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Prediction Logged by at 07:34:29
Ipswich Town v AFC Wimbledon prediction logged
Can anyone recommend a Skip Hire company?
at 13:33 18 Aug 2019

What’s a decent price? How does the sizing work?
So how were the trains in the end today?
at 20:24 17 Aug 2019

I drove, was home by 7pm.

Wish all away games were that straightforward.
Sunderland fans weren’t wrong when they said officials are worse at this level
at 20:11 17 Aug 2019

... and this is based across all games this season, not just today.

Easily conned, complete guesses at some decisions and generally poor.
Jan Siewert sacked from Hudds. (n/t)
at 22:42 16 Aug 2019

[Post edited 16 Aug 22:43]
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Peterborough United v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Prediction Logged by at 10:37:52
Ipswich Town v Sunderland prediction logged
Prediction Logged by at 10:37:27
Ipswich Town v Sunderland prediction logged
Bassini has blocked the sale of Bolton....
at 17:45 8 Aug 2019

They’re gonna be bust by the time we’re due to play them.
Plenty of positives to take from yesterday....
at 07:20 4 Aug 2019

...and a few things to iron out, but the good most definitely out-weighed the bad.

Everyone contributed at some point, although some performances were a bit up and down.
Downes, Woolfenden, Rowe, Norwood probably the pick.

Holy was generally decent (although he didn’t have a huge amount to do) apart from his aberration at the end which thankfully didn’t cost us - the spell of keep-ball was getting more and more casual and almost ended in disaster - he / we should learn from that.

Judge looked good when he came on, and I was especially pleased to see Huws get on the pitch and more importantly, look fearless. First thing he did was get on the ball and surge deep in to Burton’s half... he oozes class. Unlikely we’ll get 46 games from him, but if we can get 30-35, he could make a big difference to us this season.

And fair play to Wilson too.... did what we needed him to do. He probably knows he’s realistically fourth choice, but was for the most part solid in a game where we needed him to be.

All in all, an enjoyable day out, with fantastic noisy support to go with all the above.

Shame I’m missing Sunderland...

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Burton Albion v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Just ordered a pair of these bad boys...
at 18:28 25 Jul 2019

Just like ITFC. The future’s grey.
So how many seasons do you expect us to stay in L1?
at 16:02 25 Jul 2019

4 or more

I'm going for 4 or more.
[Post edited 25 Jul 16:05]
Trevoh Chalobah on a permanent to Huddersfield....
at 09:24 25 Jul 2019

The Swan is re-opening....
at 09:12 25 Jul 2019
Two poor sods have got to spend the day in Bluey and Crazee outfits.... (n/t)
at 08:30 25 Jul 2019

If all goes according to plan, Game no. 1000 will be Spurs U-21s in the Trophy..
at 17:32 19 Jul 2019

What a time to be alive.

Burton (A)
Posh (A)
Stadium Thieves (H)
Bolton (A)
Shrewsbury (H)
Tottenham U-21 (H)

Hope Bolton go bust just to avoid the indignity of my 1000th being a bloody EFL Trophy game against an U-21 side.*

*I am of course joking, as much as I dislike them, I don't want to see them go out of business.

Update on Bolton & Bury....
at 09:44 18 Jul 2019

Both in grave danger and will do very well to start the season. Was considering going to Bolton away, but I don't think I will be buying any tickets in advance!
Pleasurewood Hills.....
at 09:15 15 Jul 2019

Took the family there yesterday....

For those who remember the glory days of PWH in the 80s and early 90s, you're going to be in a for a shock.... it's living off past glories and is now distinctly third-rate.

Needs a hell of a lot of investment to spruce it up - there's paint peeling all over the place that last saw some TLC decades ago, gaps where rides used to be are aren't there any longer, the rides that are there have been there for years - the "new for 2019" ride is the old Rattlesnake / Ladybird rollercoaster that has had the good fortune to see some paint and some new metal sheeting.
Three of the rides were out of action for long-term maintenance or just generally broken (one of the rollercoasters, the Pirate Ship and one of the dodgems).
The castle which used to house the Mr Blobby show is closed, with no signs of life, the old American style street looks run-down, and the stunt show doesn't open for another few weeks yet, despite the fact the park has been open for the summer for weeks now.

The two plus sides are that there's a decent amount of stuff for young kids who don't see the lack of TLC the place has received, and on account of it being a bit rubbish you don't have to queue for anything as hardly anyone bothers going any more.

I'll be amazed if that place manages to last much longer. It's been left way behind by other attractions that would have considered them an equal back in the day (or could at least compete with).

It's the Theme Park equivalent of a certain football club we all know and love.
[Post edited 15 Jul 9:23]
Burton tickets purchased.....
at 09:07 15 Jul 2019

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