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Town Set for Windfall as Clarke's Brighton Move Confirmed
Friday, 21st Jun 2019 17:46

Town are set to receive a not insignificant windfall with Portsmouth having confirmed that former defender Matt Clarke has joined Premier League Brighton on a four-year deal.

The fee is officially undisclosed but earlier in the week was reported to be £3.9 million with further top-ups believed to eventually take it up to £5 million.

Town are due 20 per cent of the profit Pompey make on Clarke, who is believed to have been valued at £50,000 when he joined them as a makeweight in the £750,000 deal which saw Adam Webster sign for the Blues in the summer of 2016.

That will see Town receive a much-needed boost of £770,000 - in addition to the £450,000 fee received from Portsmouth for Ellis Harrison earlier this afternoon - at a time when the club is facing a £9 million loss of revenue due to relegation to League One.

Barham-born Clarke came through the academy and made one start and four sub appearances for the Blues before signing for Portsmouth, with whom he spent 2015/16 on loan.

Town could also receive further financial boosts via sell-ons this summer with Webster, currently with Bristol City, understood to be interesting Aston Villa, Leicester, Southampton and a number of others and with a valuation of £12 million having been reported.

Webster, 24, joined the Robins from Town for an initial £3.5 million last summer with the fee potentially rising to £8 million.

The Blues are likely to have a sell-on of 10 per cent included in that deal which, depending on how many top-ups have been paid already, could bring in up to £850,000, although Portsmouth would be due 20 per cent of anything the Blues receive as a result of their sell-on from the 2016 move.

Meanwhile former left-back Tyrone Mings is expected to move on from AFC Bournemouth with his former loan club Aston Villa the favourites to sign him with a fee of £15 million - potentially yielding Town up to another £700,000 via a 10-per-cent-of-profit sell-on - having been widely reported.

Ex-striker Kieffer Moore, now with Barnsley, is also believed to be interesting Bristol City with a 10-per-cent-of-profit sell-on also understood to have been part of the deal which saw the 26-year-old move to Oakwell for £750,000 in January 2018.

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Dozzells_Bobblehat added 12:50 - Jun 22
Jolly blue don't be silly he doesn't deal in facts ,only in his own opinion , which apparently is the same thing .

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 12:54 - Jun 22
If you actually read my post Bluearmy I said if you want to criticise his choice of managers that's a valid point because none of them (MM to a degree) worked out .
People get fed up with you because you turn every bloody post into an anti Evans post .
Yes I know you don't care what people think , most arrogant people don't .

Bluearmy_81 added 13:05 - Jun 22
We are in League one for the first time in 62 years, fact. Evans has been owner for 11 years and has failed every year in his and the clubs goal, fact. He has significantly under invested compared to average championship club investment, fact. There is an obvious correlation between lack of investment and the chance of relegation, based on previous clubs/seasons, fact. An owner has two main jobs, to pick the right manager and to back the team sufficiently, he has failed miserably at both, fact.

Carberry added 13:58 - Jun 22
As Jas so astutely points out, this £9m loss is more exaggerated lies. A smaller playing staff, a reduced wage bill and no doubt redundancies of back room staff will paint a very different picture financially. These sell on windfalls will all fall into Evans's bin as he just keeps trying to tread water.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 14:03 - Jun 22
Carberry - no he doesn't . He gives his point of view which is fine , but nowhere does he say it's not 9million and unless you know something we all don't neither do you .

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 14:09 - Jun 22
This figure came from an article in the EADT and said COULD lose 9m . 6m goes straight away from TV and other losses are pretty much guess work but come from sponsorship etc. So before saying Evans is lying check the facts .

Carberry added 14:11 - Jun 22
Dozzell, he's making the point that the club have budgeted for this and so the loss will not be £9m which I believe too but most on here don't want to recognise. Presumably you don't agree with the points I have made? The lynch mob is out again I see - pathetic behaviour from people who think they have plenty of support behind them. So much naivety about the way our club is run - just remember you are customers of his brand.

blues1 added 14:24 - Jun 22
Carberry. Think you're missing the point. The loss just from TV rites IS £9m. All the measures being taken, such as wage cuts, smaller playing staff, are things being done to cut that loss. When will somebody our fans get it, that we simply cannot afford to take the risk of spending big money, when it could spell disaster for the club. And that's not down to Evans, but his predecessor, who got us in such a financial mess, we went into administration. And before you say it, yes, the debt was less then, hut it was to outside sources, unlike now, where all the debt is to Evans, so basically the club itself, is debt free. Evans has made it clear that if the right offer(and from the tight person), comes in, he will accept it. Until then, nothing will happen. Just remember, if, as some of our fans want, he was to just walk away then this club is finished. There were plenty of those few who wanted McCarthy to stay who kept saying, be careful what you wish for. Well this is the same. Yes, a new owner might, and I stress MIGHT, spend loads on players, which will stop the likes of bluearmy81 from whinging, but at what risk to the clubs overall future, could that turn out to be?

Carberry added 14:53 - Jun 22
blues1, who mentioned spending big money? I didn't. So everything is fine is it? We have a fantastic owner who is keeping the club afloat through his own benevolence after the financial disaster of 10 years ago. He bought the debt for much less than its value as you point out then proceeded to launch the biggest mismanagement the club has ever seen over that period of time. If he walks away are we finished? According to you he takes his debt with him doesn't he? Wait until he wants to sell the ground and training ground for development because we are in non league football. That's not 10 years away.

blues1 added 15:21 - Jun 22
Carberry. Sorry, but showing ur ignorance of the facts there. For 1, if he was to just walk away, the club would've him the whole debt, so yes, the club would be finished. Not that I think for 1 minute he would just walk away. Sure he'll only go if some1 buys him out. 2. How can he sell the ground when he doesnt own it in the 1st place?

blues1 added 15:34 - Jun 22
What those who are just totally snti-Evans need to remember also, is this. When he does sell the club, and as he said in his last public interview, writes off the debt, he will be leaving the club debt free, in a much better financial position than it was when he took over. Which will allow the new owner with more leeway in the transfer market in the future. Selling now tho, would have no real benefit, as we wouldn't be able to pay higher wages than we already are due to the lge1 ffp restricting the percentage of wages to income. So I guess we have to hope we can get back up at the 1st attempt, then it would maybe be good time for him to sell

Carberry added 15:39 - Jun 22
blues1, Apologies for my ignorance which you so kindly point out. I have just about understood your first point, so what advantage is it that he owns the debt, not 3rd parties, if he walks away? You know he wouldn't walk away do you - inside knowledge? Suppose he says to the Council I will fold the club up if you don't sell me the ground? Does he own the training ground?

blues1 added 16:12 - Jun 22
The advantage of him owning the debt is obvious. If that debt was to outside sources they could call in the debt at any time. If they did, and the club couldn't afford to pay, then the club would end up with a winding up order. Hes hardly gonna call the debt in himself is he? Hes not going to wind the club up himself is he? Hes already tried to buy the ground and the council refused point blank to sell. Why am I sure he wouldnt just walk away? Let's see, he can walk away and not get a penny. Or sell the club and get the reported £35m from the sale. Which would you do? By the way, i didnt say ur ignorant, I said u showed an ignorance of the facts.

Carberry added 16:14 - Jun 22
By the way blues1, he won't be writing off the debt if he sells. It is naïve to think that - he will want a sum of money for the club that covers its value and some so he makes a return on the financial investment he has made. Please don't give us this guff about him wanting to hand the club over to someone debt free, that is just ridiculous, supposing new buyers borrow money to buy the club. Remember the Glazers?

blues1 added 16:38 - Jun 22
The fee he wants for the club is £35m. The debt of the club is over £90m so how is the debt included in that? Plus, if ud listened to his interview during the season, wgen added the question,he stated quite clearly that he would write off the debt when he sells.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 16:39 - Jun 22
Carberry - as blues tried to tell you it's no lunch mob or nothing personal but you are plain wrong to say , which you did that Evans is lying about the 9m loss. Firstly he didn't say it , the EADT did and secondly , as Blues pointed out its mainly from TV money , fact . So what difference does it make if you've budgeted for it , it's still a 9m loss !

TimmyH added 16:39 - Jun 22
Well that £9M+ of TV rites in the Championship covered his operational losses of approx £6M quite nicely then which is often banded about...don't forget the profits on top of that over the last 5 or so seasons from player sales - it's not all that doom and gloom for Evans and his wallet.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 16:49 - Jun 22
Blues1 - excellent posts , you've restored some of my faith in Town fans .
Carberry - no I don't think Evans will walk away with nothing but I tell you what , he won't get anywhere near the amount he has ploughed in back .

blues1 added 16:51 - Jun 22
Timmy. Evan's gets nothing in his wallet from itfc. In fact, very few owners of any club make money from their club.
And never have done. There may well be a few exceptions to that, but I wouldnt know who they are. I get what ur saying that we've made an overall profit on transfers but that doesn't lead to a profit for the club. Cant remember the last time the club made a profit. So however much we might make on selling players, doesn't really make a massive difference, other than ensuring some stability for the club.

TimmyH added 17:58 - Jun 22
I never know why potential owners want 'to buy' football clubs as we know a majority of the owners of EFL clubs do not make profits but losses...all I can assume is the jackpot of the Premiership and Evans certainly had his eyes fixed on that when he first 'took over' in 2008.

blues1 added 18:23 - Jun 22
Timmy. Yer, ur right. Guess it's just they like the thought of owning clubs. But even owners at pl level dont make profits in general. Think it's only arsenal and man city who are in the black. So prob as I say, just the fun and prestige of owning a football club, I guess

ITFCsince73 added 20:46 - Jun 22
I’ve got no issues with Evans.
He’s done well for himself and can spend his own money how he sees fit.
But with him running the club, and Chambo leading the team, we ain’t going up any time soon.
Not saying there’s any better owner for us out there.
But there sure is better defenders and captains.

ITFCsince73 added 21:04 - Jun 22
Blues1. Liverpool made a world record profit 12 months ago. Don’t think any team in the premier league doesn’t make huge profits, hence why everyone wants to get there. The world can’t get enough of the premier league. And the rich get richer, each year that passes.

blues1 added 21:09 - Jun 22
Itfcsince73. I agree govan extent with you with chambers. Yes, there are better defenders around, hut to be fair he isn't that bad. Yes, like many of our team, had a poor season, but there were extenuating circumstances with him. His mother was seriously I'll. And because of the distance between them, he wasnt actually able to visit her regularly which cant have been easy for him. But he still wanted to be playing and I think that's a credit to him. Where I dont agree with you, is about their geing better captains out there. Dont believe anyone can doubt his commitment on the pitch. But captaincy isnt just about what is done on the pitch. He does so much of the pitch too which I think makes him a great captain.

ITFCsince73 added 21:20 - Jun 22
Fair play to you blues1. But having supported the club for near on 50 years, and seeing us currently in the 3rd tier, with no real hope of improvement any time soon.
What our captain does or dosent do behind the scenes gives me no interest.
What our win percentage has been over the last 24 months under his dressing room leadership and onfield leadership, is the only concern.
And of course the thought that we are carrying on with it.

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