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Labour v Conservatives is very much like......
at 07:28 13 Dec 2018

Dumb and Dumber

Bodger and Badger

Both are an absolute shower.

New options needed.
So.... who should I vote for at the next election??
at 12:24 12 Dec 2018

A lot of people on here seem to fancy they know a lot re politics.
Let’s actually listen - who should I vote for next time??

Tories - mess central
Labour - weak opposition who love benefits
Lib Dem’s - to my mind finished due to coalition
UKIP - turns out the Farage party... done
Greens - pressure group that grow a small amount each time

Oh the options!!

Points for justification to that party - not simply slamming opposition....

Dozzell and Bishop both get through 90!
at 15:32 10 Dec 2018

Bishop scoring x 2

Stay fit, and push on, please!
Abdi on loan....?
at 09:09 10 Dec 2018

Frozen out at Sheffield Wednesday, VERY good player when fit and on song.

Sure, not played this season but appears due to being frozen out.
Season ticket prices / matchday prices next season
at 17:04 9 Dec 2018

Assume both would drop!?

Maybe matchday £20/£25 for lower/ upper!?

Hopefully don't have to find out!
WBA comeback fans make an appearance for Wigan?
at 17:04 9 Dec 2018

Very good attendance v WBA, surprisingly good infact.

Any be tempted to come back to a very important H game v Wigan?
at 18:30 8 Dec 2018

Sticking to guns here, he won't play another minute for us again.

Convinced we're trying to get this deal to collapse.
Relegation - tv / radio income
at 17:36 6 Dec 2018

I must confess, I didn't realise £8 mill of our income, currently comes in the form of tv and radio.

Was talking to a Bristol Rovers friend today, about what they get in league 1 for this. Maybe 2 mill absolutely pushing it.

We'd have a massive loss of income, players on too much ££££, relegation would be an absolute disaster for us as a football club. I doubt we have relegation clauses, or perhaps we do!?

I really think if we were to go down, coming back would take more than any 1/2/3 seasons. Would be a slog.
[Post edited 6 Dec 17:37]
Final league position / Points total predictions....
at 19:15 4 Dec 2018

I'll kick off.

23rd ( Bolton are worse than us )

38 points.
Team for Stoke / Reasoning
at 07:26 4 Dec 2018

Gerken - Self explanatory. Bart needs to come out of the firing line, and Gerken is always good for a few games - before inexplicably having errors in him 6/7 games down the line. Happens EVERY TIME.
Spence - I don't think Donacien will play another minute for us. We're trying our best to make sure this deal doesn't become permanent.
Chambers + Pennington - sadly the best we have at CB
Knudsen - likewise, the best we have at LB
Skuse - best sitter
Bishop - providing fit, will add a bit of drive to CM
Downes - better than Chalobah interms of keeping the ball, offer a shield to back 4 freeing up Bish
Sears LM - we have one partnership working well. Knudsen + Sears
Lankaster RM - Better positional sense than Edwards who quite literally is a passenger from a defensive perspective
Roberts - Makes the ball stick uptop more than Jackson. IF Harrison is fit enough, perhaps time for Harrison to have a go as the CF.

[Post edited 4 Dec 7:28]
Delighted for Bishop
at 18:30 1 Dec 2018

How did he play today!?
Reason to be confident for second half -
at 15:53 1 Dec 2018

According to Hurst, 2-0 is a ' dangerous lead ' .

Lets hope Forest think this.
Lets party like it's 1999....
at 09:53 1 Dec 2018

Last time we won at Forest.

Blame........ are WE to blame.....
at 14:31 30 Nov 2018

* Evans to blame........
* Mick to blame.........
* Hurst to blame.......
* This / that / the other to blame.

We MOAN a hell of a lot as a fanbase. Sure, I moaned no ends during Hurst's reign due to thinking he was completely incompetent / X Y Z so I'm no saint.

However, we feel Evans should be throwing ££££ at it more so. Sure, I get that. We're underspending, going backwards. I get that.

Then look at our attendances. Sure, we've been stuck in this division a long time. We're bored. I get all this.

Sure, they were always going to dip down from the Premier league days, and to a degree from 2002 - now. I realise the red button is going to damage midweek games, Bristol City brought 250 fans ( it's a hell of a drive I'm from Bristol ) so cannot blame them. 13726

Now the timing of this article many may feel odd - given we attracted a very good 22995 v WBA on Friday night - while on sky. Promo game as we all know, so cannot do that price often. ( I think allowed four per season )

Lambert's first game attracted - 15129 for PNE. That's a better barometer. Saturday 3pm game, I'd imagine will be similar for Wigan.

However, with a good 14,000 or so empty seats on average perhaps for a league game, our revenue is down.

Are we, as a fanbase, PARTIALLY to blame for where the club is now?

Edun - what a strange season
at 07:20 30 Nov 2018

Treated badly?
Not good enough!?

Edwards defensively / partnerships
at 06:49 30 Nov 2018

A lot has been made of Spence recently - perhaps rightly so. No issue with that, I'm far from his biggest fan of all time either.

However - is Edwards really offering an awful lot of protection?

It's hard for me to judge as overseas / don't get to live games due to this and watching games online - while handy ( don't see them all ) sometimes you don't see the movement / full picture like you do in the stadium.

Take the last game - half time Bristol City change tactics and their left winger pulls our pants down.

One goal you see Edwards running back - while...... yeah. Not doing a lot.

Is his positional sense particularly good? Not saying he has to make big tackle etc upon big tackle - but if you have a good positional sense then you're halfway there.

If he's not proving great defensively, is he doing enough offensively to give a little leniency with the defensive side of the game?

Look at the other wing, Knudsen + Sears. Sears right now having a good patch, the partnership is better.
[Post edited 30 Nov 7:04]
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