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So what do we reckon, any signings tomorrow?
at 11:56 30 Jan 2020

Doubt it, though I’d view not losing Woolf or Downes as a good window.
Holy v Norris stats
at 22:05 30 Dec 2019

100% agree
Billy Sharp
at 21:59 30 Dec 2019

I think the only available striker we’d have a sniff at getting (that would improve us) would be Sam Winnall from SheffWed.

Was great for Barnsley, not sure he’s figured much for SW at all - is he injured?
[Post edited 30 Dec 2019 22:06]
Imps fan in peace
at 21:54 30 Dec 2019

Agreed, our best team performance was with the kids against Posh in the cup.

Disgusting opinion to have, but its the most entertained I’ve ever felt this year.
at 21:51 30 Dec 2019

That would be a kind of trophy Norwich would want to fill some space.
A Win at Wycombe could turn it around
at 15:18 30 Dec 2019

Not bad, Edwards has been tosh. I’d put Jackson out there and Sear up with Keane.

That’ll do.
Who's the alternative to Lambert?
at 15:03 30 Dec 2019

Nathan Jones would be my choice out of them.

Maybe our route out of this league is an old head with LOTS of contacts in players that would come in to do them a favour?, I don’t think he’s the one, but Redknapp and a younger side kick.

Surely could call in favours.

That’s last ditch though - I’m hoping WW game will be the one to kick us on track, after “all the talk” and home truths, its been documented a lot was said and they have a mindset and plan take into next match, if we we put in a performance / effort of guff, time to act, get a manager in who wont look at any history or hierarchy with the squad and pick with fresh eyes.
If Donacien is injured for Monday, who should play in that position?
at 14:33 30 Dec 2019

Ndaba should be recalled.
Chambo and Skuse
at 13:20 30 Dec 2019

Ok, regarding your back 4... yes I agree much much better than now. I was just considering my most solid where I was convinced not much was getting through - Delaney had his blips... I loved McAuley too.

The MM era was stale and non engaging - you’ve only got to look at the support now in comparison.

The place will be lit of we could get going, I’m a little concerned at the fact (to their own admission ) they were more involved in the coaching and “managing” when the poison dwarf was there to concentrate on playing, we all know Chambo and Skuse want the job of running the club, they may even have some inside knowledge of how close they were at being offered it?
Not healthy when things start going wrong, as they might feel that another opportunity is on the horizon.
I’m going off subject a little.... but I believe they’ll be a good management partnership in a few years, and will work their way back into the club again, IF they prove successful at a lower level first.

Not until.
[Post edited 30 Dec 2019 13:21]
Chambo and Skuse
at 12:53 30 Dec 2019

Blooding by having him on the bench and giving him 20 mins here and there?

Yes Chambo has “got a game” because we’ve been so light in recognised CB and like other posters have said on here, he’s undroppable as he’s “Mr Ipswich”, therefore stopped us looking to strengthen in CB and RB positions as “he’d do”.

The last solid CB pairing for me was Mowbray and McGreal... that’s how long we’ve been frail, hence the slow decline into League 1.

I’m not denying the MM era was dire... it truly was, but he was just keeping us afloat with what he could... we haven’t had many “ballers” for a LONG time.

I am also looking at the manager, he tells them how top play, what system to shape up with - and calls the changes when the system is obviously falling apart. We’re in a rut, and need something to give us a kick start.

Let’s say you couldn’t pick Downes or Dozzell.... Your choice would be Skuse and?....
Chambo and Skuse
at 12:35 30 Dec 2019

* I would consider Keane for Nors too on form.

When KVY is fit, I’d put him RM instead of Jackson.. and still sign a RB
Chambo and Skuse
at 12:29 30 Dec 2019

I agree to a large percentage of what’s said about these 2 to a degree, and maybe it is time to make them fringe/support staff.

Chambers wouldn’t have got a game a few seasons ago if he didn’t switch to RB, when he did got skinned regular - “he’s not a RB” was his supporters cry... true.
We massively lack creativity, you can’t play Downes and Skuse together - end of. When Lankester and Bish are fit, Skuse shouldn’t get anywhere near the squad.

However “bad” we were yesterday, Downes and Dozzell are our best fit pairing at the moment, (I’m still not sure what Huws would offer over Downes on the showings he’s had so far this year)

Judge aside from all the huff and “effort” he’s been effectiveness as a creative player needs to be questioned now - he’s had a LONG time to prove himself. I’d let him go to free up wages personally.

Playing the likes of Skuse now in my opinion stifles the progression of players like McGavin - who I believe will be our best CM for a lot of years - but we need to be blooding him now.
Unfortunately he’ll probably be sold before he even gets much of a sniff here, just like Webster as other clubs will take the chance and offer him a way of regular footy.

It’s annoying that we used to send our young players out to this league to get them up and running.... and now, all you hear is “They’re just kids”. Nonsense.

If you’ve seen all the matches this season you’ll know the best fearless footy we’ve played is against Peterborough in the cup, McGavin was solid, Dobra was the type of “Judge terrior” on the pitch (yes he’s been unlucky with ref card throwing, but not dirty)

We are wealthy in numbers in midfield and if any of those youngsters are sold and we keep playing Skuse, I’m afraid the club still has a skewed focus in my opinion.

I like Norwood passion and effort - but the Tranmere team were built around him, and got so much service. He will come good I’m sure. I believe him and Sears will be our best pairing next year.

BUT WE NEED TO STOP TINKERING.... SETTLE THE SIDE DOWN LAMBERT!!. We need a RB on loan for a couple of months... or recall Ndaba..... Edwards is not an option, like Toto - a walking foul.

My starting team for WW on NYD

Ndaba, Woolfy, Wilson, Kenlock
Jackson, Downes, Dozzell, Garbutt
Sears Norwood
Skuse, Downes & Nolan
at 11:15 12 Dec 2019

I agree to a point, I think the problem is more Skuse and Downes playing on the pitch togther.

Same style, it should be Downes all the way Skuse bench back up, will be the same when McGavin steps up. Similar player/ role for their strongest positions.

Downes, Nolan and a more out and out foward thinking playmaker should be a mid 3. (If 5 in mid)

It’s why we don’t create, 1 up front, 3 “sitters”.

It’s not hard to see - well PL struggles.
McGoldrick (n/t)
at 17:43 22 Nov 2019

100% agree... NOBODY would have said keep him at the time given his wage being told we could get 3 loans with it.
I believe its the not wanting to relocate and spending hours cramped up in a car every week to and from home to PR the contributed to his injury plights.

Good for him, good for them, good for us... shame a nob like Wilder has benefited though. 🙄
January transfer policy
at 19:27 12 Oct 2019

I’d say the policy should be to resist all offers for 2 seasons. Sign Wilson and Garbs.

I would list Judge, Donacien and Dozzell .... hopefully that will tide us over for these 2 seasons at a stretch.
Nice Bontcho piece in The Times today
at 19:25 12 Oct 2019

Nice one - got to be Taricco’s Tipple in the lines?... 😁👍🏻💙
Best striker in League One?
at 09:46 6 Oct 2019

We’ll sign him when we go up.
at 14:11 29 Sep 2019

Easily, I hope the ME has a plan to keep the squad together for at least 2 seasons.

Not to be tempted by any bids, additionally hoping the players are happy and want to stay put and build on what we are sewing right now.
Derby prang repercussions
at 12:51 27 Sep 2019

Shame?, if you look at it like that - I’d rather the people involved get f*cked up rather than innocent bystanders.

I say tough sh@t - they are all in control of their own decisions and actions.

But relevant to your point, he’ll be gutted... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Take your “sentence”.
Kenlock simply isn't good enough
at 17:48 15 Sep 2019

Not just Kenlock - Judge doesn’t stay where he’s supposed to and leaves him exposed.

Both need dropping and get it a first choice Georgiou and Garbutt pairing asap.
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