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Boris and his Purdah plan
at 22:59 12 Aug 2019

The reality is all sides know brexit is not going to happen.But don't want to be seen as the ones who finally pulled the plug. This has been the cause of so such delay - though wiser heads might have noticed that there always have been enough votes to carefully push it in the right direction.

Which suggests there will also be enough votes to finish the job. Ask your selves why things have contrived to now be a choice between no brexit and no deal. Could it be that having that choice allows MPs to state that they had to stop this suicidal leap into oblivion.

So cast your minds back and you would find very few, three years ago, who would imagine that brexit had not happened by now and in fact all the talk was actually how to put an end to it once and for all.

We are here not by accident but by MPs also having an eye on their future as well as that of the country. And around 60 nut job right wingers will not crash the UK economy as much as Bertie Bulls it tries to tell uus they will.
at 17:18 11 Aug 2019

on top of what?
Presumably these are being made specifically to throw at boris
at 17:16 11 Aug 2019

I ike the ida of 'when' the UK leaves tthe EU, as if Parliament is going to sit idly by.

It stopped the nonsense in March and it will stop it again in Oct, if not before.

The brexit nutters are fooling very few if they tnk that claiming to be able to get to the moon on a big step ladder was thwarted by others pointing out the stupidity of that idiocy.

Brexit is not going to happen, as it never was going to happen - and no silly bluff by either Doris or his hangers on will change that.
I predict 23,750 for Saturday
at 16:38 6 Aug 2019

I don't think we'll score that many

I was thinking more on the lines of 3-1
Haha, nice one Dominic, now come down off that fence ;)!
at 16:33 6 Aug 2019

Doris Johnson's cunning brexit plan (contains 'n' word)

Beto O'Rourke saying what a lot of sensible Americans already feel......
at 21:48 4 Aug 2019

calling him out of where ?

and will he come out if called ?
At least 20 people shot dead at a Walmart in Texas
at 15:10 4 Aug 2019

Does congress also stop him from speaking out condemning the absurd gun laws ?

What do you think ?
So throwing milkshakes is 'bad'
at 21:15 2 Aug 2019

Funny how we hear no more about little Timmy Robinson.

I thought the 'sans clue' were going to storm the bastille and free their pound shop Mussolini

Perhaps they don't know which nick he is in, so they will have to wander from prison to orison like some latter day Blondel whistling the Horst Weissel until his little head pops up out of a window.

Or maybe those funding him have dropped him, so nothing will be done.
Was really excited for this season
at 20:16 2 Aug 2019

Stoke were the pundits nailed on cert to win the Championship last season.

As to bookies odds they merely reflect what money punters have bet, not any probability of an event happening.

And away days are fun, more so as there are a huge number of new grounds and this far down, genuine fans to have a jar or two with.
Webster cash
at 12:02 2 Aug 2019

Losing £10m a year ?

stop being silly
Leaked Govt document on impact of no deal
at 07:41 2 Aug 2019

It will pretty muchbe all over by mid October and I suspect this 'push for a hard brexi' is no more than a cover for failing to deliever as when it all goes wrong Johnson will blame the EU, Remain MPs etc.

The EU will merely grant a further extension on the agreement that there is another referendum, confirmatory tis time. And as the polls indicate, the brexiteers will lose ... heavily.

Over three years wasted on what was always an idiot idea, when schools, hospitals and the infrastructure have been neglected. So time to stop pandering to bigits and start addressing more pressing problems.
Portman Road - what state will it be in?
at 09:21 1 Aug 2019

"a few hard workers with a couple of skilled people involved could improve it massively "

that goes for the squad as well
BoJo pre-emptively shifting the blame already
at 17:59 31 Jul 2019

eh ?

A few hotheads ?

I have to say that you really don't seem to understand the situation. Any move to break the GFA will be met with very large and firm resistance from both sides of the border.

A resistance that will not take long to escalate and allow more than a few hotheads to return to extreme violence - the very opportunity they have been waiting for these past two decades.
Another day, another nail in Boris Johnson’s Brexit Coffin
at 17:49 31 Jul 2019

Dors and his lot need an excuse for nor delivering n his promis (as if he has ever bothered before).

So we now have the EU being set up as scapegoats. Unfortunately that is all too obvious now, which must bring into question whether Doris and his lot ever thought that brexit would happen.

If they didn't, then welcome aboard. Though it is getting rather crowded on here with all these brexit disbelievers
So this is the guy who everyone prays will buy ITFC
at 22:27 30 Jul 2019

your bad what ?
BoJo pre-emptively shifting the blame already
at 22:26 30 Jul 2019

There is more chance of us having won every game 10 nil or more by 31st Oct than any form of brexit.

That you still haven't grasped this is probably explained by how you voted on 23rd June 2016.

By te way, I have around $60m frozen in a Nigerian bank. You sound just the sort who could help me get it out of the country.
Move on now Town for God's sake!
at 22:21 30 Jul 2019

It's one of those things the simple minded imagine exist. A player signs to a club then only gets paid if he plays.

Doesn't get paid while he trains with the club, doesn't get paid either when he travels or attends home games and is an used player. And if he gets injured he doesn't get paid as he only gets paid if he plays !

It's had to believe that someone would be stupid enough to think this kind of arrangement even exists in football, never mind it being used.
Things to dislike about the older football fan
at 04:23 30 Jul 2019

I presume you watched football in both eras you are talking about so are able to make a valid critique ?
The Boris bounce
at 04:17 30 Jul 2019

Actually the polls a few days before each vote were pretty much spot on, try checking them.

Johnson knows as well as most that a 'no deal' has absolutely no chance of happening bur what will happen is that a coalition government will follow a vote of no confidence - with the aim of ending this nonsense once and for all.

For Johnson, today was a foretaste of what is to come in the way of the country fighting back.

So my advice fat boy is not to unpack just yet.
WWII book help - holiday reading edition
at 10:53 29 Jul 2019

What is over looked is the state of both the German soldiers and the tanks.

The former were able to advance through the Ardennes through heavy use of methyl-amphetamine (Pervitin), which was seen as a wonder drug and could be openly bought. However with all of this stuff their comes a 'day of reckoning many of the German soldiers were 'dead' on their feet and incapable of continuing. Shades of Operation Michael (March 2018).

It should also be noted that Rommel's forces had been given a wake up call by the Brish at Arras and were held by two composite (cobbled together) divisions of the French 1st Army for 4 days at Arras. Only surrendering when their ammunition ran out - but long enough for Operation Dynamo to succeed.

Unfortunately, as with many battles, we only know of one side of events so they form the opinion - nuch as the idea the Germans could have invaded the British mainland after Dunkirk. Hitlers fascination with Russia goes back to the lead up to 1914, likewise the knowledge that only a quick victory could be successful either on the Eastern or Western front in both wars.

von Manstein is a very interesting General. Very successful and probably the only one who had a military career after WW2.
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