 6 Nov 2019

Is it a sign of something good when we win while not playing particularly well? That is not to say we were poor. Just a meh performance.

Pretty much deja vu of Gillingham or MK Dons matches where we benefit from the opposition's lack of quality in the box. However the credit must go to our central backs who stood strong and made Norris' evening relatively quiet in the second half.

First half disappointing to say the least. Apart from hitting the post and bar we hadn't had a shot on target and their goalkeeper had nothing to do. Too many pointless long balls. No ideas how to unlock their defence. Our main attempts albeit mostly unsuccessful had been coming from Rowe. At least he tried while we can't say that about Judge. The latter offered nothing in the first half.
Rochdale caused us a few problems and had they scored a goal from their couple of chances we couldn't have begrudged them. Their young kid Matheson who had scored a goal for them at Old Trafford in League Cup back in September was their liveliest player.

Guess the players got kick up the arses as we were very good and quick in the first 15-20 minutes of the second half. Got the deserved goal and unfortunately that wasn't followed by a real intent to put the game to bed. Yes Judge (who improved in the second half) launched a good shot saved by their goalkeeper, Jackson had one on one saved but for me there was no big drive to make it 2-0 and game over. The defence though was exemplary and kept Rochdale forwards really quiet. That is why Woolfenden and Chambers will have been my MOTM closely followed by Rowe.

Sooner or later though someone is going to score a late equaliser against us and if we keep playing like that !

It was a cold evening and before the game I said I'd take ugly 1-0 win as it was all about grinding out the result. Still though I didn't like that tension in the second half.

Rochdale certainly lacked in quality to make it tougher for us just like some past opponents but they made up for in spirit, drive and determination. We kind of looked like a side that has been getting by because we have better players than opposition.

All in all 3 points, back to the top but, but, but .... A few 'buts' from me however I'll stay quiet for now and enjoy the stats (7 away wins) and the league position ;)
0-2 has flattered us tonight as it ought to have been 0-4
at 22:41 23 Oct 2019

Best squad in the league, eh?

Such a healthy position at the top after the Fleetwood game and all have been squandered so quickly.

We can lose the games but the manner in which this has happened tonight has been so bad. Such a promising start when Huws' shot from the close range was parried by their keeper and that was first and last real chance for us. What on earth Chambers have done for their goal? Perfect assist.

Even Stevie Wonder would have seen that the diamond formation wasn't working at all in the first half so changes ought to have been made after the first 30 minutes to give us a new system, to give us a width. What was Lambert waiting for? Nothing wasn't working out for us. Vincent-Young and Garbutt were unable to offer anything as full-backs as there was no help in front of them. But we kept resorting to the direct football which was very easy to deal with for the Rotherham defence. No service from midfield at all towards strikers, Skuse opting for easy option just to keep passing backwards and sideways. No threat at all from us whereas there was a danger every time when Rotherham were surging forward. By the end of first half Smith's header went over the bar. A few chances for them, nothing from us, from the 'best squad in the league'.

Second half in which Rotherham should have scored more than they did. Their second goal and what did Skuse do? Dear me !

58 minute's moment summed us up today as Garbutt sent a pointless long ball towards no-one. Georgiou's introduction made us a bit more lively for the following 10-15 minutes but without a real threat.

Any positives today? We haven't seen Dozzell and Judge on the pitch and that's the solitary one.

All these past lacklustre performances in which everything was rosy for some are hitting us back now. We have no pattern of play, no style, Lambert keeps rotating the team in a stunning way, changing the squad like socks. Have we been found out? Are the wheels are coming off?

People will be saying we need to respond against Southend but with this squad every result is possible. Even the defeat against Southend who have conceded 40 goals in 14 games isn't unlikely. We had to respond tonight and we have failed to do so. Very, very bad performance and there are no excuses at all. Rotherham were by far more threatening than us and the manner in which we have lost makes me really upset.
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Match thoughts
at 02:15 22 Sep 2019

Chopping and changing again. Plenty of squad rotation in the recent games but as long as it doesn't affect negatively our results it's fine then.
We have been quite lucky to have got this fixture on a very warm Saturday afternoon as freezing December/January days must be a terrible experience for an away fan in this place.

Distance wise it's been my 2nd longest trip ever for the Town league game but it's a new ground to tick off my list.

A game of few scoring opportunities. Deserved win but we like to make it hard for ourselves don't we?
First half was like a drab, pre-season picnic. Both sets of players lazy and nothing really worth of note until about 30 minute. One deflected shot of a Gillingham player followed by the another that flew just over the bar.
A moment later another danger in our box as the hosts perhaps sensed opportunities as Town players hadn't offered much up to that point.

However what a good answer from us soon after that as Vincent-Young met the cross from the left wing and headed home. Some reward from the players for our fans for the boring, poor 1st half. Yes we were the better team, better with the ball but the performance wasn't too impressive.

My wish at half time was to see Norwood and Nolan to give us some spark. Got the latter on and we were more lively indeed although we threatened only twice as Judge hit the post following a run and pass from Vincent-Young and Nolan's shot was parried away by Bonham. A couple of minutes before that Chambers saved us from conceding a goal.

Plenty of corners for the hosts mostly well dealt with by our defence and assured Holy. Our inability to kill the game off (once again) was the most irritating aspect of the game for me. Any mistake or lapse in concentration is always possible so why do we make it a bit hard again?

Gillingham players particularly forwards were very visibly lacking quality therefore the luck was with us.

My MOTM is going for Vincent-Young. For his goal, for going forward, for the run and pass to Judge after which the latter hit the post. A full-back playing like this is something we lacked in the last few years.
Chambers heavily slated after his mistake against Sunderland seems to be doing what is expected from the skipper. Saved us today and had a good, commanding performance. Wilson yet another faultless one. Holy seemed calm and assured in the goal.

The negatives are Edwards and Dozzell as both have offered little or nothing. The latter had a solitary foray into their box early in the second half but there was no-one to pick up his pass.

My biggest gripe after today is aforementioned inability to kill the game off, to release a tension. We were playing the opposition who were devoid of quality, the bunch of talentless donkeys but our performance wasn't a top notch. Therefore 3 points and yet another clean sheet are by far the biggest positive of the day, far above everything else.

We are in this horrible, tinpot league for merit, for the way Evans has been running the club for years and the quality of football is awful. Some of our past opponents, most notably Gillingham today and it's sad how far we have fallen to play such terrible teams.

Some of our fans will be saying that everything is perfect for us. Perhaps it's a bit hard to argue with them as it's yet another away win, top of the league, clean sheets aplenty. But if we are a top team let's play like a top team, first half against MK Dons last Tuesday was so tasty to watch for example. Nonetheless 3 points gained so all in all a good day out.
Match thoughts
at 02:19 18 Sep 2019

Been a long day but got what I wanted as I had said yesterday that it was all about 3 points today as the best way to forget the disappointing game against Doncaster. 3 points and back home being relieved. But an actual relief is enormous given the poor 2nd half performance.

I was very surprised with the amount of changes in the line-up but I liked that. Got my wish in dropping ineffective so far Judge. Seemed like an attacking approach and it proved to be the case in the first half in which we should and could have easily put the game to bed. Utterly dominant and not killing the game off was a regret. Jackson's one v one with Nicholls saved by their goalie plus Vincent-Young somehow failing to hit the target from close range. The latter though was absolutely brilliant throughout the first half and loved going forward at every opportunity. It is too premature to say that in him we've got the best right-back from a very long time, I'd say from Wilnis' days but the early signs are very promising.

Norwood going off made things worse for us as it's been a different story without him. In the second half which was draining we looked toothless with not fully fit Keane. Yes we had the ability to hit them on the break but unfortunately Nicholls had practically nothing to do just one lame shot from Downes.
We allowed MK Dons for too much. They were in our box too often in my opinion. We were toying with fire and got lucky a few times but there is main hero in Holy. We're very much indebted to him for saving us 3 points after the break. That save by his leg from the close range was particularly outstanding.

Most of our team looked somewhat jaded and some players' fitness level weren't sufficient. So the final whistle was like a bag of stones off my shoulders as the second half was really tiresome.

Huws and Nolan combining for the goal was one of the positive aspects as they hadn't play much this season. Vincent-Young for the first half, Holy for the 2nd. Need to mention Wilson too as again he hasn't done anything wrong.

However the biggest positive after today are numbers and stats. Yes we were lucky at times but the facts are that we got 3 points and this is a 4th clean sheet in a row, we remain unbeaten therefore f**k the negatives ;) The negatives remain but this is the subject for the different debate. Another numbers are in the shape of our phenomenal support for Tuesday night game. 3360 noisy Town fans so to be among them and taking 3 points means that this trek was worth every penny.
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Match thoughts
at 19:26 24 Aug 2019

It was a mismatch especially the second half as the Bolton kids ran out of the steam. Therefore it's a bit hard to draw any conclusions in regard to us.

The most annoying and frustrating thing today was Norwood's wastefulness. Perhaps he felt a bit cocky and complacent but he can't afford to waste as many chances as he's had today. Even Edwards' goal was just a follow-up from Norwood's one v one with Remi Matthews. Our fifth goal has perhaps made up a little bit for his faults but he needs to be better. I've been far more impressed with Jackson's effectiveness today.  

Bolton kids were not bad in defence in the first half but completely harmless in attack. Some of them looked like kids and once they conceded a second goal early in the 2nd half they lost their drive and determination. They completely gave in and afterwards it was a mismatch. Had that been a boxing fight the referee would have stopped it after 70 minutes.

Their last league goal is still an own goal from Emmanuel back in April.

Bolton's defence were quite rigid at times in the first half therefore the general impression wasn't the best as to how we'd fare. Given their average age and inexperience we ought to have created much more. We rarely make things easy therefore a second goal was badly needed to release a tension. So the game was over after Edwards scored and the only target for the remainder of the game was to rack up a goal difference. 

Vincent-Young had his debut but it is too early to assess him given todays opposition. One positive aspect is that he tends to enter an oppositon box that we hadn't seen from Donacien in the past matches.

Kenlock though made a few poor passes and he isn't getting better unfortunately.

I had said after that poor Peterborough match that 6 points from the Wimbledon and Bolton matches will be like papers over the cracks. My view was deepened after I saw on IFollow in the first 60 minutes against Wimbledon. However the points target this week has been acquired and it has got to be a biggest positive. 11 points after 5 games and lets move on. 

Today should be actually free of assessment and appraisal given the state of the Bolton team. Assuming Rochdale game is cancelled 6 points from the next two home games are by no means a foregone conclusion.
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Match thoughts
at 21:51 17 Aug 2019

Dear dear ! Football is a funny old game. We felt robbed against Sunderland last week whereas today it's our opponents in Peterborough who are robbed as we never deserved a point.

This game has been a reality check for all those who claim our squad is good enough for the top 6. Only first 15 minutes were quite impressive from us. The second half in particular was very irritating however the lack of quality was very telling.
No wonder Lambert claims that he needs more players as we aren't strong enough in some areas.

All over them in the first 15 minutes. Quite a good spell rewarded by the Norwood's goal and that was followed by deflected Edwards' shot which was impressively tipped over the bar by Pym.

We allowed Peterborough to come back into the game instead of continuing our good spell. Very poor marking from Maddison's free-kick delivery led to their equaliser. An easy header.

Second half. Dear me ! To put it nicely it was unacceptable. Lack of quality and lack of ideas. Every time Peterborough was in our box would see a danger. The defence was bad and disorganised. Holy's incredible save from close-range in 50 min delayed inevitable and Eisa's goal followed soon.

Quick chance to come back into the game but Norwood's lame penalty was easily saved by Pym.

After that Peterborough were content to sit back and withstand our poor deliveries and pointless long balls. Given how some rave about the quality of our team I'd have expected our midfield and strikers to get into Peterborough's box as easily as they did into ours after the break. Ipswich Town looking poor and clueless in the 3rd tier, that's the new, sad reality nowadays.

Alan Judge came on to replace Edwards. What on earth is going on with him? Is he sulking over not having had a chance to speak to Queens Park? We were in trouble, we needed some spark and injection and you would have expected that from player of his ilk. However what we got from him was mostly pointless deliveries into the box easily dealt with by Peterborough's defence. He could have done much better had he looked for his teammates. Very, very disappointing.

We got an injury-time equaliser which we never deserved given our abject second half performance. Chambers has redeemed himself and his last week's sin and turned out to be a hero. What is really worth underlining is the fact that it came from El Mizouni's dead ball delivery.

A bit of overreaction from some of our fans as they celebrated a late equalizer in the 3rd Division as if we won a cup or something.
There was a strong argument and almost a fight where I stood during the second half between some angry fan and one from 'get behind the team' brigade.

The positives from today is that the unbeaten league run continues and Chambers saving the day. A couple of decisive interceptions from Skuse, a few nice passes from Downes. The problem for the latter was lack of support particularly from full-backs. Both Kenlock and Donacien barely offered any threat when going forward.

So far my pre-season concerns and worries are turning out to be right, sadly. The defence may become our undoing and this squad badly need a better quality. Lambert knows that hence his latest comments.
We should expect beating Wimbledon and Bolton kids but in my opinion it will paper over the cracks as we need a quality. Judge complete disappointment so far, Huws not able to get fit for almost 2 years, ridiclously overrated Dozzell can't get a league game, Jackson's solitary attribute is pace therefore we badly need a striker.

Now the hope is that Vincent-Young turns out to be an instant improvement on Donacien and we don't drop points in the next 'winnable' 2 games. Fantastic support today but in terms of football the day to forget.
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Rowe MOTM today, Downes and Woolfenden really good too
at 19:20 3 Aug 2019

Rowe's drive and desire to go forward was for me an arguably most pleasing aspect of the game. It was particularly impressive in the first half.

Woolfenden seemed very assured and saved us a win with his last-gasp clearance.

Downes like a professor at times in the middle.

Holy decent first half but his farcical mistake towards the end of the game nearly cost us points.

Unexpected 3 points for me as this defence was frightening me before the game but what a lift for Lambert as I feel really sorry for him. Must be really awful for him to work for evans. He certainly wants to build something for the future but given lack of tools from evans he may have to turn to the loan market.
That tattoo
at 22:15 23 Jul 2019

Poor lad.
[Post edited 23 Jul 2019 22:15]
Get well Ian McParland !
at 23:58 11 Jul 2019

Not sure if posted before. Our ex-caretaker manager has had a heart attack.

Good to hear he's recovering well.
Best performance for a while
at 21:49 13 Feb 2019

Certainly in the Lambert's era.

What a gripping night ! Don't remember the last time I couldn't take my eyes off the Town game.

Midfield full of energy and endeavour.

If only this club had invested money to sign the Championship quality strikers we would have won it. They have failed to do so therefore we are getting punished by the relegation.
[Post edited 13 Feb 2019 21:56]
S**t every week, beaten every week .... are you watching Marcus Evans?
at 14:02 10 Feb 2019

That's what you have done to this club you obnoxious worm. Not only that though. You have made us so inferior to Norwich.
Two young full-backs and young central back form their defence
at 19:41 2 Feb 2019

Aarons, Lewis and CB in Godfrey. What young gems ! What are they doing that we can't? Why have our entire defence and the players 'protecting' it been such a shower this season?

To think people keep raving about our youth system.
Dominic Iorfa to make his Sheffield Wed debut against us (n/t)
at 22:15 31 Jan 2019

If we get relegated then League One will be less painful ...
at 14:56 18 Jan 2019

... with Lambert in charge.

Imagine him leaving and one of these useless gits to become our manager, the likes of Steve Cotterill, Karl Robinson or Darren Ferguson. That would be unbearable.
Not only this 3 points
at 17:23 15 Dec 2018

Rotherham getting a late equaliser against Reading has been equally important too.
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