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Lambert: Absolutely No Chance Whatsoever Woolfenden Will Leave for £3m
at 06:39:16

I agree with Steve ITFC Sweden. The Wolf is equally as good a player as Webster. In all honestly I would rather have him in our team than Webster who at times flattered to deceive.
Portman Road to Be Given Makeover
at 20:00:40

All in favour of renovating our very tired ground.
Would really like to see a couple of large screens installed as well. Most larger grounds now have them and they provide some good information and entertainment.
Could have one installed above the players entrance tunnel and one on the Cobbold stand roof at the corner of the Sir Bobby stand. Both those locations would not obscure vision.
Garbutt: There Will Be Discussions With Everton and Ipswich, We’ll Just Have to Wait and See
at 19:49:33

I think Luke is very wise biding his time. He certainly likes it at Ipswich and I would think the vast majority of fans like him. At his age he has an important decision to make in the the coming weeks that should set him up nicely for the rest of his life.
He is certainly capable of being a solid Championship level player and maybe more.
O'Neill: My Phone Has Been Constantly Ringing
at 06:33:14

I just hope this talk and speculation doesn’t turn the heads of our promising players.
It’s all well and good not selling them but if they want to go then it would be difficult for us to keep their hearts at our club.
Lambert: I Know There are People Who Want Us to Fail
at 20:41:38

I really do not believe any ‘true’ Town fan would want us to fail. Being critical with good cause and if put in a non offensive manner should be acceptable. Of course there are those that cross the line with offensive comments but I hope our manager realises all the fans just want the club to do its best.
Obviously no one likes to receive criticism in any walk of life. Sometimes it has to be received no matter how painful that may be. I just hope Paul Lambert who I think is an excellent manager for us does not do a McCarthy and get under the supporters skins with verbal outbursts be they justified or not. That will quickly undo all the good PR work he has achieved.
Evans: We Need to Be a Footballing Team
at 08:10:14

Unfortunately our owner whilst speaking many wise words clearly doesn’t really understand how to move us forward. His philosophy changes quite regularly and to put it in a nutshell he is making a simple game far more complicated than it is or should be.
The bottom line is that if you have good players with technical ability you will have a good team. That costs money which we do not appear to have enough of.
Therefore it doesn’t matter if you play direct, long ball, short passes etc.
Taylor: Massively Disappointing Because We Did Enough to Win
at 19:00:41

It’s all very well saying we need to be more ruthless in both boxes. How many times have we heard that before?
The fact based upon evidence of results is that we are not and will never be good enough with the players we have!
People say pick the strongest eleven! Can anybody confidently say who they are?
We are now losing to every standard of team in the football league divisions. I am not sure we could give Lowestoft or Needham Market a game these days.
Season ticket renewals will be interesting! Evans will need to
Borrow a Boris Johnson speech to keep the supporters in the number he has this season.
Really sad what is happening.
Lambert: We'll Give Marcus Everything We've Got
at 06:35:41

I am pleased with this contract extension. I am sure Paul Lambert is the right man for us.
Won’t always agree with his team selections etc but that’s the beauty of football. We all have differing opinions at times.
Wycombe Wanderers 1-1 Ipswich Town- Match Report
at 17:13:03

Good point but we would probably have won it had we not had Norris Cole in goal!
Lambert Signs New Deal
at 15:18:20

I’m all for stability. Contracts aren’t worth a lot though so change at anytime is still possible.
It does show good intent from our owner though which is important.
Chambers: I Can Only Apologise to the Travelling Fans
at 06:46:29

When I first read the headlines I thought here we go again. Just words and the usual required apologies.
To a degree I was correct in my thinking but our Captain has the courage and honesty to actually hold his and the other players hands up. It’s evident the answers to our very poor form is still unknown to Luke Chambers, unfortunately their will be no answers to be found as our entire squad as a unit are in league One for a reason and that is because they are not good enough to play at a higher level.
There are one or two individuals who could flourish at a higher level with better players around them but that is about it.
We have to face it that we shall not be a top team with the standard of players we have today. That is not intended to be hurtful to our players as I have no doubt they are doing their very best.
It’s a very old chestnut but we shall not improve unless there is a major injection of funds into our club. It doesn’t look likely in the near future though.
Lambert: If They Want to Go and Employ Another Manager, No Problem
at 08:41:09

I do not know what was the reason for these rather odd comments from our Manager is but it does not bode well upon hearing them. Thinking them to himself is one thing but publicly airing them to the fan base of which to date the majority are firmly backing him is not going to achieve a positive outcome.
Yes it could be dismissed as an after match reaction but he was speaking in riddles. He is usually very clear on making his points but on this occasion he was reticent in allying any fears about his own thoughts on his future. Whatever the reason(s) he is unhappy.
I think deep down he may have taken this squad as far as he can. There has been much criticism of rotation but in reality there is not much difference in quality with our squad players.
The squad is not good enough and he knows he can do nothing to change it. We are not going to sign game changers in January.
I do fear for our medium to long term future. The fresh wave of enthusiasm and belief under the Paul Lambert era is all but gone.
I am extremely disappointed because six months ago I thought we would get there.
We now face the very real possibility of losing the few assets we have. These being Downes and Woolfenden. Add to this Garbutt not being our player we are paper thin on quality.
Not sure what the future holds but if we do not improve results soon the atmosphere will soon turn for the worse. Sadly I don’t think our crop of players are capable of digging in to change it. Just not good enough technically.
Merry Christmas From TWTD
at 20:13:09

Thanks very much Phil and Gav for producing and upkeeping an excellent site.
All the very best to all Town fans for Christmas and the new year.
Portsmouth 1-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:22:37

It’s a good job we had a good start to the season. Our form at the moment is more akin to the bottom reaches of the table.
We need a fresh injection of a couple of players as I am not sure if the ones we have know how to turn this round.
Lambert: We Need to Be More Ruthless in Both Boxes
at 07:02:29

Very fair and honest assessment but we are in this division because of the players we have. The Summer signings are league one standard too. We all know we need to do more at both ends of the pitch. The players know where they go wrong but do they have the ability to do anything about it? Very questionable apart from the youngsters who are still learning.
Town and Coventry Fined By FA
at 19:06:38

It’s a pity the FA don’t concentrate their efforts on fining the inept officials we have experienced this season.
Nolan: Not My Ideal Role But I'm Happy to Do a Job There
at 19:30:40

Good that Jon has the courage to speak his mind, which he has done in a correct manner.
Hopefully the Management team will see it that way too.
Lambert: Evans is a Very Good Owner But We Have Running Battles
at 20:35:26

Very well said ArnieM, fully agree with you. Sky have destroyed the game which I once enjoyed. These day’s I don’t even get upset when we lose.
Town Announce £3.2m Loss
at 07:42:08

Not looking good is it? I am shocked that our wage bill is as high as it is. It will be interesting to see how much it has gone down following our relegation in next years report.
Ipswich Town 1-2 Bristol Rovers - Match Report
at 20:58:14

An entertaining game albeit ending in great disappointment.
Rovers gave it everything for the opening half an hour but they had nothing in the tank after that.
We gave it a good go once we went two behind.
Our line up was strong on paper but the formation was odd. One or two out of their usual positions which didn’t help. It was too rigid with the three up front not really playing off each other. They just went forward in a straight line which was never going to work because we were outgunned for long spells in midfield.
I think we could do with a no nonsense experienced midfielder in January. This to aid the likes of Downes and Nolan.
It’s strange to see us still in second place given our poor return of points recently.
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