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Match thoughts
at 19:26 24 Aug 2019

It was a mismatch especially the second half as the Bolton kids ran out of the steam. Therefore it's a bit hard to draw any conclusions in regard to us.

The most annoying and frustrating thing today was Norwood's wastefulness. Perhaps he felt a bit cocky and complacent but he can't afford to waste as many chances as he's had today. Even Edwards' goal was just a follow-up from Norwood's one v one with Remi Matthews. Our fifth goal has perhaps made up a little bit for his faults but he needs to be better. I've been far more impressed with Jackson's effectiveness today.  

Bolton kids were not bad in defence in the first half but completely harmless in attack. Some of them looked like kids and once they conceded a second goal early in the 2nd half they lost their drive and determination. They completely gave in and afterwards it was a mismatch. Had that been a boxing fight the referee would have stopped it after 70 minutes.

Their last league goal is still an own goal from Emmanuel back in April.

Bolton's defence were quite rigid at times in the first half therefore the general impression wasn't the best as to how we'd fare. Given their average age and inexperience we ought to have created much more. We rarely make things easy therefore a second goal was badly needed to release a tension. So the game was over after Edwards scored and the only target for the remainder of the game was to rack up a goal difference. 

Vincent-Young had his debut but it is too early to assess him given todays opposition. One positive aspect is that he tends to enter an oppositon box that we hadn't seen from Donacien in the past matches.

Kenlock though made a few poor passes and he isn't getting better unfortunately.

I had said after that poor Peterborough match that 6 points from the Wimbledon and Bolton matches will be like papers over the cracks. My view was deepened after I saw on IFollow in the first 60 minutes against Wimbledon. However the points target this week has been acquired and it has got to be a biggest positive. 11 points after 5 games and lets move on. 

Today should be actually free of assessment and appraisal given the state of the Bolton team. Assuming Rochdale game is cancelled 6 points from the next two home games are by no means a foregone conclusion.
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Match thoughts
at 21:51 17 Aug 2019

Dear dear ! Football is a funny old game. We felt robbed against Sunderland last week whereas today it's our opponents in Peterborough who are robbed as we never deserved a point.

This game has been a reality check for all those who claim our squad is good enough for the top 6. Only first 15 minutes were quite impressive from us. The second half in particular was very irritating however the lack of quality was very telling.
No wonder Lambert claims that he needs more players as we aren't strong enough in some areas.

All over them in the first 15 minutes. Quite a good spell rewarded by the Norwood's goal and that was followed by deflected Edwards' shot which was impressively tipped over the bar by Pym.

We allowed Peterborough to come back into the game instead of continuing our good spell. Very poor marking from Maddison's free-kick delivery led to their equaliser. An easy header.

Second half. Dear me ! To put it nicely it was unacceptable. Lack of quality and lack of ideas. Every time Peterborough was in our box would see a danger. The defence was bad and disorganised. Holy's incredible save from close-range in 50 min delayed inevitable and Eisa's goal followed soon.

Quick chance to come back into the game but Norwood's lame penalty was easily saved by Pym.

After that Peterborough were content to sit back and withstand our poor deliveries and pointless long balls. Given how some rave about the quality of our team I'd have expected our midfield and strikers to get into Peterborough's box as easily as they did into ours after the break. Ipswich Town looking poor and clueless in the 3rd tier, that's the new, sad reality nowadays.

Alan Judge came on to replace Edwards. What on earth is going on with him? Is he sulking over not having had a chance to speak to Queens Park? We were in trouble, we needed some spark and injection and you would have expected that from player of his ilk. However what we got from him was mostly pointless deliveries into the box easily dealt with by Peterborough's defence. He could have done much better had he looked for his teammates. Very, very disappointing.

We got an injury-time equaliser which we never deserved given our abject second half performance. Chambers has redeemed himself and his last week's sin and turned out to be a hero. What is really worth underlining is the fact that it came from El Mizouni's dead ball delivery.

A bit of overreaction from some of our fans as they celebrated a late equalizer in the 3rd Division as if we won a cup or something.
There was a strong argument and almost a fight where I stood during the second half between some angry fan and one from 'get behind the team' brigade.

The positives from today is that the unbeaten league run continues and Chambers saving the day. A couple of decisive interceptions from Skuse, a few nice passes from Downes. The problem for the latter was lack of support particularly from full-backs. Both Kenlock and Donacien barely offered any threat when going forward.

So far my pre-season concerns and worries are turning out to be right, sadly. The defence may become our undoing and this squad badly need a better quality. Lambert knows that hence his latest comments.
We should expect beating Wimbledon and Bolton kids but in my opinion it will paper over the cracks as we need a quality. Judge complete disappointment so far, Huws not able to get fit for almost 2 years, ridiclously overrated Dozzell can't get a league game, Jackson's solitary attribute is pace therefore we badly need a striker.

Now the hope is that Vincent-Young turns out to be an instant improvement on Donacien and we don't drop points in the next 'winnable' 2 games. Fantastic support today but in terms of football the day to forget.
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Rowe MOTM today, Downes and Woolfenden really good too
at 19:20 3 Aug 2019

Rowe's drive and desire to go forward was for me an arguably most pleasing aspect of the game. It was particularly impressive in the first half.

Woolfenden seemed very assured and saved us a win with his last-gasp clearance.

Downes like a professor at times in the middle.

Holy decent first half but his farcical mistake towards the end of the game nearly cost us points.

Unexpected 3 points for me as this defence was frightening me before the game but what a lift for Lambert as I feel really sorry for him. Must be really awful for him to work for evans. He certainly wants to build something for the future but given lack of tools from evans he may have to turn to the loan market.
That tattoo
at 22:15 23 Jul 2019

Poor lad.
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Get well Ian McParland !
at 23:58 11 Jul 2019

Not sure if posted before. Our ex-caretaker manager has had a heart attack.

Good to hear he's recovering well.
Best performance for a while
at 21:49 13 Feb 2019

Certainly in the Lambert's era.

What a gripping night ! Don't remember the last time I couldn't take my eyes off the Town game.

Midfield full of energy and endeavour.

If only this club had invested money to sign the Championship quality strikers we would have won it. They have failed to do so therefore we are getting punished by the relegation.
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S**t every week, beaten every week .... are you watching Marcus Evans?
at 14:02 10 Feb 2019

That's what you have done to this club you obnoxious worm. Not only that though. You have made us so inferior to Norwich.
Two young full-backs and young central back form their defence
at 19:41 2 Feb 2019

Aarons, Lewis and CB in Godfrey. What young gems ! What are they doing that we can't? Why have our entire defence and the players 'protecting' it been such a shower this season?

To think people keep raving about our youth system.
Dominic Iorfa to make his Sheffield Wed debut against us (n/t)
at 22:15 31 Jan 2019

If we get relegated then League One will be less painful ...
at 14:56 18 Jan 2019

... with Lambert in charge.

Imagine him leaving and one of these useless gits to become our manager, the likes of Steve Cotterill, Karl Robinson or Darren Ferguson. That would be unbearable.
Not only this 3 points
at 17:23 15 Dec 2018

Rotherham getting a late equaliser against Reading has been equally important too.
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Match thoughts
at 21:49 8 Dec 2018

Once again the lack of quality turned out to be the main problem that hits us so severely. Can't accuse players of lack of effort but we're harmless like babies in all honesty.

People are going to draw loads of positives from the game. Probably rightly so as this team is giving all they can. Nice to see the approach like that instead of sitting back and letting an opposition have a go at us. However the one thing that is really telling is that the teams DON'T TREAT US seriously.

Teams know we lack quality. Take Stoke for example today. Ryan Shawcross and Ashley Williams the two central backs with the sweeping Premier League experience. They knew they were gonna face one of the League Two forwards from last season in Roberts or Jackson. Did they need to feel 'intimidated' ? No they didn't. They would comfortably deal with our attempts. Lankester hitting the ball straight at Butland from the tight angle in the first half was the solitary moment where we could have actually scored. Apart from that no real threat from us despite spells in which we dominated in terms of possession.

The tough gruelling festive period is coming up so Stoke players treated the game like a kind of training session. Let Ipswich have the ball, they aren't gonna hurt us at all. And that has unfortunately been the case. Both goals were a rare moment of quality in this game however sufficient enough to win the game.

Some of the Stoke players probably didn't even need the showers after the game.

Once again that was a cruel remainder of how tinpot and embarrassing we are as a club. If you don't replace Waghorn and McGoldrick with an adequate quality you get brutally punished. But according to some '6m a year' fcukwits we should be grateful to Marcus for putting 6m a year and paying the bills.

Lankester was our brightest point today, Downes seemed confident too. No place in the starting line-up yet again for the 'footballing prodigy' in Dozzell. People need to stop bigging him up.

This weekend 18 years ago we had a glorious match at Anfield. Marcus Stewart ridiculing Liverpool's defence and scoring in front of the Kop. What a different world today, the world of despair for us. Not only can we forget about Premier League forever we just face the relegation to the third tier where we will be for years. Unless Lambert has some real footballing geniuses on his list there is no way for us to get out of this mess. Evans has been destroying the club for years, Hurst has significantly accelerated our decline. Yet ... if I am not happy I will be told by some happy clapping spineless bellends to buy the club. Bad or dodgy owners who have been destroying the clubs, the likes of Karl Oyston, Randy Lerner, Mike Ashley, Roland Duchatelet, Doug Ellis etc etc......all of them would still be defended by '6m a year' brigade if they owned Ipswich. Plenty of frustration/anger/despair but we are punished in the appropriate way for the Evans' policy.

We have 'reached' a new level of bleakness where every point will be deemed as a bonus. At least until January.

Our support today and roaring 'Ipswich till I die' this was really nice and showed what this club means to us.

Not mentioning clubs with parachute payments but take a few others for example. Forest, Derby, Norwich, Sheffield Utd, Leeds..... what can they do that we can't? Why has it got be us owned by Evans instead of one of them and keep sliding down?
Match thoughts
at 22:56 1 Dec 2018

That was a painful and brutal remainder for us where we are in the football hierarchy. Forest having assembled good, competitive squad against poor, quality starved Ipswich. The game has perfectly underlined that difference.

We can't slate our players following this performance. Nor can we insult them. Effort wise they were spot on. They'd try. But the truth is sad for the club as they don't possess required quality to compete at this level.

We looked like boys against quality men during the match. Forest's supremacy was particularly telling in the midfield. Their footballing intelligence, way of passing. You'd love Ipswich to have a team like that and to be playing like that.

Yet another Bialkowski's fook-up. So early in the game and that already was the game over. Very quick end of any delusions.

Jackson had three chances for us and he really should have at least hit the target in all of them. Beside, we weren't good enough to threaten them. Their dominance in midfield was thumping. Painfully thumping.

Their second goal was has summed us up and the years of disastrous Evans' ownership. If we had a chance to get quality players we might be able to be scoring that kind of goals. Our defence was brutally exposed. Magnificent passing which ended up with a simple tap-in from Grabban.

Second half. People might say we were better. In a way yes but the main thing was that Forest simply put their feet of the gas and their fans can't blame them for this as they perhaps were a bit knackered following that crazy game against Aston Villa. Still though they hit the woodwork twice whereas the closest we came to score was a shot from Lankester which went narrowly wide.

So even though we looked a bit better I still felt sorry for the team. All their efforts and attempts went for nothing as they weren't good enough. If we had somehow scored then Forest would have punished us easily with another one or two.

Final whistle was the moment I couldn't wait for during the entire second half.

Travelled to the game with Forest fan from work. Asked him specifically what was their fans' main issue with their ex-owner Fawaz. The main one was selling best players and not always replaced them with similar quality. They particularly went mad couple of years ago when Fawaz following the sale of Oliver Burke to RB Leipzig never re-invested money. You sell your best players and failure to replace means a big struggle and that Forest fan reminded me but it ain't a rocket science. I've told him that if Fawaz was an Ipswich owner than the number of fooking idiots would be defending him and saying that he puts 6m a year to keep the club afloat and pays the bills.

Nowadays Forest have a Greek owner and they have assembled a good squad without spending horrendous amount of money. In Lewis Grabban they have a required quality to score goals in this league and that is part of the gulf between them and Ipswich.

We might not have been in this position if McCarthy had stayed with us. But he would carry on sniping at us and treating us with contempt like he did. We would still have been drifting along in this league. What would be the point? It's lack of investment throughout the years that hits us very badly.

Everybody is entitled to have their own hopes/expectations. For me personally there is no way whatsoever to get out the trouble. We need 4-5 signings in January to have any chance and each one of them has to be a hell of a signing. That means a lot of money to be spent in the difficult winter transfer window and Evans never invest big money.
Maybe Lambert does possess special ability to entice good players but the reality is that it's probably cost a lot.

The gulf between both teams was embarrassing today. Forest have an owner who have been backing Karanka whereas Ipswich has an owner who ... pays bills and '6m a year' brigade is going to tell me or other broken fans to buy the club if we aren't happy.

Stoke next week should be the same as today. Their quality is going to be too much for our team.
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Hurst though a disaster was dead right about senior players
at 21:50 28 Nov 2018

Bart gifting them two goals yet he has cheek to be crying about Hurst.

Third goal , where were central backs and skipper of all skippers?

No ability to come back into the game but this is due to the dreadful lack of quality and years of underinvestment.

We more than deserve relegation for the disastrous ownership and policy of this club.

The only question is if Lambert is prepared to lead us out at Accrington, Rochdale and Fleetwood next season.
A few match thoughts
at 23:36 10 Nov 2018

I had said to the people at half-time that my long trek was worth every penny. Did I feel like that after the final whistle? Despite the result I'd day yes because I haven't seen anything like that from Town team for a few seasons. The way in which we dictated the game in the 1st half, players' commitment and effort. Yes we played poor opposition today and our next away opponents in Nottingham and Stoke won't allow us similar kind of performance but you can play what is in front of you. Whether we played top or bottom opposition in the last few seasons the pattern was mostly the same, sit back, let an opposition have a go at us and hoof it. Apart from moments of brilliances from Ryan Fraser or Tom Lawrence we had rarely seen something like what we have today. Massive bit of a fresh air. 
Remember Reading away on Friday night two seasons ago for example? I don't mean 5-1 game. I mean the 2-1 defeat with three penalties which was a torture to watch.

Town came out with the intention TO WIN the match which is a nice change. Sears and Roberts. Both of them wouldn't probably be starters if all players were fit. But if they continue playing like that they are going to give Lambert a selection headache. Sears in particular seems like a player completely reinvigorated by Lambert, I dare to day it is already his best spell since the end of the play-off season. The shackles are gone and he is benefiting from the Lambert's tactical approach. He never gave Reading defence a moment of breath until he got jaded in the 2nd half.'s clear to see that he lacks a bit of quality to perform at this level but he never stops trying. Plays as good as he can and that will do for me. He kept absorbing their defence throughout and really deserved big ovations when he was getting subbed. His alternate Jackson who also came from League Two is a different story. I don't understand why some idiots keep slating him. Not being good enough at this level ain't a sin. He was offered a contract by Ipswich so why blaming him? However he is badly struggling and the pace is his solitary attribute. Nothing besides. Things might have been smoother for him if he had Championship quality alongside him to learn from (Waghorn, McGoldrick).
Edwards constantly threatening them too. The Town front three were the best players on the pitch in the first half that was a pure pleasure to watch. We dominated the game, pressed them and created chances. Apart from their equaliser which was partly Bialkowski's fault they hardly threatened. It was all Ipswich and we looked like a top 6 opposition in compare to Reading. The hosts had to make changes at half time and it paid off for them as they stepped up and became more dangerous.

Town though not as good as they were before the interval tried to hit them on the break. Unfortunately the tiredness seemed to have crept in. Reading's tactical change was a significant factor too. Of course we can't be critical of them. The lack of quality striker(s) and lack of strength in depth turned out to be a problem. Jackson far from good, Ward who has been letting us down not even on the bench again. People might say that Dozzell should have come on but we have to trust Lambert. If he thinks that Dozzell isn't good enough to help the team then so be it. 

12 minutes from time Reading made another substitution that heralded a danger. The veteran O'Shea replaced by attacking midfielder Swift so that meant a kitchen sink to be thrown at us. 
An equaliser was somewhat a defensive mistake as Pennington had to deal with their two forwards in the air. Where were others? Why was the cross allowed by Knudsen? 

We still could have lost which would have been a travesty as Reading players hit the ball over the bar from the close range twice towards the end of the game. 

Yes, disappointed with having failed to win but buoyed with what Lambert has done so far during such short time. He would dance on the touchline for the whole game and encourage players. What a contrast to Hurst who would have stood with the folded arms like a bollard. 

In my opinion the prime target has been done today as we are still 5 points from safety. I don't think we'll get out of the bottom three before the end of 2018 given our tough schedule so it's imperative we are still 5 points behind at worst following the Millwall game on New Years Day. Evans whose disastrous ownership got us into this mess will have to spend a lot to give Lambert a chance otherwise the latter might walk out like he did at Blackburn a few seasons ago. He was promised funds by Venkys as he himself wasn't interested in mediocrity. The funds never came so he walked out. And now even Venkys realised that they have to spend if they want Blackburn to be competitive. They are going to conclude a deal which will cost them 7m as this is the price for Ben Brereton to become their permanent players. So Evans not only has to spend large sum of money but we somehow have to entice a good goalscorer(s) to join us otherwise we are relegated. Simple as that. The lack of Championship quality strikers and failure to replace Waghorn, McGoldrick and Garner with an adequate quality hits us very hard. 

Given what Lambert has done so far we have to be pleased. Compare his first two games to the Hurst last two (Queens Park, Leeds) and there is a hell of difference in terms of players' confidence and commitment. 
Ian Culverhouse
at 23:47 25 Oct 2018

Some people having an issue with Lambert's Norwich connections. It shouldn't be an issue. He's a journeyman. Those wanting to 'have an issue' with Norwich connections should have a look at Ian Culverhouse. Not much talk about him.

More than decade with them. A member of their hall of fame. Popular among their fans and voted best right back ever.

However it's a big question if he follows Lambert at Town. Apparently they parted at Villa on bad terms and that's why Lambert didn't have him at Wolves, Villa and Stoke.
A few thoughts after coming back from Leeds
at 23:55 24 Oct 2018

He never stops to surprise/baffle with his decisions regarding the playing personnel. Overwhelming amount of changes in odd hope of getting a result. Spence all of sudden in the team, Nolan playing as a right winger whereas Edwards was left on the bench.

Lost any support for Hurst. Feeling as low as I was during the Jewell era.

To make things even more stupid he takes off our brightest player in Edun to replace him for a pile of crap Ward is. Edun the only player he could offer something today. He and maybe Pennington can come out with credit tonight. Perhaps Bialkowski too for keeping to score low in the 2nd half.
The rest? Hopeless. Nolan in particular. I was so happy when we signed him but he turns out to be a biggest disapointment.

We could have played all night and we wouldn't have scored. The lack of quality upfront was particularly telling. But here is where one of the main problems, the club's cancer in the shape of Evans. Good strikers cost 5,6,7m in this league whereas he refuses to spend money like that on new players. We had money from the Waghorn sale, we let McGoldrick go. Before anyone reminds me about McGoldrick injury problems it needs to be said that he remains a picture of good health ever since joining Sheffield Utd. Likewise another 'sicknote' in Webster at Bristol City.
We lack quality upfront and Evans should have learnt from the Murphy's departure that things like that are very dangerous. But he doesn't give a f**k.

Hurst has created a hell of a mess in such short period of time. Keeps doing random things to get the result. He simply has to go as players are devoid of any confidence.

Millwall on Saturday so as always a few random things from that cretin. Nsiala will be probably back, so will Dozzell, so will Graham, perhaps Donacien too, Ward may start. Edun will obviously be dropped as he was following the impressive performance against Sheffield Wed.

Disastrous owner and his policy that ruins the club, disastrous manager, poor team. The change of a manager is the only glimmer of hope for us but it's going to be a thankless task with this group of players.

The lowest moment for me as a Town fan. Cold wintry Tuesday nights at Rochdale or Fleetwood next season are looming.

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Match thoughts
at 20:07 15 Sep 2018

This is the first time under Hurst that I've been really disappointed with him and his decisions. There have been positives to take from all league games so far this season hence he hardly deserved a criticism in my opinion. Today though I don't know what his match plan was.

First goal in which Downes was dispossessed like a schoolboy proved what a wrong and bizarre decision was to let him play. However there was still more than 86 minutes to play, plenty of time, no reason to panic. What followed that goal was a painful, horrible Mick McCarthy's stuff in which we kept hoofing towards Walters and no central midfield whatsoever. That dodgy pair of central backs in Burke and De Wijs had no problems at all when dealing with that 'tactic'. The problems seemed to appear for them in the last 10 minutes of the first half where we tried to play differently. Couple of crosses from Graham, Edwards' shot impressively blocked by their defence.
However for the first 35 minutes of the match we made poor Hull team looked good and I dare to say that their passing was particularly fine. Why couldn't we play like a s**te Hull team?

Horrible half so changes were inevitable. Downes to be taken off for example as he offered nothing. Bafflingly though Hurst didn't make any. Players like Edun, Chalobah or one of Jackson and Harrison would have made a difference. 

Start of the 2nd half seemed slightly better than the first half, we were on the front foot however no chances created. Hull were more and more comfortable as the game went on and were far more threatening. Gerken's two outstanding saves and Pennington's goalline clearance were the big moments in particular. 

Ipswich? One tame shot from Graham straight at Marshall and nothing besides. Hurst only for the reason known to himself waited very long with the first substitution. 

Jackson Irvine added a second after treating Spence like he really is. A poor, indecisive defender. 

For the first time this season I struggle to find positives and can't understand Hurst's approach today. Why has he reverted to what he had to deal with in the last few seasons? 
Moreover his decisions regarding the playing personnel. Chopping and changing, why is that? How on earth did Downes find himself today in the line-up? 

Loads of Town fans have been raving for years about our youth system. Play youngsters blah blah blah. You'd think we have the best youngsters in the world when you listen to some. So they got the youngster in the opening line-up today. Youngster instead of loanee. Downes instead of Chalobah. I wonder if they are happy with that. We have all seen what Chalobah is capable of when playing in the deep role so why dropping him today particularly after the Norwich game where he will have certainly added something. Downes however was our worst player today. 

Edun.....Our best one in the Sheffield Wed game 3 weeks ago. Completely out of the picture after this for not fully fit Graham. Another decision that I don't get at all. 

I was very excited when we signed Nolan but he finds this level of football too difficult at the moment. 

Pennington hard working yes but a hoofer he is. 

Today that was firmly a reminiscent of McCarthy's painful moments in which we had no plan at all and that makes me really upset as I thought those days were gone. I'd say today was even worse at times. Play like that with constant chopping and changing and we'll be in the big trouble. 

Been very supportive of Hurst despite the results against mostly average/poor opponents therefore today's match and the manner of defeat has been a kick in the balls. One striker upfront doesn't work out for us, we struggle to create chances and we aren't a threat. When is he going to realise that?

Hull. A team/club in decline somehow though becomes our bogey one. Embarrassing defeat to them last March followed by their comfortable win today. 
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Good day at Portman Road despite not winning the match
at 20:45 2 Sep 2018

First and foremost big thanks to Pendejo for having picked me up this morning. Thank you Mike !

That noise when Edwards scored. For that alone I'm so gutted that we haven't won. But we got deservedly punished for letting them back into the game and not taking our chances. That opportunity when Nolan had a time and space. Just hit the bloody target !!!

In terms of how we played and general atmosphere among the fans it's been by far the most enjoyable derby for years. I had been down there last year when Maddison scored for them and my journey back North was much worse. We had seen lot of pointless long balls pumped into their box with a hope for some mistake from their players. Today was much better. Yes many long passes too but we chased balls and played with energy and desire in the 2nd half..... Energy and desire against Norwich, how badly we missed things like that in the last few seasons.

Gwion Edwards would have never been allowed to make that many runs with the balls or or attempts to take on their full-back under McCarthy. Yes it's a dig and can't refrain from doing so. We would have packed our midfield with defensive midfielders had he still been in charge in order to stop Norwich from playing. Today we may have lacked quality at times but we played differently like we mostly did against them throughout the years and that is certainly a pleasing aspect.

Edwards our MOTM for his courage and constant desire to go forward.
Pennington seemed so determined not to make any mistakes. Passing not so good but positioning fine.
Skuse felt so sorry for him. One of out stand-out players prior to his injury and I can't slate him like I usually did during the previous era.

I have seen positive signs yet again and desire to win the game rather than stop opposition from playing so convinced that good results will come.

The main negative was failure to take our chances to kill the game off. Spence always seemed indecisive and prone to mistakes. Gerken it's clear to see that he hasn't played for a while.

Gutted with the result. Pleased with having been there. Fit Emyr Huws would have made a difference today.
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