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Lambert: We're Still Looking at Free Transfers
Tuesday, 25th Jun 2019 14:36

Town boss Paul Lambert says his focus will remain on free transfers despite the Blues receiving £450,000 for striker Ellis Harrison, who joined Portsmouth last week, and having picked up a windfall of almost £800,000 from ex-defender Matt Clarke’s move from Pompey to Brighton.

The Blues had anticipated a further £1 million going into the coffers via Bartosz Bialkowski’s move to Millwall, which as things stand now isn’t going to happen.

Asked whether the money the club has received over the last week will make a difference to his transfer business, Lambert said: “I think with the money structure the money doesn’t come in this season, so we probably have to look at frees unless something comes up and [owner] Marcus Evans] says ‘Okay we can maybe buy’.

“I don’t have a problem with that, that’s football, you have to respect what way the club is going, if it’s frees we have to look really hard and if we get them in, then great. And if you don’t then you move on.

“We’ve got a big squad as it is at the minute, so we have to wait and see what transpires over the next few weeks.”

He added: “We’ve got 23/24 players at the minutes, and we can only have 18 [in a matchday squad], so we might try and bring someone else in to help.

“But if you keep bringing people in then it stops the progression of the young ones coming through, so it doesn’t make sense, you may as well scrap the academy if you’re not going to utilise it.

“The young lads played a lot of the season last year, the lads that were out of our squad last season was huge, and there were too many disappointing players, there were too many.

“Six were loans, and some were out of contract, and we agreed not to take the option, so the squad is far too big, we have 23 players and anybody will tell you that’s probably a number they won’t want to work with because when you have too many, it becomes a problem.”

Asked whether that means there’s not going to be too many more signings, he said: “Not necessarily, no. If I can try and bring someone else in then great to do it, but it won’t alter anything.

“I don’t need one to go for one to come in, so if it’s someone I think can make us better then I can look at it. “

Regarding current bids both for incoming and outgoing players, he continued: “There’s a bit of both. There’s always some that happen and some that don’t happen, and that’s the same with lads going out and lads coming in.

“So we wait and see because there’s still a long time [left on the transfer window]. We try and work accordingly with the way we want to work, and if it’s beneficial and right for the club, then we’ll try something.”

With Peterborough and Portsmouth in particular having already made a number of signings, Lambert knows it’s going to be a tough division.

“It’s not easy, but money doesn’t guarantee anything,” he reflected. “You need a little bit more than just money to get you out of the league.

“I know what to expect, and I know exactly what’s coming. I know most of the guys now because I’ve worked with them for six or seven months, one or two aren’t here due to internationals and play-offs, but we’re looking forward to it, and we’ll be ready.”

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ITFCsince73 added 11:38 - Jun 26
Whatever the thoughts of Evan's is or not.
What we do know is, he has no real burning ambition to make the club a success on field.
In fact over the last few days, it's starting to become clear, there's no real intent to get the club even back to what it was 18 months ago.
Wel will try for promotion on the the message so far regarding promotion anytime soon.

ITFCsince73 added 11:40 - Jun 26
And no....I don't know anyone richer or better.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 11:41 - Jun 26
Rabbit I think this is a big part of the issue . A lot of people don't seem to realise that for a quite lengthy period we punched above our weight , thanks mainly to one man . We are a rural county football team with a reasonable fan base . Should we just accept that ? No , of course not , we should always strive to be as good as possible and to try and get back into the Premier League and win trophies, but some seem to think it's a god given right because we once did it . Particularly if they like me were brought up on Robson's football . Burley got close for a while too . Look at the PL and the teams in it , they are all from large cities with a few exceptions to the rule, but how long will teams like Watford and Bournemouth last there ? Not for an extended stay I would suggest .
Yes let's always aim high but to expect it is unrealistic.

ITFCsince73 added 12:01 - Jun 26
Bobble.....I say again.
I wasnt referring to you or anyone in particular.......
My God how old are you?
It's like being back at school...

ITFCsince73 added 12:11 - Jun 26
Even if *you* had basic knowledge of football...
Meaning anyone watching him play...not just *you* Bobble.

ITFCsince73 added 12:23 - Jun 26
I would say theres much more chance of a big city club being relegated this season. Newcastle being one.
We can only envy the likes of Watford, Bournemouth, Burnley etc. And clubs premier league bound ie Luton Town.
All clubs that have been managed and owned with a certain expertise.
We will never and I've never expected the return of the 70,s/80,s.
But those who feel we've reached the depths, clearly have a shock in store.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 12:58 - Jun 26
ITFCSINCE73 fair enough I will take you at your word , but you can see why I took it that way ? Your last thread is totally reasonable . Maybe express yourself in this way more often.

BurleysGloryDays added 13:59 - Jun 26
There's quite a lot of cake and eat it going on.

Most of the club's fans call for youth to come through and play, and are furious when they don't - even if there's a question mark over their abilities.

Then we focus on youth and (some) fans start shouting foul play at Evans.

I do think we have been under a period of managed decline under Evans. I also think he was within rights to try what he has tried, nearly every time. He'll have learned a hell of a lot, and is still learning.

(Some) fans are wanting him out, just as he is becoming an experienced club owner. And I think his conscience is in the right place. Many owners are not nearly as decent.

Anyway, all together fans. We need to stick together, be positive, and get behind the club and the team. If not - fans can take as much blame as any part of the club. The best thing about the club in the last 12 months has been Lambert and the fans becoming a united force.

That, is what we need. Only that.

Bluearmy_81 added 14:00 - Jun 26
Rabbit, I've no idea why he's still here if he's losing so much money do you? He just must be a great stand up guy!! Even if we ended up non league you'd be thankful he's keeping us afloat rather than focusing on the harm he's done, your inability to see what's in front of you is astounding. That there isnt an ready alternative is no good reason not to call him and his performance for what it is and put pressure on him to shape up or ship out

rabbit added 14:17 - Jun 26
Well bluearmy_81 I can only assume he has the business at heart because it would be utterly pointless for him to do it otherwise.
Needless to say, it certainly has not gone according to plan but he still sticks with it and I sincerely hope for all our sake's gets it right sooner rather than later.
Personally I can only look in hind sight at the debacle left by the previous Chairman and then the regrettable appointment of Roy Keane, although the majority of us felt his appointment was a master stroke at the time.
Putting pressure on him to shape up or ship out would be reasonable if there is an alternative, but unless you know something no one else does then we have nothing else to support.
At least you are realising now that he is losing money and he could stop investing and send the business into administration and presumably you will no longer, unless you find out something legitimate to the contrary, accuse him of running the team for his own gain.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 15:04 - Jun 26
Burleyglorydays and rabbit . Couldn't agree more with both of you

Bluearmy_81 added 15:06 - Jun 26
Never talked of him gaining from our current position Rabbid, just possibly not losing as much as you profess. Thoroughly bored of conversing with you to be honest, I won't be replying to any of your stunning insight from hereon.

rabbit added 15:51 - Jun 26
That is because you cannot answer the relevant points bluearmy_81 so the best you can offer is to withdraw from exchanges, not exactly the tactics of a true campaigner.
Up to you, but if you can't answer, your points will appear irrelevant and your credibility shot to pieces.

Bluearmy_81 added 16:11 - Jun 26
What points?! What are you blabbering on about?!! It's like banging ones head against a brick wall with you, you seem incapable of critical thought. Keep supporting Evans along with all the Norwich fans who love him for blatantly obvious reasons, you in iffy company!!

rabbit added 16:21 - Jun 26
DB I think this thread is probably finished now!!
Anyway thanks for the comment I do believe that the majority of ITFC supporters get the overall picture, it is a shame what has happened but I sincerely hope that BGD's point is correct and I also do believe that ME will have gained experience, whether or not it can be turned around or not is another matter but in general like all football supporters we live in hope.
ME has stuck around to be fired, at unlike so many wayward investors who led their clubs down the path to oblivion, but being brutal if the crowd start to hound him too much he might just pick up his ball and go home.

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