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Downes: We Should Have Scored Two or Three More in the First Half
Sunday, 11th Aug 2019 21:22

Midfielder Flynn Downes believes the Blues should have scored two or three more goals during the first half of Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Sunderland.

“We should have gone on to get another two or three goals in the first half and in the end that has come back to haunt us,” the 20-year-old reflected.

“We have to learn to punish teams. It is not enough in this league and that is something we have to work on.”

The England U20 international says the Blues can learn from the likes of Liverpool.

“Watching Liverpool [on Friday] night, and they were not even at their best and won 4-1 [against Norwich City] that inspires us,” he said.

“We watch that and aspire to be like that, Give it time it will come and we will be like that.”

More positively, the Blues dominated the first period against the Black Cats and Downes can’t see many League One clubs coping with similar Town displays as the season progresses.

“One hundred per cent,” he insisted. “With the quality we have on that pitch, and no disrespect to teams in League One, but we are good enough to win this league.

“We just have to be consistent, do that week in week out and not just for the first half but the second half too and kill games off. “

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Suffolkboy added 21:37 - Aug 11
Good man,got the emphasis exactly right ( maybe PL was misrepresented ? ) and we definitely must learn how to make creativity count and put the ball into the net more often .
It’s goal that get points .

Uhlenbeek added 22:02 - Aug 11
I was so impressed with him and Woolf on Saturday, they both oozed class. Well done to the development team

Saxonblue74 added 22:16 - Aug 11
Couldn't agree more, not many lge1 teams will cope with us on that form. Great to see some positivity creeping in from what's happening on the pitch.

ArnieM added 22:32 - Aug 11
Exactly Flynn, then Chambers’ ONE mistake in the game would not had been so costly.

That’s not to say I was not very disappointed to concede in the way we did. But no one on here will feel as crap about that defensive error than Chambo himself. Cut the guy some slack - it’s the manager’s job to play him or drop him , not the Player’s!!

Town MUST start to our games to bed - were NOT clinical enough , and it’ll always come back to bite you in ass. It nearly did at Burton ( and Chambers wasn’t playing !)

So the scapegoaters on here need to think on , it’s a TEAM effort not down to one man.

clint_eastwood added 03:22 - Aug 12
Don't care what you lot think. Last season I was so hoping we'll lose Knudsen and so happy he's gone now. So, please Chambo, you can't even cut it in League One...please just leave....your time is up. Yea, gimme those thumbs down....go on!

Dolphinblue added 07:31 - Aug 12
Great performance by team and supporters! Thats more like it...keep it up 👍😀

braveblue added 08:27 - Aug 12
ArnieM. It nearly did at Burton. But it didn’t!! We won. Chambers is not a scapegoat. He has made costly mistakes for ages now but the ‘great leader’ brigade would still play him every game. Think his time is almost up.

ArnieM added 08:44 - Aug 12
I agree his time is just about up. I also think Lambert won’t hide when it’s time to make that decision. Chambers had a shocker last season true enough and if there is any sign that this is going to continue , I think Lambert will act. However I reiterate the simple fact that Town do not finish trans off and whether Chambers or any other player makes a mistake that leads to an goal is beside the point . We must put games to bed if we are to be serious promotion contenders.

ITFCsince73 added 08:52 - Aug 12
With Chambo picked, we need minimum 2 goals per game.
Theres certainly no "nick a 1 nil" with our disaster waiting to happen captain calamity.

ITFCsince73 added 08:56 - Aug 12
His time was up 3 years ago.
We're now a L1 team under his leadership of the team.
The Town captain with the poorest record of all Town captains.
On a purely football front. Simply not good enough.

ITFCsince73 added 09:05 - Aug 12
Just a shame it wasnt the Woolf in Chambos shoes on Saturday.
The ball would have been sent high away amongst the Sunderland supporters.
Sitting in that bottom corner of the Churchmans. Seeing it unfold 10 feet in front of me.
What was Chambo thinking??

raycrawfordswig added 09:20 - Aug 12
How many points are mistakes going to cost us this season.players will soon see who our weakest links are and put pressure on them.

Bert added 09:28 - Aug 12
So Clint Eastwood doesn't care what others think. He is entitled to his opinion on here but when someone shows such Trump like behaviour and ignorance little wonder his words are not valued. Time to grow up and contribute with common sense and respect for others.

MurcianITCC added 10:39 - Aug 12
Great 1st half performance, really we should have been out of sight before the mistake.
I thought we were very solid at the back, the Wolf was excellent, and ALL for the back 4 and Scuse contributed to the performance.
I was particularly disappointed with Judge, but I'm sure he's playing himself into the season.
The atmosphere was immense!! Well done all.

Essexnblue added 11:37 - Aug 12
Whilst the mistakes have continued, the anger towards him is wrong, he puts his life into this club, unlike many others on our books.
However the anger should be aimed at PL as he picks him each week.

DifferentGravy added 12:39 - Aug 12
A good read and been really impressed with Wally. Like to hear players confident but not arrogant.

Arnie M - Agree with a lot of what you say. We need to be more clinical and put games to bed and yes it is a team game. But when that same player is making mistakes that effect team morale, performance and continuously costing goals, then something needs to be done. As with last season, cant always rely on outscoring the other team. Thinks its time you take off the rose tinted spectacles.

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